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Mon, Jan 30, 2017

Hour 1 Not long ago, Bill Clinton and Harry Reid both wanted to crack down on illegal immigration. This begs the question: Were they racist? Larry comments.
Hour 2 In an audio clip,Tucker Carlson confronts his guest on illegal immigration. Larry compares the border policies of both Mexico and the U.S…as you may imagine, Mexico’s laws are extremely harsh.
Hour 3 When Omarosa goes on The View, she is grilled about being Trump’s pawn. Larry adds that he himself would go on The View if asked, but he hasn’t received such an invitation.
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Fri, Jan 27, 2017

Hour 1 Larry covers the latest on the injustice that was done to his friend, a tennis analyst fired from ESPN. There are several other instances where people have been fired for misinterpretations. Larry lists some of these.
Hour 2 Sanctuary cities face defunding by the Federal Government. The Miami-Dade mayor claims that they never considered themselves a sanctuary city. Larry examines.
Hour 3 Larry and his brother Kirk play their signature game PHONE-A-BRO providing a flashback through the week’s events.
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Thu, Jan 26, 2017

Hour 1 Donald Trump proposes plans to impose a 20 percent tariff in order to pay for the wall. Under this plan, Larry construes that the U.S. taxpayer shall be the one taking up the financial burden.
Hour 2 Tennis analyst Doug Adler comes in studio to talk about recently getting fired from ESPN for alleged racism.
Hour 3 Larry reviews the Trump interview which occurred with David Muir of ABC.
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Wed, Jan 25, 2017

Hour 1 Larry’s tweet about the Women’s march goes viral. Yet, he explains why he had to take the tweet down. Did Larry get in trouble?
Hour 2 Yesterday, in a conversation with Hugh Hewitt, Larry and Hugh found one point of disagreement: Whether or not the Federal Government should be funding infrastructure projects. Larry does some heavy lifting, thus showing the Framer’s original intent. Secondly, a Secret Service Agent says that they won’t take a bullet for Trump.
Hour 3 Larry plays key audio exposing how Planned Parenthood doesn’t exactly perform all the good that some claim. Plus, the Spicer press conference speaks to illegal immigration.
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Tue, Jan 24, 2017

Hour 1 Sean Spicer has become the media’s whipping boy as they coin him a liar. Larry asks why the Democrats are immune from such backlash? Speaking of lies, the infamous fallacy that “Bush lied” us into war is still being echoed. Larry dispels this myth once and for all.
Hour 2 Hugh Hewitt stops by the Larry Elder Show to talk about a strategy for a lasting GOP majority, which he outlines in his new book: The Fourth Way.
Hour 3 Larry shows that the DNC candidates will make crazy statements in order to get the new job. Next, a lone Conservative writer, Relentless Bill of the Huffington Post, calls into the show to offer his thoughts.
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Mon, Jan 23, 2017

Hour 1 Larry gives his take on the Women’s March. Plus, the Left has planted a narrative that nobody attended the Inauguration. Is this true? Larry offers some clarity.
Hour 2 A Saturday Night Live writer tweets comparing Trump’s youngest son to a school shooter. At one of the rallies, Ashley Judd reads a poem comparing Trump to Hitler. Larry takes issue with both.
Hour 3 Larry delves further into the topic of women’s rights. Larry asks why several Democrats pay their male employees more than their woman workers. Larry lists some names.
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Fri, Jan 20, 2017

Hour 1 Today marks the day Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States. Larry provides full coverage of the Inauguration, from Hillary’s attendance, to Justice Thomas’ landmark administration of the oath of Vice President Pence.
Hour 2 Black Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, receives hate mail over participation in the inauguration. Also, Larry covers the infamous, sexist, remarks from anchor Chris Matthews on the new First Lady.
Hour 3 Larry and his brother play a special Inauguration version of PHONE-A-BRO providing a flashback through the most recent, historic, inaugurations.
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Thu, Jan 19, 2017

Hour 1 Protesters gather outside of the home of Mike Pence to protest his views on gay rights. And as a side note, it just happens to be the final day of the Obama Presidency! Larry is elated! Will Hillary receive a last-minute pardon? Get ready for President Trump.
Hour 2 Stephen Miller, Larry’ friend who wrote Trump’s RNC speech—as well as the Inauguration speech—has been attacked in an unfounded hit piece. Larry provides some cover for Miller.
Hour 3 In Obama’s final Press Conference, many of the reporters seem to be sucking up to the President. Larry certainly doesn’t remember reporters having this love-fest with George W. Bush in his final days.
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Wed, Jan 18, 2017

