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Larry says there was a better way for Holllywood producer, Charles Beck to have handled his six hour detainment by the Beverly Hills police. Alex Stone, ABC News Correspondent says that according to studies, one in 5 college students has been sexually assaulted. The UC system announced a revised system of protection for students who have been sexually assaulted. Governor Brown still needs to sign law and will make a decision in the next... Read More
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Jordan Downs in Watts marks three years without a homicide

The last time someone was killed inside the Jordan Downs Housing Development in Watts, a man chased 48-year-old Antonio McNeil...Read More

LAPD releases names of officers who shot mentally ill South L.A. man
More than two weeks after the police shooting of a mentally ill man in South Los Angeles, LAPD officials on Thursday released the names of the two officers involved in the deadly incident.

The...Read More

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Larry--today I heard a commercial for an online accredited education program for minor students called k12 dot com. I'm interested in what you and your researchers know or can learn about it.
Minta M. at 11:51 AM on Aug-30-2014
I'd like to thank your mom and dad for having you. Your interview with Vin Scully today and the way you politely lectured the man called Robert yesterday shows what a class act you are. Only you could casually tell a racist hater that he needs to get over being a victim. One day I hope to meet you and I'll probably be too nervous to ask all the questions I have for you. Take care and keep up being the most consistent, reasonable, voice on radio.
Eddie M. at 4:20 PM on Aug-19-2014
How do you get to lead Hamas and BECOME A BILLIONAIRE??
alan k. at 9:28 AM on Jul-29-2014
Interesting, Mayor Valencia was aggravated that the "law" was not applied to the former mayor, but perfectly content that illegal aliens violate the law every day and are welcome in his town notwithstanding the burden on taxpayers. Hold their feet to the fire, Larry, we need you!
D Jefferson H. at 5:16 AM on Jul-25-2014
Hi, Larry! Some friends and I are planning to stage a protest in front of the federal bldg on Wilshire this Saturday to protest the border mess in particular and obama's policies in general. I would be grateful if you would notify your listeners and fellow Eldorados. It's going to take as many people as we can to get the government and liberal media to pay attention! If anyone would like additional information, they can email me at Thank you!
abby s. at 1:25 PM on Jul-09-2014
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Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson is neither Mark Fuhrman nor Barney Fife. Based on what has been presented so far in the media, not even an O.J. Simpson juror would find Wilson guilty of murder.

Many simply have chosen to believe that teenager...


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