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Mon, Apr 17, 2017

Hour 1 On rare occasions, politicians do have moments of unprecedented honesty. Larry revisits the uncharacteristic admissions from these select individuals as they boast of their intent to deceive the public.
Hour 2 Maxine Waters wants Trump impeached, but her reasoning is not that Trump somehow violated the Constitution. Larry examines another odd, unfounded, remark from the congresswoman.
Hour 3 For some time, Larry has criticized the failing public school system. Today, NBA star Lebron James sets out to start a charter school as a better option. This is once again proof that parents and children need an alternative to government-run education.
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Fri, Apr 14, 2017

Hour 1 Chris Matthews and other Liberals use Hitler references all the time, why no outrage -Larry cites many of their references.
Hour 2 Guest Peter Kirsanow who is a member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights talks about the strain illegal immigration has on the United States.
Hour 3 Larry's brother Kirk joins the show to answer your questions and to play "Phone A Bro"
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Thu, Apr 13, 2017

Hour 1 Mark Davis filling in for Larry Elder who is speaking at The 100 Days of Trump Tour in Houston, TX. Reviews the dropping of the M.O.A.B. in Afghanistan.
Hour 2 Now that President Trump is taking decisive action with world events, the never Trumper's are now becoming fans.
Hour 3 Who are the people that are not happy with President Trump and that they will not be happy even though the action was needed.
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Wed, Apr 12, 2017

Hour 1 Press Secretary Sean Spicer finds himself in hot water for comparing Assad to Hitler. Yet, the press has ignored the countless “Nazi/Hitler” comparisons the Left has made. If, by chance, they weren’t aware, Larry takes it upon himself to enlighten them.
Hour 2 Larry circles back to his infamous interview with Chris Matthews. You won’t want to miss this explosive exchange.
Hour 3 Larry examines whether it is fair for transgender athletes to compete when the physical playing field is unequal.
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Tue, Apr 11, 2017

Hour 1 After forcefully removing a passenger from a flight, United Airlines has edited their justification. Some outlets have even raised claims of racism. Larry sets it straight.
Hour 2 Pete Hegseth, a Fox News Contributor and former Army Captain weighs in on the viability of a single-payer healthcare system here in the U.S. by studying the VA system.
Hour 3 With another trademark of dishonesty, Susan Rice earns herself 4 Pinocchio’s from the (Left-leaning) Washington Post. Even Politifact was forced to revise their assertion that Rice was telling the truth while boasting about chemical weapon disarmament in Syria. Larry is awestruck.
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Mon, Apr 10, 2017

Hour 1 Protesters have attempted to obstruct Heather Mac Donald from delivering a speech at a University. According to the demonstrators, Mac Donald is a racist and a fascist. Just last week, Larry interviewed her… Did she fit either of those descriptions?
Hour 2 It’s official! Judge Gorsuch is now Justice Gorsuch. Larry expounds on the confirmation process.
Hour 3 Larry illustrates how the Left is destroying the Healthcare Industry. Why don’t the Conservatives change course?
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Fri, Apr 7, 2017

Hour 1 Thursday night—President Trump gave the green light, enabling two USS Destroyers in the Mediterranean to target an airfield in Syria. Syrian President Assad received this wakeup call in the form of 59 cruise missiles raining devastation on his aircraft. Mark Davis fills in for Larry to analyze this decisive move from our President.
Hour 2 Mark Davis excitedly forecasts the confirmation of Judge Gorsuch. How will this affect the makeup of the Supreme Court?
Hour 3 The message is loud and clear: Mark Davis makes the case that Assad is not the sole dictator who received a warning from Trump. This attack may well have served as a threat to all foes of American interest.
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Thu, Apr 6, 2017

