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Thu, Dec 28, 2017

Hour 1 Larry talks about his latest column, his first experience with snow, and the Democrats’ strategy as we march into 2018. Will they keep trying to impeach Trump, or will they focus on the economy?
Hour 2 Lee Ohanian joins Larry to share his vast knowledge of economics. Is inflation a positive or negative occurrence?
Hour 3 Did Larry change Dave Rubin’s mind about systemic racism? Larry revisits the fascinating interview.
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Wed, Dec 27, 2017

Hour 1 The Democrats are in disarray over the GOP Tax Bill. Larry runs through the weekend’s news and much more.
Hour 2 Larry plays his famous exchange with Chris Matthews of MSNBC where they discuss the legacy of JFK.
Hour 3 A Florida Professor gives a powerful insight into the current state of Islam. Unlike most Professors who shy away from controversial topics, this Professor says that he is proud to be a Conservative and be in the minority.
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Thu, Dec 21, 2017

Hour 1 Will Al Franken actually resign, is it possible that he would run for President? Guest Dr. Sebastian Gorka on defeating ISIS, Hexbolah and the Obama connection and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.
Hour 2 Guest Sally Pipes to talk about the tax cut bill effect on ObamaCare and the future of health care in America. Guest Arnold Steinberg discussing the case of a Kosher meatpachager who President Trump commuted his sentence.
Hour 3 Moderate Muslim vs: Radical Muslim - What if Barack Obama was accused of collusion during his first year in office? - New movie about Ted Kennedy
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Wed, Dec 20, 2017

Hour 1 Republicans pass tax reform. Trump did promise a tax cut for Christmas!
Hour 2 Orrin Hatch reacts to the tax vote. And what are the effects of a tax cut? Larry lists immediate changes showing how the business sector is already reacting positively.
Hour 3 Even Ted Kennedy voted for the 1986 tax cut. Today, with zero support from Democrats, Larry states that the party of JFK has now gone off the deep end.
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Tue, Dec 19, 2017

Hour 1 Larry recaps his New York trip. He talks taxes, minimum wage, and the necessity to slice regulation.
Hour 2 Larry plays the shocking audio from yesterday’s train derailment in Washington State. Additionally, Larry dissects the politics behind the tax vote. Senator Dianne Feinstein is worried.
Hour 3 As Tavis Smiley fights back against his suspension from PBS, Larry breezes through his interview with Tavis and Cornel West. The topic: Is racism a major problem in modern America?
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Mon, Dec 18, 2017

Hour 1 Larry looks into the Tavis Smiley sexual harassment scandal. Is Tavis being treated fairly or unfairly?
Hour 2 “Lift up your people Larry.” Otis calls back in to tell Larry that he degrades his own race. Larry disagrees and goes out of his way to educate the caller. Plus, why does Obama still get a pass?
Hour 3 Larry reports the secret story of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook (read the full Politico piece under “mentioned on the show”). Additionally, Larry delves into the issue of fatherless households and speaks to a wonderfully inspiring single mother.
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Fri, Dec 15, 2017

Hour 1 Since when have Democrats been concerned with deficits? Larry talks about the GOP’s successful strides toward a Christmas tax cut. Plus, NFL QB Marcus Mariota apologizes for a rude press conference because he says his mom didn’t raise him that way. Larry weighs in.
Hour 2 Larry speaks to former NPR CEO Ken Stern about media bias and how he ventured out of the “liberal bubble” to see the light.
Hour 3 Larry and his brother Kirk play their signature game of PHONE-A-BRO.
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Thu, Dec 14, 2017

Hour 1 Has Roy Moore conceded? Several callers blame Larry for his loss. Plus, Larry plays an interesting exchange with a caller that you cannot miss!
Hour 2 Larry explains the truth behind Net Neutrality. Seemingly, a complicated issue, Larry breaks it down. Are Trump and the GOP on the correct side of the issue?
Hour 3 Tavis Smiley is fighting back against his Suspension. He denies any groping of women, exposing himself, or other forms of sexual harassment. In the same category of news, Dustin Hoffman now faces 5 separate accusations that he participated in predatory behavior.
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Wed, Dec 13, 2017

