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No phones today - not working until 5:47pm Review of President Obama's immigration speech yesterday. AP fact checked Obama's speech - five things in dispute. Reagan amnest different from Obama amnesty. Reason Nixon chose Ford as his VP was he thought it would save him from impeachment. There are dangers of creating an imperial presidency. Ferguson officer, Darren Wilson in talks to resign; grand jury decision nears Al Sharpton grew... Read More
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5 immigration myths debunked

President Obama is taking executive action to protect millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation.

His plan has been a tough sell to the American people, especially with...Read More

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On the Nov. 6, 2014 episode of the Larry Elder show, in the first hour, in resposnse to Andy Field commenting baout the meeting between Boehner and Obama, the Sage mentioned that Obama had said in early 2009 to the R's that the election was over and HE(Obama Won). Andy Field came right back at the 21:25 mark and said that Obama could not have said anything like that, and maybe it was Pelosi. Now only one day earlier Andy Field told the Sage's audience that he had been covering politics since the Reagan era. I guess that means that Andy Field MUST be a solid source of facts and knowledge, IMO. So it was in late Jan. 2009 right after Obama was sworn in, when discussing the $787B Stimulus plan, McCain was talking about waste in the Stimulus Bill and Obama said to McCain, "I won". this was reported by many news outlets and mostly by left leaning media because they liked that Obama was reminding the R's that "he won". Then at the Healthcare Summit, with Paul Ryan going through 2000 pages of data, McCain talked about all the special interests and unfairness in the proposed Obamacare bill and Obama told McCain, "The Election is over, stop the talking points." As the Sage said on the show soon after, there are plenty of news sites that reported on both the "I Won" statement, and there is plenty of video showing Obama telling McCain that the Election is over!" I hope that helps, 'nominal finance'
Jonathan B. at 7:59 AM on Nov-19-2014
Jon B or Larry, which episode was Andy Field challenged by Larry on the "We won!" Obama remark? (I need to listen to that!) Larry, any chance you could replay it? like an encore?
nominalfinance at 4:36 PM on Nov-18-2014
Bravo Larry for challenging and following up on Andy Field from ABC News about President Obama saying "We Won!" I remember exactly when it happened to Paul Ryan, and it was reported on by many news outlets, especially left leaning media because they loved the fact that President Obama said "WE Won!". Interesting how someone like Andy Field, who "has been in this business since Reagan" could say "I doubt Obama said that." Good for you to not let that 'misstatement' just linger out there. I love your show for many reasons, and one of them is that you challenge the constant double standard examples in the news and you also do not let your listeners forget about history and facts. Stay Strong Sage!
Jonathan B. at 5:31 PM on Nov-09-2014
Larry, why is it ok for the state to ask for id to buy a pack of smokes, but it is racist to ask for an id to vote? I was standing in line at a convenience store when the cashier asked the guy in front of me for id(the guy buying the smokes was probably 65 years old)... The world seems upside down right now...
James A. at 7:23 PM on Oct-20-2014
Hi Larry, Here is Archie Bunkers view on Democrats:
HARRY S. at 5:40 PM on Oct-17-2014
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Contrary to the expectations of all 16 of our U.S. intelligence agencies, the “weapons hunters” sent to Iraq by President George W. Bush found no "stockpiles" of WMD.

Never mind that there was a 15-month run-up to the war, during which time Saddam was not combing his moustache....


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