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Tue, Aug 7, 2018

Hour 1 Larry compares Hilary’s proposed corporate tax plan with our current status under Trump. Had she won and implemented her tax policy, then how would it have affected our GDP growth? And the number keeps climbing: Police now report at least 72 shot, 13 killed over the weekend in Chicago.
Hour 2 Trump’s feud with CA Gov Jerry Brown heats up on Twitter. Is Climate Change to blame for the largest fire in state history or Leftist policy? Katy Grimes weighs in. And after Trump’s shocking admission about the Trump Tower meeting what new legal problems might he face?
Hour 3 West Hollywood is pushing for the removal of Trump’s Star from the Walk of Fame. And before the end of the show, someone accuses Larry of lying about Trump’s poll numbers with blacks. Here is an exchange that is well worth the wait.
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Mon, Aug 6, 2018

Hour 1 Legal expert Dr. John Eastman joins Larry to talk about the new developments in the Trump Tower meeting. Plus, chaos on the streets of Chicago reached a pinnacle this weekend. Larry covers the rampant violence in the windy city.
Hour 2 It Turns out the taxpayers are paying for part of LeBron James' new school project. And Mayor Rahm Emanuel along with Chicago Police officials react to the bloodshed that transpired this weekend in their city.
Hour 3 “If you don’t see this as racist I would ask you to please go get your vision checked,” says Ana Navarro about the President’s Twitter attack on Don Lemon and LeBron James. And Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk were met by Antifa protesters in Philadelphia, listen to hear what happened next.
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Fri, Aug 3, 2018

Hour 1 After almost a year of investigation, we still have no motive for the Mandalay Bay Shooter. Larry sifts through the Las Vegas PD’s newly released report. Plus, the job numbers are in for July. Can the unemployment number get better than it already is?
Hour 2 Dinesh D'Souza joins Larry to talk about the release of his new film, “Death of a Nation,” comparing President Trump to President Lincoln.
Hour 3 Larry and his brother Kirk recap the week’s biggest headlines with PHONE-A-BRO.
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Thu, Aug 2, 2018

Hour 1 Sebastian Gorka stops by the show to give us a briefing on national security and more. Larry asks Gorka for his opinion about the latest news and the challenges facing the Trump Administration as well.
Hour 2 John Lott comes on the show to make the case that restricting 3-D printed guns will violate the 1st amendment as well as the 2nd. And Trump gets hammered for questioning the Intel community. Bush got hammered for believing the Inel community. “Can’t win,” remarks Larry.
Hour 3 Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is not backing down. After being called every name in the book, Prescott reasserts that protesting during the National Anthem is not appropriate.
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Wed, Aug 1, 2018

Hour 1 Larry takes calls on ‘never Trumper’ David Jolly and his analysis after attending his first Trump rally. And why do black Americans—who tend to have conservative values—consistently vote for Democrats? Larry answers this question in detail.
Hour 2 Candidate Omar Navarro chats with Larry about the violent ‘push back’ policy perpetuated by Representative Maxine Waters. Next, Phil Boyce of Salem Media Group speaks to the urgency of the situation on the ground in Haiti and Guatemala. Boyce tells us what we can do to help.
Hour 3 The Democrats are pouring tons of money into several congressional races in order to take back the House this fall. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is one of those Republicans who faces brutal opposition. Larry catches up with Rohrabacher for an inside look into what we can expect from the midterms.
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Tue, Jul 31, 2018

Hour 1 Poll: Most Republicans Want Candidates More like Trump than President George W. Bush. Larry weighs in on this and more… Also, LeBron James Says Trump Is Using Sports to Divide America.
Hour 2 In response to LeBron James, Larry reverts back to Colin Kaepernick’s explanation for the anthem protest. In his statement, the former NFL Quarterback doesn’t say anything about Trump. Plus, Larry takes calls on this and other news.
Hour 3 Larry replays his latest interview with the great Thomas Sowell. Larry and Sowell talk about race, economics, politics, and his new book, “Discrimination and Disparities.” Here is an hour you will not want to miss.
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Mon, Jul 30, 2018

Hour 1 Larry gives you the run-down on all the news you missed over the weekend. Is Trump a racist? Why was his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame defaced while others like Kevin Spacey were left untouched?
Hour 2 Who will pay for it? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attempts to answer this question in defense of her socialist ideology. Echoing Margaret Thatcher, Larry reminds Cortez that at some point, “you eventually run out of other people's money.”
Hour 3 John Stossel takes a closer look at the harm caused by plastic straws. As more companies move from plastic to paper, we should stop and consider the economic/environmental impact of doing so.
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Fri, Jul 27, 2018

Hour 1 Over 4% growth? Are you kidding? Well, don't look surprised, Larry predicted it! Plus, Larry chats with Law professor John Eastman. Eastman offers insight into all the legal issues facing the Trump Administration.
Hour 2 Trevor Noah asks Socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez how she plans to pay for all the 'free stuff'. And Trump says that our economic turn-around is one of historic proportions. Trump's detractors never thought that we could reach 4% growth under his policies.
Hour 3 Larry and his brother Kirk recap the week's news with PHONE-A-BRO.
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Thu, Jul 26, 2018

