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Posted on 08/28/2016 at 11:35 PM

By The Hill, Aug 28, 2016 

The wildest primary fight of this cycle comes to a close on Tuesday when Florida Democratic voters pick between Reps. Patrick Murphy and Alan Grayson for their Senate nominee.

The contest saw a screaming match at a House caucus meeting; Democratic leaders pressing one of their own to exit the race; controversy over a Cayman Islands hedge funds; and damaging allegations from a candidate's ex-wife.

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Larry - I watched with great interest the way Good Morning America covered the epipen price gouging story. They were quick to point out how Heather Bresch (CEO of Mylan) is price gouging but when it came to her father Sen. Joe Manchin, they never said what party he was affiliated with. I told my wife, "If they aren't saying it, then I guarantee you he's a democrat". Sure enough ... In an interview with Yahoo News Bresch blamed Obamacare for the price increase. Didn't hear about that one either did you?
Eric K. at 5:53 AM on Aug-25-2016
Larry - Victicrat is a term you use everyday on your show and victicrats of all stripes are a serious problem plaguing our society. I saw a video article today that should put every victicrat to shame (I've linked it at the bottom). I seldom resort to hyperbole,'ve got to see this video. It will blow you away! If it doesn't, I owe you a piece of cheesecake!
Michael M. at 5:44 AM on Aug-03-2016
I give credit to Gloria Steinem for the last half of the slogan. I'm sure you remember...
Philip A. at 9:21 PM on Jul-28-2016
Hey Larry, I've been listening to your shows on and off for 20 years at least. I had the opportunity to see you in person at the Beverly Hills Hotel for a luncheon sponsored by the Wednesday Morning Club and Lionel Chetwinn. Jill Stewart was also a speaker. Wow! What a crowd. I'm pretty sure I was the only person to have a 1987 Dodge Grand Caravan valet parked! You are still talking about the same problems now. Don't you get discouraged? I have a bumper sticker suggestion. Like you, I am sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton being the "First Woman President". This slogan sums it up. "America needs a Hilary Clinton president like a fish needs a bicycle". Any profits from the bumper sticker I will split 50-50. I don't know how you keep on doing it, but keep up the crusade.
Philip A. at 8:54 PM on Jul-28-2016
The convention stressed freedom - so the platform should also include in the pro life affirmation that we will not impose our standard on pro choice women and affirm that they have the right to make choices for their own body also. Larry, you're there so can you convince the platform writers this should be included.
Priscilla B. at 2:25 PM on Jul-21-2016
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