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Tue, Feb 14, 2017

Hour 1 Larry interviews the fearless Joy Villa who wore a TRUMP dress to the Grammys. Plus, Michael Flynn resigns amidst uncovered ties to Russia.
Hour 2 Chris Ruddy of Newsmax calls in to share his take on the dynamic of Trump and Flynn.
Hour 3 Larry talks about the minimum wage dispute in Colorado as well as the various stars competing to play the Trump cabinet on SNL.
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Mon, Feb 13, 2017

Hour 1 Since the election, the country has been in a state of endless protest. But why? Larry points out Trump’s philosophical similarities with Obama and the Democrats. Plus, the Grammy’s turned political!
Hour 2 Larry’s friend Stephen Miller was all over the Sunday shows representing the President. Larry touches on this, as well as addressing those who oppose Trump on the basis of morality.
Hour 3 A caller informs Larry that whites are responsible for “terrorism” in North America. Larry unsurprisingly takes issue.
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Fri, Feb 10, 2017

Hour 1 Larry explores Trump’s options going forth with his Executive Order. What can Trump do to supersede the 9th Circuit decision?
Hour 2 Trump’s ideological outlook on several issues matches that of the Democrats. Larry cites Trump’s view of Healthcare, Trade, and Education and asks why the Democrats still so vehemently oppose him.
Hour 3 Protesters hinder Trump’s Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, from entering Jefferson Middle School. Larry can’t believe this. Also, Kirk calls in to play their signature PHONE-A-BRO.
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Thu, Feb 9, 2017

Hour 1 President Trump’s Executive Order is struck down by the 9th Circuit. Larry reports this piece of breaking news.
Hour 2 Phelim McAleer calls into The Larry Elder Show to speak about his book on an abortion Doctor, Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer.
Hour 3 Chris Cuomo compares fake news to ‘saying the N word’. Larry critiques this foul comparison as Cuomo himself apologizes for his dumb remarks.
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Wed, Feb 8, 2017

Hour 1 Milton Friedman deemed the minimum wage the most racist piece of legislation toward blacks. Larry plays audio that is just as timely today as it was when Friedman first spoke.
Hour 2 David Horowitz joins Larry to talk about his new book Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America.
Hour 3 In light of the Sessions confirmation, Larry delves into the Left’s attempt to block President Trump’s cabinet picks.
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Tue, Feb 7, 2017

Hour 1 Larry covers the historic vote cast by Vice President Pence to confirm Trump’s Secretary of Education to the cabinet.
Hour 2 YouTube sensation, Big Joe, joins Larry to talk about the politically correct culture of the Left.
Hour 3 A caller doesn’t like Larry’s tone in regard to race. Larry challenges her to name specifics.
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Mon, Feb 6, 2017

Hour 1 Larry covers the dramatic ending to the NFL season in the largest comeback in Super Bowl history. What political messages did he take from the game? Plus, Larry recaps his epic trip to Guatemala.
Hour 2 Ben Carson is constantly criticized for being a traitor to blacks. On the other hand, Snoop Dogg does a Super Bowl Commercial with Martha Stewart. Larry asks, why isn't this perceived as 'selling out’?
Hour 3 California wants to become a sanctuary state. Before the Super Bowl, Trump addressed this radical notion. Larry explains what that would mean to the Union.
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Fri, Feb 3, 2017

Hour 1 Bob Frantz talks to multiple guests about the riots as well as the Constitutionality of Trump’s Executive Order.
Hour 2 Bob Frantz takes calls, recapping all the issues of a busy news week.
Hour 3 Bob Frantz continues taking calls, recapping all the issues of a busy news week but he doesn’t forget to add his Superbowl pick!
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Thu, Feb 2, 2017

Hour 1 Bob Frantz fills in for Larry, covering the riots that occurred last night.
Hour 2 Colorado Representative Dave Williams talks with Bob Frantz about holding sanctuary cities accountable.
Hour 3 Guest Demetrick Penny brings us up to speed with his lawsuit against Black Lives Matter.
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Wed, Feb 1, 2017

