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Montage: Michael Eric Dyson – BIG WORD GUY

Larry laughs at Michael Eric Dyson’s tendency to drop excessively large vocabulary words while somehow not saying anything profound. It’s an art! Dyson contorts terms into gargantuan phrases almost as if to hide the empty-headed nature of his message.

“We got a guy [President Trump] who gets up every morning and excretes the feces of his moral depravity into a nation he has turned into a psychic commode,” says Dyson.

Dyson might be better suited helping students study for the SAT test, rather than shaping opinion on policy.

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Montage: The Media’s critical coverage of Trump’s strong stance on North Korea…now it’s just embarrassing

A “deal with North Korea?” They called him “reckless,” they said he did not “understand what [was] at stake.” Trump’s language “is risky,” they said. Well, what do they have to say now? The US is closer now to a deal with North Korea than ever before, they have pledged to halt their testing, and South Korea credits Trump with Friday’s peace talks.

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CJ Pearson: Perspective from a young Conservative

15 year-old internet sensation, CJ Pearson, joins Larry to explain why he is a Conservative at a very young age even though both of his parents are Democrats. This impressive young man offers his take on race, gun control, Trump, and more… Visit to see more of CJ.

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