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Wed, Nov 14, 2018

Hour 1 Porn lawyer and possible Democratic candidate for President in 2020, Michael Avenatti, was taken into custody today on charges of domestic violence. Avenatti thinks history will admire his client, porn actress Stormy Daniels. Also, a security guard responding to a shooting was killed. Was he killed for being black? Larry has the answer.
Hour 2 While covering the tragic story of the black security guard that was accidentally killed by Police, Larry takes calls from law enforcement officers.
Hour 3 Larry debates gun control, do more guns result in less or more crime? Larry takes your calls and more…
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Larry Debates a caller on the accusation that the President is ‘Racist’

Larry speaks to a caller named Sandra. In an extensive exchange that ranges from morality to economics to Trump’s lies and the accusation that the President is racist, Larry and Sandra attempt to find some common ground. This type of civil, yet substantive, discussion is a hard to come by these days. Thankfully, it’s the norm on the Larry Elder Show.

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Montage: Remember when Democrats sounded like Trump on Illegal Immigration?

Did we all forget that Democrats used to be strongly opposed to illegal immigration? What changed? Did Dems realize that they could turn these new immigrants into lifetime constituents? For some reason, Republicans today are labeled the bigots, but it was only a few years ago that the Left was affirming the exact same rhetoric with thunderous applause. Are we missing something?

Don’t take our word for it, listen to the Party Leaders: Feinstein, Obama, Reid and Clinton make the case for strong borders in their own words. Trump gets blamed while they are somehow excused… selective memory?

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Chris Matthews just made a shocking admission about the state of racism in modern America. Did anyone else catch it?

One Democratic Strategist said, while referring to Kanye West’s support of Trump, this “is what happens when negroes don’t read.” Among the countless other critics was rapper Snoop Dogg, who pegged Kanye West as an ‘Uncle Tom.’

Meanwhile, Chris Matthews just made a shocking admission about the state of racism in modern America. Did anyone else catch it? The overarching theme on MSNBC night after night is that Donald Trump was elected because he’s a racist, and that he pandered to the white-supremacist-voter on his ascent to office (it goes without saying that his opponent was also white).

In a moment of truth, Matthews downplays the extent of racism today in our country, which is a far cry from his usual stance. While assessing the meeting between Trump and Kanye, Matthews says:

“White people won’t vote for a guy–most of them–if they think they’re racist.”


But I thought Trump won the Presidency thanks to the widespread, systemic, racism existing in the United States… we were told it was a WHITE-LASH!

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