Hour 1 Bob Frantz sits in for Larry and brings the heat on the SCOTUS nomination of Neil Gorsuch. Constitutional scholar Jonathan Adler stops by to share his expertise.
Hour 2 Bob Frantz, sitting in for Larry, pokes fun at Chuck Schumer’s crocodile tears. Plus, a preschool teacher involved with Black Lives Matter, tends to use excessive profanity in her political life.
Hour 3 Peter Kirsanow joins Bob Frantz to talk about the legality of the Muslim ban.
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Tue, Jan 31, 2017

Hour 1 Larry covers the media’s frenzy over the “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States,” Executive Order. Has the Left forgotten about Obama’s immigration freezes?
Hour 2 Michael Medved stops by the Larry Elder Show to teach some American History from his new book, The American Miracle: Divine Providence in the Rise of the Republic.
Hour 3 President Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch to take Scalia’s place on the Supreme Court. Larry carries the statement from Trump and Gorsuch live. What does this pick mean for the future of the Nation?
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Mon, Jan 30, 2017

Hour 1 Not long ago, Bill Clinton and Harry Reid both wanted to crack down on illegal immigration. This begs the question: Were they racist? Larry comments.
Hour 2 In an audio clip,Tucker Carlson confronts his guest on illegal immigration. Larry compares the border policies of both Mexico and the U.S…as you may imagine, Mexico’s laws are extremely harsh.
Hour 3 When Omarosa goes on The View, she is grilled about being Trump’s pawn. Larry adds that he himself would go on The View if asked, but he hasn’t received such an invitation.
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Fri, Jan 27, 2017

Hour 1 Larry covers the latest on the injustice that was done to his friend, a tennis analyst fired from ESPN. There are several other instances where people have been fired for misinterpretations. Larry lists some of these.
Hour 2 Sanctuary cities face defunding by the Federal Government. The Miami-Dade mayor claims that they never considered themselves a sanctuary city. Larry examines.
Hour 3 Larry and his brother Kirk play their signature game PHONE-A-BRO providing a flashback through the week’s events.
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Thu, Jan 26, 2017

Hour 1 Donald Trump proposes plans to impose a 20 percent tariff in order to pay for the wall. Under this plan, Larry construes that the U.S. taxpayer shall be the one taking up the financial burden.
Hour 2 Tennis analyst Doug Adler comes in studio to talk about recently getting fired from ESPN for alleged racism.
Hour 3 Larry reviews the Trump interview which occurred with David Muir of ABC.
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Wed, Jan 25, 2017

Hour 1 Larry’s tweet about the Women’s march goes viral. Yet, he explains why he had to take the tweet down. Did Larry get in trouble?
Hour 2 Yesterday, in a conversation with Hugh Hewitt, Larry and Hugh found one point of disagreement: Whether or not the Federal Government should be funding infrastructure projects. Larry does some heavy lifting, thus showing the Framer’s original intent. Secondly, a Secret Service Agent says that they won’t take a bullet for Trump.
Hour 3 Larry plays key audio exposing how Planned Parenthood doesn’t exactly perform all the good that some claim. Plus, the Spicer press conference speaks to illegal immigration.
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Tue, Jan 24, 2017

Hour 1 Sean Spicer has become the media’s whipping boy as they coin him a liar. Larry asks why the Democrats are immune from such backlash? Speaking of lies, the infamous fallacy that “Bush lied” us into war is still being echoed. Larry dispels this myth once and for all.
Hour 2 Hugh Hewitt stops by the Larry Elder Show to talk about a strategy for a lasting GOP majority, which he outlines in his new book: The Fourth Way.
Hour 3 Larry shows that the DNC candidates will make crazy statements in order to get the new job. Next, a lone Conservative writer, Relentless Bill of the Huffington Post, calls into the show to offer his thoughts.
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