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Larry, KABC made a big mistake by no longer having you on the air! I am so disappointed. Please post on your website which radio channels you can be found on. I am hoping that you continue your radio show on another channel. It will miss listening to you while I am stuck in LA Traffic. You were the only thing that made it palatable.
Cindy G. at 8:10 PM on Dec-16-2014
Larry I have been following you since your interviews with Chief Parks in the 1990s. You were my political awakening. Your use of common sense and facts have changed me as a person. I will continue to follow you no matter the format. If you run for any political office you have my vote, you are what this country needs!
David S. at 8:21 AM on Dec-16-2014
The reason I left the Democratic party was because they weren't listening to me. This was a decade ago. Liberals are so hypocritical and elitist. Today's program really nails the point home. I'm in political limbo (I'm a registered Independent). A great show.
Emile T. at 5:06 PM on Dec-12-2014
I just re joined as an Elderado before I learned that you were no longer on KABC. Sad to say as this will probably make it more difficult to get your views to the public at large. Still, I hope the internet podcast works well. Eventually all media including phones, radio, and television will be via the internet, as far as I can tell. Glen Beck seems to be making a go of it. Best of luck with the new format. I first heard of you from Denis Prager and have listened to you, and bought some of your books for as long as you have been in Los Angeles. I admire your courage and ability to withstand disagreement. Keep up the good work, and I will continue to remain an Elderado and hope you continue to broadcast and write columns and books. Your views are much needed these days.
Jefferson K. at 11:53 AM on Dec-11-2014
Like so so many other enraged kabc listeners of your show, I took the big dip today and became an Eldorado. I need you in my life Larry. Can't let you go this time. Looking forward to learning from you since it was you who changed my worldview about 15 years ago.
Peter L
peter l. at 3:49 PM on Dec-10-2014
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