Hour 1 The Left aims to get even by blocking Gorsuch from the Supreme Court. They cite the Republican refusal to instate Obama’s pick, Merrick Garland, as their justification. Yet, Larry recalls that the Democrats themselves initiated this practice! Did Joe Biden forget?
Hour 2 Unfortunately, we have several Republicans that are “semi-statist”. Refusing to fight for an outright repeal of Obamacare, these Progressives that hide within the ranks of the Right have caved and elected to retain many aspects of the failing law. Larry proposes an alternate solution.
Hour 3 When it comes to Monopolies, America is usually consistent. Why then do we enable the AMA to hold such an overwhelming clench on the medical industry? Who else besides Larry is addressing this blatant stranglehold?
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Wed, Apr 5, 2017

Hour 1 Larry (a Michigan graduate) was invited today by rival Football Coach Urban Meyer of Ohio State to lecture his players about race-relations in America. Larry shares his experience behind enemy lines.
Hour 2 Who is right? Israel or Palestine? To answer this hot-button question, Larry reconstructs a debate he had with his Uber driver who asked him this very question.
Hour 3 Susan Rice has proven herself an unreliable source. Larry ventures back in time to the Benghazi scandal, remembering how Rice lied about the cover-up.
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Tue, Apr 4, 2017

Hour 1 On the 1-year anniversary of the Larry Elder Show receiving National syndication, Larry reflects on his radio career as well as thanking his beloved audience for the overwhelming success of the show.
Hour 2 Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute stops by the show to discuss the severity of poor immigration policy and sanctuary cities.
Hour 3 Father Robert Sirico joins Larry to comment on the immorality of the entitlement state.
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Mon, Apr 3, 2017

Hour 1 Larry comments on the Gorsuch confirmation. Will the Republicans be forced to use the nuclear option to overcome Democratic obstruction?
Hour 2 Leftist comedian and actress Tina Fay speaks out about the significance of swaying the white-female voter for future elections. Larry asks why she refuses to include the black voter in her comments?
Hour 3 Rachel Dolezal is now promoting her new book. Larry reviews the civil rights activist’s delusional comments.
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Fri, Mar 31, 2017

Hour 1 Chris Hayes of MSNBC still has not called Larry back to continue the interview. Larry lists the other guests who have dodged Larry’s questions in the past.
Hour 2 Three cities in CA vote to impeach Donald J. Trump. Larry covers the story.
Hour 3 Larry’s brother Kirk joins Larry to play PHONE A BRO and recap the week’s events with a comedic approach.
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Thu, Mar 30, 2017

Hour 1 In light of his interview with Chris Hayes of MSNBC, Larry wonders if Hayes might have opted not to continue the interview due to Larry’s hard-hitting line of questions.
Hour 2 Did Evelyn Farkas confirm that the Obama Administration tapped the Trump Campaign? Larry reviews the assertion made by Farkas earlier this month and evaluates the evidence.
Hour 3 April Ryan and Sean Spicer exchange blows in a press conference. You can imagine who the commentators in the media sided with. Larry plays the audio.
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Wed, Mar 29, 2017

Hour 1 Chris Hayes of MSNBC joins Larry to offer his view of the racist justice system which he outlines in his new book, A Colony in a Nation.
Hour 2 Inspired by his interview with Mr. Hayes, Larry speaks to the inconsistencies of the Leftist-Criminal reform argument.
Hour 3 Hillary Clinton comes to Maxine Waters’ defense against the joke made by Bill O’reilly about her hair. Larry wonders if Hillary has any right to go after O’reilly, given her past…
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Tue, Mar 28, 2017

Hour 1 When attempting to fix healthcare, a pursuit of deregulation is the only solution. Larry explains the AMA’s monopolistic hold on the industry and how licensing harms business.
Hour 2 Larry Klayman informs Larry that President Trump was, in fact, surveilled illegally.
Hour 3 In 2007, Barack Obama railed against the Bush Administration’s NSA wire-tapping policy as he promised not to spy on innocent civilians. Larry addresses the awkward irony.
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Mon, Mar 27, 2017

Hour 1 After pulling the Republican Healthcare proposal, the finger pointing continues... Larry attempts to quell this tendency to divide and instead advocate a free-market solution.
Hour 2 Jay Homnick stops by the program to take on Chuck Schumer and share his insight with Larry.
Hour 3 Last week, Larry received criticism from a caller on his stance against Amtrak. Today, Larry explains his reasoning.
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