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Posted on 10/09/2015 at 5:14 PM

By Alex Griswold, Oct 09, 2015 Mediaite

Setting aside the attack on the NRA... did President Barack Obama's former Secretary of State really just say there's "no possible discussion" to be had with the Iranians?

Now if you ask me, that sounds an awful lot like what Republicans have been saying for the past few months; that Iran can't be negotiated with, and that any agreement would simply be ignored by Iranian hardliners. That doesn't at all like a presidential candidate who enthusiastically supports the Iran deal.

The notion that there's "no possible discussion" to be had with communists is equally amusing, given that the Obama administration is currently in the middle of a thaw in diplomatic relations with Raul Castro's Cuba. Again, Hillary Clinton has followed the president's lead on that issue, flip-flopping on the issue of the Cuban embargo.

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Hi Larry, in your opinion, who would Russia, China and Iran would like to see as the next president of the United States?
Robert H. at 9:49 PM on Oct-06-2015 Bill Clinton, victicrat.
Michael M. at 11:22 AM on Sep-27-2015
Hi Larry - In regard to the MUSLIM kid with the alarm clock (a.k.a timing mechanism for bomb), what better way to not only desensitize Americans (at least liberal Americans) and schools to bomb components, but to make them hesitate and fear reporting such devices. Perhaps those on the left forget that the Muslims use women and children in many cases to deliver bombs to their targets. Having these junior jihadis bring in a timer attached to something would elicit investigation, but having them bring in only the timer gives them a plausible excuse that it is really "just a clock". I can easily imagine scenarios where such timers along with appropriate primers are delivered by Muslim kids and attached to existing flammable or explosive materials or where intact bombs are similarly delivered. Once it becomes unacceptable to report and intervene in such activities - as Obama is doing - it will be easy for multiple kids to show up at multiple schools with multiple bombs (just as it was easy for multiple Muslims to show up on multiple airplanes with multiple box cutters.
Michael M. at 11:55 AM on Sep-25-2015
Hi Larry, What would your political speech be if you were running for President? Would you say, I will lower our taxes. I will reduce regulations. I will stand for school vouchers for minorities. I will enact Health Savings accounts for more classes of tax payers. I promise you more jobs produced by the private sector. I promise to decrease the deficit. I promise to secure the border. I promise to make Social Security sound for the elderly. I will reduce bureaucracy and eliminate duplication in government. I will increase our standing army and reduce the table sitting button pushers at the Pentagon. We know what you believe, but unless you are out in the ether media preaching to the middle 11%, nothing will be won. Harry
HARRY S. at 3:38 PM on Sep-19-2015
I'm not surprised that Donald Trump has polled better than expected numbers among Latinos. Those who are native born and/or entered the country legally and followed through to becoming citizens feel the same way Trump does. I have assisted my daughter in-law to become a citizen and see how much time and money it takes to beome legal. I have no sympathy for those who don't try to make an effort to do the riight, thing, especially when they have earned enough to do it ten times over. LJ in the OC
Lawanna J. at 2:04 PM on Sep-08-2015
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