Hour 1 Larry takes a deep-dive into the subject of school vouchers in response to a call he received yesterday. Also, Shawn Steel chats with Larry about the upcoming election.
Hour 2 Sebastian Gorka stops by the Larry Elder show to offer his take on this week’s news cycle including the "bombshell," secretly recorded tape between Trump and Michael Cohen.
Hour 3 American businessman and financial genius Jim Rogers calls in from Singapore to forecast tomorrow’s GDP growth report as well as offer his opinion on the current trade war. According to Rogers, the 21st century will revolve around Asia. Tune in to hear his valuable advice.
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Wed, Jul 25, 2018

Hour 1 Larry interviews former Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Spicer gives a 'behind the scenes' illustration of what it's like working at the Trump White House.
Hour 2 Comedian Trevor Noah attacked the French team that won the world cup over race and heritage. Larry responds with a famous quotation from Smokey Robinson. A caller debates Larry on the merits of school vouchers. Plus, some fun music trivia.
Hour 3 Why does Socialism always fail? Larry and Jamie Glazov answer that question in depth as they weigh benefits of capitalism with socialism.
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Tue, Jul 24, 2018

Hour 1 It is now clear that the unverified Steele Dossier was the driving force behind the Trump-Russia investigation. Andrew McCarthy of National Review joins Larry to talk about this, the FISA warrants, the FBI and more…
Hour 2 The tolerant Left? Well, you’ll find out just how tolerant they are if you go outside sporting a MAGA cap. Larry tells the recent story of a couple who were kicked out of an Uber for their support of the President. And “alleged” comedian Trevor Noah is in trouble again for a re-surfaced racist Tweet.
Hour 3 Larry explains why racism is by no means a major problem in modern America. Plus, Senator Warren tries to convince everyone that she is a capitalist without success.
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Mon, Jul 23, 2018

Hour 1 Larry circles back to the reaction from the Helsinki summit. And remember when President Obama in 2014 advised immigrant parents not to send their children to the border? Larry supposes Biden must have forgotten this while he hammered away at Trump’s immigration policy over the weekend.
Hour 2 Whoopi Goldberg responded to the accusation that she suffers from Trump-derangement syndrome on The View. According to Goldberg, things got ‘hot’ during her interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro and Pirro gives her side of the story as well. Larry offers his thoughts on the whole firestorm.
Hour 3 Comply and you won’t die, how complicated is that? Usually we focus on the negative Police incidents that make headlines, but today Larry touches on what happens when you listen to the officer’s instructions. And how exactly is Trump in bed with Putin? It turns out Trump’s stance has been much tougher against Russia than his predecessor.
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Fri, Jul 20, 2018

Hour 1 Filling in for Larry, Bob Frantz talks about Trump’s alleged payments to cover up his sexual affairs. Does anyone care about this stuff? Bob throws this question to the audience. Listen to hear the callers’ varied response.
Hour 2 President Trump thinks that NFL players who opt not to stand for the anthem should be suspended. Bob Frantz from Cleveland Ohio covers the NFL anthem protest in depth.
Hour 3 Bob Frantz talks about the Dems’ pivot on Russia. The same party who laughed at Mitt Romney over his foreign policy is now acting as if the Kremlin is our greatest geo-political security threat. Next, Frantz debates callers on the NFL protests and more.
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Thu, Jul 19, 2018

Hour 1 Larry interviews former Deputy Assistant to the President, Sebastian Gorka. And Trump is being pegged a liar by the Left…. but what about the infamous lies perpetuated by President Obama? Can anyone say selective outrage?
Hour 2 Our most fundamental freedoms are under attack. Tyson Langhofer of the ADF chats with Larry about how we can protect and retain our liberty.
Hour 3 Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats speaks about the Islamic State, the Danger of Cyber Attacks, and the Russian threat that can wreak havoc on our system. And why hasn’t Facebook adhered to their own standards and taken down a page that threatens Republicans?
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Wed, Jul 18, 2018

Hour 1 Trump’s meeting with Putin was treasonous? Instead, how about some historical context. Larry stops the reckless hyperbolizing by comparing the actions of previous Presidents.
Hour 2 Larry plays his famous battle with Chris Matthews on the historical examination of President Kennedy. This is one you don’t want to miss.
Hour 3 According to recently released documents, Iran was in fact pursuing a nuclear bomb. If this is the case, why are people accusing Trump of treason in Helsinki? Was it not Obama who crafted the Iran Deal? Plus, Larry recounts an interesting conversation he had with a cab driver in Las Vegas about race and Police violence.
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Tue, Jul 17, 2018

Hour 1 Prior to the Iraq War, every single Intel Agency was in full accordance that Saddam possessed WMD’s. However, the narrative was still pushed that “bush lied and people died.” Larry wonders why the same people who ignored our Intelligence Reports under Bush now excoriate Trump for his rhetoric in Helsinki.
Hour 2 Doug Adler’s attorney joins Larry in studio to talk about their lawsuit against ESPN. And Rand Paul debates Wolf Blitzer on CNN. Larry breaks down the interview. Why was Wolf so feisty with the Senator? Larry poses a theory.
Hour 3 Chris Wallace of FoxNews Interviewed Putin after the summit, Larry plays you the highlights. Plus, Larry takes calls on the importance of fatherhood and more. Did you think Trump handled himself well in Helsinki? Our Polls suggest the media may have been a bit hard on the President.
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