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Posted on 11/28/2015 at 6:16 AM

By Mary Wisniewski, Nov 27, 2015 Yahoo

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Thousands of people marched on Chicago's most prestigious shopping street on Friday, disrupting business on one of the busiest U.S. retail days, to protest the shooting death of a black teenager by a white policeman and the city's handling of the case.

About 2,000 protesters, some holding signs reading "Stop Police Terror" gathered in a cold drizzle for the march on Chicago's "Magnificent Mile," which closed the major city street of Michigan Avenue to traffic on the traditional "Black Friday" shopping day after the Thanksgiving holiday,

Organizers said the rally, led by activist-politician the Rev. Jesse Jackson and several state elected officials, was a show of outrage over the October 2014 death of Laquan McDonald, 17, and what they see as racial bias in U.S. policing.

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Larry love the show. U r da best!! I am so curious to know the name of the song for one of your music bumps. It is a peppy piano riff that reminds me of the peanuts (Charlie Brown) theme song. Only way better. It puts a smile on my face and a pep in my step every time I hear it--just like your show! Thanks in advance. Evelina, LA
Evelina S. at 9:05 PM on Nov-15-2015
One bad student will spoil it for the bunch. 3 questions: 1. I want to know why Larry? Why does the media, Hollywood, academia, and the democrats, push the narrative of race? Black against white? Rich against the poor? Democratic policies make it worse, the media perpetuate problem, push the narrative?. 2. Why do those in the inner cities, and minorities continue to vote democrat? 3. Why do those such as yourself, who "think" differently, who are conservative, republican, articulate, educated and do not ever play victims, and share the same ideology; why are you demonized, made fun of? And called racist names? It's like I'm living in "bizarro world" (pardon my grammatical errors, I'm on my phone)
Timothy R. at 10:11 PM on Oct-30-2015
Republican candidates PLEASE TAKE MY ADVISE: Every interview you give to the media, assume that they are extremely liberal, and are attempting with every question to pin you down with your answers. To be taken out of context for negative headlines so the mass media can display it for the public to read or view. Dr. Ben Carson and the rest of the republicans, when asked about abortion, or overturning Roe V Wade. Simply reply, "if the majority of Americans voted into congress representatives that passed a bill to overturn Roe V Wade, I would sign it into law". If they push simply say,"there are many other issues I'd rather discuss with our with our LIMITED TIME. DEMOCRATS DON'T give interviews to FOX NEWS, the Blaze, LARRY ELDER! Or any conservative news organizations. Why should you?
Timothy R. at 3:57 PM on Oct-27-2015
Black lives do matter! And the democrats, and liberal, progressive policies have FAILED the inner cities, have FAILED the very people they apparently "promise" and "speak" for. The CONSERVATIVES, the REPUBLICANS and most of their ideology from their very existence have always been in favor for BLACKS, as well as every other minority. Republicans who are running should point this out. (Ben Carson) has with very little coverage in Harlem. Why are the republicans not speaking up, and pointing out THE LIES, and THE FAILURE OF DEMOCRATIC POLICIES?! Why do they fail? Because they are SUPPOSED TOO. To keep the poor, poor. To keep all races in their communities uneducated, They ALLOW Black on Black crime. They allow sanctuary cities. They are "fighting for" felons to be allowed to vote. They are "fighting for" those without valid photo identification to vote, they are allowing illegals to cross the border and flood our cities. They do not intend to change it. Because it KEEPS THEM IN POWER! HILARY ACCEPTS MORE MONEY FROM WALL STREET than ANY OTHER REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE COMBINED! Republicans are FAR FROM PERFECT, and have many problems, corruption, and failures. But they are the better choice. And the ONLY Alternative. Not only for the poor, the minorities, but for the SURVIVAL of our great country. God Bless America. "The last best hope for mankind"
Timothy R. at 9:32 PM on Oct-26-2015
During the Bush administration the left, the main stream media, and many prominent democrats ran with the false narrative headline "Bush lied People Died". After the Benghazi hearings we can state the FACT. "People died, Hillary lied" or "No matter what lie, no matter who dies, Obama and his administration LIES, and then LIE MORE, and then, LIE about LYING" My thoughts and prayers go out everyday, to the brave service men and women of our military. To our Police officers all of whom seem to be without a commander. Or at least a Commander who even cares. God Bless America
Timothy R. at 8:10 PM on Oct-23-2015
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