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Congressman Charlie Rangel says Obama's critics are racist and cites confederate states. L.A. City Council vote on minimum wage - wants more research; Malcolm X "political chumps". Governor Christie is tired of hearing about minimum wage.

Andy Field, ABC News says that Nurse Kaci Hickox has been given a reprieve by a judge to cancel her quarantine. She says it is a matter of Maryann Mendoza, mother of Brandon (Mesa Police... Read More
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White House tries to ease flare-up over Netanyahu insults

The White House on Wednesday sought to tamp down the controversy over a magazine piece that detailed deep tensions between the U.S. and Israel – and quoted an unnamed senior Obama...Read More

Chris Matthews Twice Insists to Michael Steele That RNC's Devoted to Blocking Black Vote

After Michael Steele, the first African-American chairman of the Republican Party, left office, the RNC became single mindedly devoted to blocking black people from the ballot box. That's...Read More

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Thanks Scott, Coach, Susan, and Rachel I have posted a comment a couple od days ado only to have it moved to a shout out to Larry section. I enjoy hockey which is why a subscribe to these shows. I time shift to fit my schedule after work and on weekends. Larry please correct this. Thank you.
James B. at 5:56 PM on Oct-31-2014
This is my 2nd email about this problem.I am fuming for the second day of not being able to get Larry's show. I purchased a one year membership yesterday. I am a fan of listening to Larry on the radio--not the Kings. So I went ahead and purchased the show and now for the 2nd day I can't get anything but Kings radio. Please fix this problem. The show has had lots of engineering issues lately anyway from all kinds of wrong clips being aired to sound quality. I subscribe to Dennis Prager and Michael Medved and those programs always work. There's even a place in the Apple apps section to download their own app to receive their show live. You guys are way behind in getting the technology to work. If I have to continue to listen to the Kings then I will need to cancel my membership. I'd rather hear Larry live than a day later. Plus past shows aren't exactly up to speed either on getting the full show. What gives?
RACHEL Z. at 4:40 PM on Oct-31-2014
I hope you are fixing the podcast issue since the show was preempted yet again today. We are paying to receive the podcasts and this will be 3 days out of 5 that we will probably not get it this week. If this keeps up I will cancel my subscription since I'm not getting what I'm paying for.
Susan A. at 4:07 PM on Oct-31-2014
So what genius decided that it was a good idea to preempt Larry's show with a Kings game? I like the Kings as much as the next guy, but what are there like 12 guys who listen to hockey on the radio in southern California? Come on man this isn't Canada!
Coach J. at 1:43 PM on Oct-31-2014
Totally disappointing to find that your IT people couldn't record your show and place it on the subscription podcast feed.
Scott A. at 7:49 AM on Oct-31-2014
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Contrary to the expectations of all 16 of our U.S. intelligence agencies, the “weapons hunters” sent to Iraq by President George W. Bush found no "stockpiles" of WMD.

Never mind that there was a 15-month run-up to the war, during which time Saddam was not combing his moustache....


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