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How do you get to lead Hamas and BECOME A BILLIONAIRE??
alan k. at 9:28 AM on Jul-29-2014
Interesting, Mayor Valencia was aggravated that the "law" was not applied to the former mayor, but perfectly content that illegal aliens violate the law every day and are welcome in his town notwithstanding the burden on taxpayers. Hold their feet to the fire, Larry, we need you!
D Jefferson H. at 5:16 AM on Jul-25-2014
Hi, Larry! Some friends and I are planning to stage a protest in front of the federal bldg on Wilshire this Saturday to protest the border mess in particular and obama's policies in general. I would be grateful if you would notify your listeners and fellow Eldorados. It's going to take as many people as we can to get the government and liberal media to pay attention! If anyone would like additional information, they can email me at Thank you!
abby s. at 1:25 PM on Jul-09-2014
Hey Larry, just wanted to tell you about another interesting debate I had at the gym yesterday. It involves the usual character that I've spoken about in the past. This person reached a new low in his victicrat based mentality. He made a statement saying that "soldiers & police officers were cowards". Usually I laugh off his ignorance but this time I felt compelled to respond. I asked him why he would say something that offensive? To which he had no logical answer. I said that I've had several family members who fought bravely in WW2 & Viet Nam. My uncle John Mack Jr. fought in North Africa in WW2 and my Uncle Pete Austin did two tours of combat duty with the101st Airborne in Viet Nam. My uncle Pete volunteered for his 2nd tour so his brother wouldn't have to go and fight as the military could not send two siblings at once into combat. I said to him, I find your foul statement to be very offensive and I'd appreciate it if you would refrain from saying it again. The whole "debate" then spiraled down to him saying to me that "I come off as being white". I asked, could you please elaborate? He said "it's the way you talk". I asked, how is it the way I talk? He said "it's just the way you talk". I asked, is it my use of proper grammar that rubs you the wrong way? I then said, I've dealt with guys like you many times in the past and what I find is that you are not comfortable with me being black but having a different point of view other than yours. When you run out of any intelligent response it always gets down to "you think your white". I told him, I can assure you I'm quite comfortable being black but, I think you are not comfortable with my comfort level of being black and having an opinion that is opposite yours. This person just kept responding like a petulant child just wanting to be right when he's clearly wrong. He accused me also of listening to you and Rush Limbaugh and watching FOX news. To which I said yes I most certainly do listen to Larry Elder, I don't watch FOX news simply because I don't have cable, and I don't listen to Rush because I'm usually busy in the morning. The level of conjecture and dogma that come's out of the mouths of some of these folks is astonishing!! Glad you are out there with facts and a intelligent point of view. Thank you!! Dave
David A. at 2:48 PM on Jul-08-2014
You're way worse than a degenerate gambler when you're willing to risk UNLIMITED resources for a speculative, undefined benefit. Let's risk unlimited lives and money gambling whether a hellhole will democratize itself. Real great strategy. Real economic winner.
nominalfinance at 4:10 PM on Jun-20-2014
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Attorney General Eric Holder, in a recent interview, reiterates the theme heard from the very beginning of President Barack Obama’s administration: opposition to Obama’s agenda equals racism. “There's a certain level of vehemence, it seems to me, that's directed at me...


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