Hour 1 Who is to blame for the loss in Alabama? Larry recaps last night’s special election.
Hour 2 Tavis Smiley is in trouble. He’s been suspended from PBS following reports of sexual misconduct. And Bill O’Reilly claims to have evidence that false accusations are being brought about in exchange for money. Larry talks about the ramifications of this.
Hour 3 Larry plays an exchange where Trey Gowdy questions the bias of the appointed special counsel for the Russia investigation. This is one you won’t want to miss.
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Tue, Dec 12, 2017

Hour 1 The results from the special election in Alabama are coming in as we speak. Larry explains why the GOP should run from Moore and pull their support immediately.
Hour 2 Dan Bongino joins Larry to talk about yesterday’s terror attack in New York.
Hour 3 The polls are closed in Alabama. Larry gives you the vote count as it comes in.
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Mon, Dec 11, 2017

Hour 1 Breaking News: Terror attack in New York City this morning. Larry brings you everything you need to know.
Hour 2 Larry thinks that the accusations against Roy Moore are credible and should be taken seriously. Larry makes his case before the special election in Alabama.
Hour 3 This weekend, President Trump attended the opening of a civil rights museum. He was criticized for doing so. Had he rejected the invitation, the media still would have attacked him. To some, he can’t do anything right…
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Fri, Dec 8, 2017

Hour 1 Southern California remains ablaze as firefighters rush to contain the destruction. Was it the correct move for Al Franken to resign? Larry talks about all of this, including the fallout in the Middle East from Trump’s bold announcement yesterday.
Hour 2 Antonia Okafor, a second Amendment activist, had her speech canceled on a university campus. Larry speaks with her about how this occurred.
Hour 3 Larry and his brother Kirk play their signature game of PHONE-A-BRO, but this time Kirk is joined by the legendary, Mike Lindell of MyPillow. Lindell for Congress? Wait until you hear his response.
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Thu, Dec 7, 2017

Hour 1 Larry speaks with Lee Ohanian about the economy and inflation. Plus, today’s biggest news: Al Franken announces his resignation.
Hour 2 Larry interviews Fox News host Brian Kilmeade about his stance on Roy Moore and his new book on Andrew Jackson. Donald Trump has compared himself to Andrew Jackson. Is this a wise comparison? Brian reacts.
Hour 3 Maxim Lott joins Larry to cover the GOP Tax Bill. Is it possible that we could see vast GDP growth?
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Wed, Dec 6, 2017

Hour 1 Larry gives the update as fires still rage unabated across Southern California. And President Trump today announced what other Presidents promised but could not deliver: The moving of the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Larry comments on the ramifications of this bold move.
Hour 2 Russia was the first state to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol. This happened back in April. Why no outrage then?
Hour 3 Trump has chosen to support Roy Moore because he wants someone to help his agenda rather than oppose it. Larry entertains whether or not this is a good idea. Who donates more money to charity, Conservatives or Liberals? Larry reveals the answer.
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Tue, Dec 5, 2017

Hour 1 Speaking of the GOP Tax Bill, Nancy Pelosi stresses it’s “Armageddon.” In addition, a promise Tavis Smiley made to Larry is long overdue.
Hour 2 Peter Kirsanow joins Larry to delve into the topic of illegal immigration. Kirsanow shows how refusing to enforce the law results in a detriment to the U.S.
Hour 3 Larry covers a range of topics including The Wedding Cake case in front of the Supreme Court and John Conyers’ retirement after facing sex allegations. Larry takes calls.
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Mon, Dec 4, 2017

Hour 1 Larry interviews Sally Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute, followed by John Eastman of Chapman University Law School. Larry’s guests put the big news in perspective.
Hour 2 Alan Dershowitz does not think the Flynn debacle will result in an Obstruction of Justice against Trump. Larry analyzes.
Hour 3 How will the Republican Tax Bill affect you? Larry speaks with Maxim Lott in order to find the answer. Larry reiterates the necessity of shrinking the bloated size of government.
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