Hour 1 Larry touches on school vouchers, reminding us that Obama and his children have attended the best schools without offering the same opportunity to others.
Hour 2 Ben Stein weighs in on the Manning commutation, saying this reveals the true Barack Obama. Also, Senator Menendez notes that this commutation of Manning put our National Security at risk.
Hour 3 Replay of first hour: Larry touches on school vouchers, reminding us that Obama and his children have attended the best schools without offering the same opportunity to others.
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Tue, Jan 17, 2017

Hour 1 Marc Lamont Hill claims that Trump met with “mediocre Negros”. Larry incinerates this foul bit of logic.
Hour 2 A constituent of John Lewis speaks out against the decision to boycott the inauguration. Plus, Mike Pence weighs in, urging Lewis to reconsider his comments regarding the legitimacy of Trump.
Hour 3 President Obama claims his administration is proud to have avoided any scandals. Larry goes down the list one by one, proving that there is zero validity to this statement. Also, Project Veritas exposes plots to disrupt the inauguration.
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Mon, Jan 16, 2017

Hour 1 Actress Nicole Kidman gets hammered for perceived support of Donald Trump. Larry covers this story, along with John Lewis and the lack of diversity in Chuck Schumer’s office.
Hour 2 Alveda King speaks to the remarks of John Lewis. King advises Lewis to work with Trump in order to help America. Larry offers his comments on the matter.
Hour 3 Larry addresses the myths of the criminal justice system before furthering the defense of Trump against reporter, Kovaleski.
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Fri, Jan 13, 2017

Hour 1 George W Bush warned about if the United States left Iraq too soon what would happen. Why Barack Obama did not respect the various intelligence agencies that begged and pleaded with President Obama to not pull out of Iraq or that all kinds of bad things would happen. Where was the criticism of President Obama by the media for not respecting the intel on Iraq.
Hour 2 Steve Harvey meets with Donald Trump on how they can work together to improve conditions in the inner city. Donald Trump's first press conference was not too far off from how we predicted back in July of 2016.
Hour 3 Maxine Waters refuses to work with Donald Trump unlike how Steve Harvey said he would at the request of his friend President Obama. President of Talledega College is disparaged for having the college band play at the inauguration. Phone A Bro with Kirk Elder.
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Thu, Jan 12, 2017

Hour 1 In a flashback, Larry reminds us of the Lynne Cheney interview with CNN. Larry points out the obvious bias from the network. Also, John McCain tells Buzzfeed why he gave the Trump report to the FBI. Was he trying to undermine the new administration?
Hour 2 Seth Meyers Questions Kellyanne Conway on late night. Larry dissects the interview while covering the latest on the hearings.
Hour 3 A girl’s suicide on Facebook Live sparks outrage. Larry talks healthcare with a caller while touching on the media’s connection to the Clinton Campaign.
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Wed, Jan 11, 2017

Hour 1 Trump exchanges words with reporters in a press conference calling out BuzzFeed and CNN, titling them as “fake news”. Also, Larry interviews Bill Robinson, the only Conservative columnist from the Huffington Post.
Hour 2 Does racism influence traffic stops? Larry addresses this claim while covering Trump’s rocky relationship with Hollywood. Ben Shapiro proves there is an unquestioned discrimination against Conservatives in Hollywood reminding us that hatred for Trump should come as no surprise. Also, Obama’s legacy—Larry offers his take.
Hour 3 In 2012, Larry wrote an article, “The 5 Myths of the Racist Criminal Justice System”. Today, this article remains relevant as the Left is still citing myths in order to further their agenda.
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Tue, Jan 10, 2017

Hour 1 Larry touches on the hypocrisy of Hollywood beyond Meryl Streep. This time it’s Barbra Streisand. She goes on a Trump-bashing tirade while getting her teeth cleaned. Yes, you read that correctly.
Hour 2 Years ago, Roman Polanski drugged and raped an underage girl. Meryl Streep applauded for him at the academy awards years after the public gained knowledge of this horrid act. Larry sees some hypocrisy here.
Hour 3 MMA athletes respond to Meryl Streep’s denigration of their sport. Larry covers this angle of the story as it seems everyone is now offended by Streep’s harsh comments.
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Mon, Jan 9, 2017

Hour 1 A gunman has opened fire in a Florida airport. Larry provides the latest. Also, Larry delves deeper into the situation in Chicago.
Hour 2 Larry describes how race relations have been harmed under an Obama presidency.
Hour 3 Kirk and Larry Elder play their signature Phone-A-Bro recapping the week’s news meanwhile providing some comic relief.
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