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Posted on 05/02/2016 at 11:23 AM

By Hollywood Reporter, May 01, 2016 

Onstage, Prince was still captivating audiences at recent performances in Australia and California. He hosted a pop-up party at his Paisley Park studio, and there were few outward signs in his final months that anything was wrong.

But offstage, something was different. Prince began wanting meals that were easier to digest and was fighting off waves of sore throats and frequent upset stomachs, the musician's personal chef told The Associated Press.

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Hi Larry, I saw you on Shawn, Conservative and for Trump, Hannity's show 2 days ago. I timed it. He gave you 2 one minute spots at the very end of his show. I believe he is afraid of you. You would be an excellent replacement for him. When will Bill O'Reilly invite you on? Bill does not like to be challenged either. Please try and get a TV talk show!
HARRY S. at 3:48 PM on Apr-28-2016
Stephen S. at 11:02 AM on Apr-28-2016
What movie does the beginning-of-the-week quote come from? "I don't understand what's come over you. I really don't. Clumsy, thieving, deceitful. You can leave." I wish there were a place on Larry's website that would give the origins of these bits of old movies. I'm glad he mentioned the Cheyenne Social Club the other day. I'm getting it from Amazon next time I order.
Charlotte T. at 1:15 PM on Apr-26-2016
Sorry to nitpick... but that's PDT (Pacific Daylight Time), not PST (Pacific Standard Time) ("The Larry Elder Show streams live every weekday from 3-6PM PST")
John G. at 2:03 PM on Apr-05-2016
Congrats on going national. It brings us some hope that reason is not completely lost.
Alexander S. at 1:36 AM on Apr-05-2016
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