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Posted on 08/03/2015 at 5:17 PM

CONFIRMED: Garland Terrorist Bought Gun From Operation Fast And Furious Dealer At Height Of Scandal.

By Michelle Moons, Aug 01, 2015 Breitbart

A trustworthy source confirmed to Breitbart News that Garland attacker Nadir Hamid Soofi indeed did not buy a 9mm; however, Soofi did purchase a High Point .380 caliber pistol from that Fast and Furious-associated Phoenix gun dealer in February 2010 that federal authorities authorized.

According to the Los Angeles Times and a Senate letter, the owner of the gun store, Lone Wolf, denied that he sold a 9mm to Nadir Soofi: "Not here."

What was described in the Times as a "seven-day hold" on the gun purchase transaction was not classified as such. The hold was simply one issued at the point of request for approval on February 24, 2010. Authorities were supposed to revisit the hold on March 2, but later removed the hold just one day after it was placed. The ultimate short duration of the hold was reported.

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Messages I cannot believe this guy's comments. We must be living in the world's worst place.
David R. at 10:08 PM on Jul-25-2015
"DEAR FATHER DEAR SON" the movie? (Kick starter anyone?) Tim R. Los Angeles
Timothy R. at 2:10 PM on Jul-21-2015
Dear Larry, Please elaborate on the "The Axis Of Indoctrination" the facts, stats, you fully explain, but what is THEIR END GAME? Their MAJOR GOAL? How Have they somehow become the "elite?" The powerful? And magically painted the "conservatives" as evil, racist, sexist, elite? Thank you for your podcast. The ONLY ONE I subscribe to, and the only one that I can ARM myself with facts, stats, Logic and reason . I'd follow you to either "gates" I read 10 things 12 years ago and can't wait to read dear father dear son" ordered it. Every time I hear you summarize your father's story it brings tears to my eyes. His life was lived not only for his family. But countless families. For years to come. For any person, any color, creed, preference, party, and/or gender. I thank you. Your family. Your father. Your voice. Love all of you. (No love for Kirk though) Timothy
Timothy R. at 2:05 PM on Jul-21-2015
Jamiel Shaw The Left is very quiet about this black life that matters and was taken by an Illegal Alien. More ammo for Donald Trump.
alan k. at 12:24 PM on Jul-06-2015
From Friday the 26ths regarding donations and charities, I now understand why the Democrats want all these government programs like the ACA. They are just stingy. Just look at VP Binden's pathetically small amount of donations on his tax returns.
HARRY S. at 11:28 AM on Jun-29-2015
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