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Tue, Jun 5, 2018

Hour 1 Trump has exercised his Constitutional pardoning power, the Left is outraged. But why are they raising such a fuss over Dinesh D'Souza when Obama and Clinton pardoned far worse offenders. Larry touches on this, Rudy Giuliani, and more…
Hour 2 President Bill Clinton is now wrapping himself within the #MeToo movement. Are you kidding me? Larry addresses the accusations of rape against Clinton that have gone unanswered.
Hour 3 Larry gives a preview of what to expect from the elections taking place tonight across the country.
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Mon, Jun 4, 2018

Hour 1 Uh oh, President Clinton was asked a question about the #MeToo movement! Listen to hear his response. Plus, Larry interviews Dinesh D'Souza who was just pardoned by President Trump. D'Souza, who was wronged by the Obama justice department, tells Larry what it was like to receive the phone call from the President.
Hour 2 Did Trump violate a Presidential norm by Tweeting about the job numbers prior to their official release? Larry goes back in time to see how Obama and others handled the jobs report announcements.
Hour 3 The Philadelphia Eagles have been disinvited to the White House! Larry brings you the breaking news and reflects on Rush Limbaugh’s 2003 remarks about Eagles’ QB Donovan McNabb which caused him to be fired from ESPN. Compared to Bill Clinton’s recent remark about Obama, Larry points out the double standard within the media.
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Fri, Jun 1, 2018

Hour 1 Sebastian Gorka joins Larry to talk about the upcoming NOKO summit and a range of topics spanning from National Security to Roseanne Barr.
Hour 2 Former Democrat and segregationist George Wallace actually pushed racist policies but was later forgiven. Larry remarks, “If you can forgive George Wallace, how about cutting slack for people who haven’t done anything, they’re just white!”
Hour 3 Larry and his brother Kirk recap the week’s biggest headlines with their signature game of PHONE-A-BRO.
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Thu, May 31, 2018

Hour 1 One of Roseanne Barr’s defenses was that she didn’t know Valerie Jarrett was black. Larry fields calls from across the country and apparently several people thought the same thing prior to the Twitter controversy. According to Larry, this changes the whole debate.
Hour 2 On his way back from a meeting at the White House, Stephen Moore calls in to update Larry on the Tariff discussion and the looming trade war. Moore says he made the case for free trade to the President.
Hour 3 Larry reviews his column that he published today. Plus, Larry takes calls on Roseanne Barr, Jeff Sessions, and debates the legitimacy of Trump’s protectionist trade policy.
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Wed, May 30, 2018

Hour 1 Larry analyzes the new fallout over the Roseanne Barr controversy. As it develops, Sarah Huckabee Sanders clarifies the situation to the press. And ADF attorney Christiana Holcomb calls in to speak with Larry on the Show.
Hour 2 Larry debates with a caller over the claim that he somehow excuses racism. In a heated exchange, Larry sets the record straight.
Hour 3 Was George Soros a Jew-Killing Nazi? Larry fact checks this assertion made by Roseanne Barr which helped lead to the cancelation of her show by ABC.
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Tue, May 29, 2018

Hour 1 Roseanne Barr’s show was canceled today by ABC in response to her offensive Tweet about Valerie Jarrett. But what are the rules? Larry condemns Barr, while wondering why Al Sharpton and Bill Maher haven’t had their shows cancelled for making similarly offensive statements.
Hour 2 Larry reviews his Special Memorial Day Broadcast that aired over the weekend. Larry and his listeners pay respect and admiration to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Next, Spy vs. Informant: Is there a difference? Did the Obama Admin plant one within the Trump campaign?
Hour 3 Did someone really refer to Lebron James as an Animal? Larry compares this to the way the press reacted to Trump’s ‘Animals’ remark. Larry comments on this and much more…
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Mon, May 28, 2018

Hour 1 Larry brings you part one of his special Memorial Day broadcast, as he speaks to veterans and shows appreciation for their sacrifices.
Hour 2 Larry brings you part two of his special Memorial Day broadcast, as he speaks to veterans and shows appreciation for their sacrifices. We take living in the USA for granted, Larry and his guest give thanks.
Hour 3 Larry brings you part three of his special Memorial Day broadcast, paying homage to those who lost their lives in Vietnam and more… What does it mean to be an American?
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Fri, May 25, 2018

Hour 1 What would have happened if the Clinton campaign was spied upon? Larry talks about James Clapper and the unprecedented surveillance over the Trump Campaign.
Hour 2 Tom Harris joins Larry to discuss his column on Canada’s proposed carbon tax. Harris condemns this action. Listen to hear his explanation.
Hour 3 Larry and his brother Kirk play PHONE-A-BRO, meanwhile covering the week’s biggest news in politics, sports, and more…
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Thu, May 24, 2018

