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Posted on 10/21/2016 at 5:44 PM

By USA Today, Oct 19, 2016 

Every week this month, Donald Trump has shattered his previous records for generating Facebook conversation, and last week users generated more than 307 million likes, comments, shares and posts about him. The prior week, Trump had 253 million Facebook interactions, and the week before that, he had 220 million, according to weekly data provided by Facebook.

By comparison, Hillary Clinton also hit her all-time high last week with 206 million interactions on Facebook. It was the first time she broke 200 million interactions.
success rate in stopping illegal border crossings that the government officially claims.

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Newly minted Elderado here. Many thanks to Dave Rubin for the introduction.
Arthur S. at 5:36 PM on Oct-20-2016
Hello, Larry. Several weeks ago a gentleman called in and began enumerating a litany of what most people call conspiracy theories. You were somewhat dismissive and asked, "who are THEY'. The THEY being the folks behind the conspiracies. Well, Larry, now you know who THEY are. After Wikileaks' DNC campaign revelations, the O'keefe videos, the collusion and coordination between the DOJ, FBI, White House and Clintons. Hillary backer Soros collapsing foreign governments per emails, his Open Society Foundation and Hillary's "dream" of an open boarder-less hemisphere are coincidences? Interesting. All the limits of plausibility have been erased. Maybe, just maybe, those folks at Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove aren't getting together just to have beer or two. Welcome to the REAL, Neo
Jerome C. at 5:59 AM on Oct-19-2016
Where can we watch the debate with Roland Martin in Inglewood?
Guillermo Q. at 8:33 PM on Oct-10-2016
Larry! After discovering you on my drive home earlier this year, and finding out I agree with you on SO many issues, I became an Elderado so I could hear ALL the shows. HOWEVER, I think you, and other talk show hosts, have been unfairly critical to those of us who have been working hard to get where Ted Cruz got to today. I am #neverhillary, but the low character, lies, and shifting policies of Trump made me believe I could never vote for that either. I heard Rush quoted to say HRC was an auto weapon the the head, Trump more like Russian roulette (but you have to assume there are empty chambers, and I could not, so there was no difference). How do you choose which liar to believe? I had hoped the new Independent candidate would make a splash, but he has not. Not everyone, but some of us believe our choice to vote for a person with high morale character is more important than winning, That has to be Ok in our free country. And though I appreciated your perspective, and Thomas Sewells response your question made me think, it is Ted Cruz' integrity and perspective today that will likely move me to where you are. But don't bash a man who holds strong values. I'm not stupid (hey, I agree with much of what you say, I have to have some intelligence)I will hate to tell my kids I voted for Trump if it all turns out the same. But I'm finally getting
Michael W. at 4:13 PM on Sep-23-2016
A better version of the "unedited" video including Bill Clinton saying that the fainting spells happened "frequently" before he corrected himself. Note the at about 0.57 seconds into the video:
Karl G. at 6:03 PM on Sep-14-2016
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