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Posted on 03/30/2015 at 10:04 AM
Sen. Richard Burr: "Terrorism Has Flourished" Under Obama's Watch

Mar. 29, 2015

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Hey Sage, is there any chance of you moving to KEIB 1150 anytime soon? With you, Rush and Hannity, back to back to back, that would be the triple crown of radio broadcasting/listening excellence.
It was cool seeing you at David and April's last summer.......

Wendl Ormsby
WENDL O. at 9:29 AM on Mar-30-2015
Hello Larry, I saw a YouTube channel that may interest you.
RAFAEL E U. at 10:17 AM on Mar-18-2015
I'm glad to see you're picking up sponsors, Sage. You & Mark Levin have the best shows on the air. I am highly impressed at how prepared you are everyday. Got to laugh when I hear you do the commercial with the Haydn Serenade playing in the background. Hope you can get Bill & Kathleen to sponsor you. Mike Diamond Plumbing might also be a good option. I generally listed to your show when Baby Harmon's in bed. Been kind of down lately. Thanks for your friendship.
Nelson D. at 8:02 PM on Feb-27-2015
Hi Larry, I heard your show yesterday and toward the end of your show you talked about Obama getting a TRO against the judge in Texas. You mentioned several times Obama's executive order on immigration. I'm confused. According to an article in WND and comments by Rush Limbaugh Obama never signed an executive order. The two he signed in Las Vegas at that school were a sham and had nothing to do with DACA. WHY don't the Republicans exploit this? Make him present a signed executive order, if one exists, and register it. It would be a great chance for Republicans, or anybody, to show Obama for the liar that he is and it just might alienate his Mexican base.
Dottie L. at 9:48 AM on Feb-25-2015
Larry: In Chicago, Rahm Emanuel did not get 50 plus 1 percent of the vote and will face a run-off with Jesus (Chuy) Garcia in April. Rahm had the money and the president's support. Should be interesting come April. (Former Chicago resident).
James B. at 5:23 AM on Feb-25-2015
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