Hour 1 Larry rails against James Clapper, our former top spy whose conflating statements on surveillance have caused the President to peg him as a liar. John Eastman and Sebastian Gorka join Larry to share their take on the news.
Hour 2 NBA Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr condemns the new NFL National Anthem policy. Kerr’s hypocritical response might be a bit unwarranted considering the NBA has a much stricter policy. And another officer has been exonerated by bodycam footage, Larry breaks down the footage.
Hour 3 Are Police Departments targeting blacks as a result of some inherent bias? Remember, this is what launched the NFL anthem protests in the first place. Larry talks about the NFL’s revised anthem policy and the several instances where officers have been falsely accused of racism.
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Wed, May 23, 2018

Hour 1 Father Robert Sirico joins Larry to talk about a proposed solution to homelessness. And James Clapper, our former Director of Intelligence, has raised some eyebrows on the View talking about surveillance over the Trump Campaign.
Hour 2 Who is being untruthful? President Trump or James Clapper? Larry dives into Clapper’s conflicting statements made on surveillance and more…
Hour 3 Milwaukee’s Police Department issues a statement of apology over the excessive use of force against NBA Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown. Plus, a jazz legend has said that the lyrics in rap music is more detrimental to the black community than a Statue of Robert E. Lee. What do you think?
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Tue, May 22, 2018

Hour 1 President Trump cuts twice as many regulations as promised! Don Lemon’s boyfriend calls CNN part of the ‘liberal media,’ and Larry shares the latest from the wake of the Texas shooting as well.
Hour 2 Larry interviews Peter Kirsanow about his latest thriller. Larry asks Kirsanow how he would advise President Trump in the Mueller investigation.
Hour 3 Wasn’t it Don Lemon that accused Fox News of taking sides? In response to the remark made by Don Lemon’s boyfriend, Larry revisits the times CNN and Lemon have shown extreme bias. Next, Larry takes calls on the infamous Access Hollywood Tape and the Russian investigation.
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Mon, May 21, 2018

Hour 1 Larry runs through the news, detailing everything you missed over the weekend, including the recent developments to the shooting at Santa Fe High School in TX. Larry gives you all that you need to know.
Hour 2 Larry interviews CA Gubernatorial candidate John Cox. Cox answers Larry’s questions about the severe uphill battle that he will face in such a deep blue state.
Hour 3 “Being a Black-Lefty means never having to say you’re sorry,” says Larry while rattling off Al Sharpton’s tattered history. Plus, what can we expect from the summit with North Korea?
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Fri, May 18, 2018

Hour 1 Our hearts go out to those affected by the Santa Fe High School shooting in South Texas this morning. Larry wonders what could have been done to stop this attack, considering the Left’s calls for gun control would have done little to prevent this tragedy.
Hour 2 “What can we do to harden the target,” asks Larry. Callers from Texas and across the country call in to offer their opinion.
Hour 3 Larry and his brother Kirk Elder recap the week’s biggest news with their signature game of PHONE-A-BRO. Listeners call in and compete for prizes by showcasing their knowledge on current events.
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Thu, May 17, 2018

Hour 1 Sebastian Gorka fills in for Larry, sharing his take on the anniversary of the Mueller investigation.
Hour 2 Sebastian Gorka interviews investigative journalist, Sara Carter. Some of Carter’s digging has revealed that McCabe lied on four occasions (three under oath). Listen in to hear all that she has to share on the Clinton investigation.
Hour 3 Sebastian Gorka has legal expert Gregg Jarrett on to share his brilliant insight. Plus, Gorka takes calls on a range of issues including immigration.
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Wed, May 16, 2018

Hour 1 Larry gives his long awaited Black Panther movie review. To say the least, he wasn’t very impressed. Some callers strongly disagree.
Hour 2 Larry speaks to CA Gubernatorial candidate Travis Allen. Allen outlines the differences between he and John Cox, the other Republican with a hat in the race. Allen proclaims to Larry that he is the only Conservative Republican running, and that his opponent does not support Trump. (Tune in Friday for a response from John Cox).
Hour 3 Larry is confronted by a caller who claims he always aims to degrade blacks. Larry disputes this and analyzes the NAACP President’s traffic stop that went viral. You don’t want to miss it.
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Tue, May 15, 2018

Hour 1 Democrat-run cities are the places where blacks struggle most in this country. Larry addresses Maxine Waters’ use of the ‘race card’ and Alveda King’s response.
Hour 2 Larry takes a deep dive into the past of Stormy Daniels’ lawyer. Plus, in response to the media’s reaction to the John McCain comments… do they remember when Bill Maher spoke ill of Justice Scalia following his death?
Hour 3 Larry appeared today on Fox Business’ “After the Bell” show to talk about the city of Seattle’s attack on Amazon. Larry offers his opinion on this and much more…
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