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Fri, Mar 24, 2017

Hour 1 The debate over healthcare continues. To find the answer, Larry consults the wisdom of economist Milton Friedman to offer some clarity.
Hour 2 Terrorism is on the rise in Europe due to irresponsible immigration policy. Mark Krikorian, an expert in this area, stops by the show to share his opinion of the London attacks and more...
Hour 3 Larry and his brother Kirk play their signature game of PHONE A BRO: Listeners call in to provide a light-hearted recap of the week’s news.

Thu, Mar 23, 2017

Hour 1 The GOP Healthcare vote in the House has been postponed. Larry explains what this will mean for Trump’s agenda.
Hour 2 Clifford May joins Larry to share his expertise on immigration and sanctuary cities.
Hour 3 Per listener request, Larry brings back his interview with brilliant economist, Thomas Sowell.
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Wed, Mar 22, 2017

Hour 1 Larry covers the latest on the terrorist attack in London. Plus, there is a clear penalty for refusing to enforce laws that are on the books. Larry talks sanctuary cities and immigration.
Hour 2 Fox News Contributor and Townhall political editor Guy Benson joins Larry to offer his take on the Gorsuch confirmation hearings. Even after 11 hours of questioning, the Democrats can’t seem to shake him.
Hour 3 Does Paul Ryan’s Healthcare Bill have enough support to pass? Larry asks what it will take to get the needed 216 votes in the House of Representatives.
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Tue, Mar 21, 2017

Hour 1 Larry covers the Gorsuch confirmation hearing. The Democrats attempt to discredit him, but do they have a viable chance to block him?
Hour 2 The Democrats are claiming that the SCOTUS nomination was unfairly stolen from Obama. This pivot seems comical considering it was Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden that set this precedent.
Hour 3 Trump reports that NFL owners are shying away from signing Kaepernick because they are afraid Trump will send them a nasty tweet.
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Mon, Mar 20, 2017

Hour 1 Donna Brazile says that her conscious is clear! You may recall that she leaked debate questions to help Hillary Clinton win. Find out how she justifies her sleazy actions.
Hour 2 Did Obama wire-tap Trump? FBI director Comey testifies on the legality of such behavior.
Hour 3 Larry debates opposing viewpoints on immigration and other relevant topics.
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Fri, Mar 17, 2017

Hour 1 Broadcasting from Santa Clara, CA, Larry talks about Hollywood’s animosity toward Conservatives. Also, the business climate has changed drastically in recent months. Could this be the effect of a Trump Presidency?
Hour 2 Aaron of California Deluxe Windows comes on the show to talk about the American Dream and his journey to success. From Latvian Immigrant to respected businessperson, Aaron’s positive example is one that we should evaluate when approaching immigration.
Hour 3 Larry and his brother Kirk play PHONE A BRO to provide a comical recap of the week’s events.
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Thu, Mar 16, 2017

Hour 1 Rachel Maddow is still taking fire. Larry gives the latest updates to the Trump Tax debacle. Even Van Jones publicly criticizes Maddow’s highly anticipated announcement—humiliating!
Hour 2 Michael J. Knowles, the author of "Reasons To Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide," comes on the show to talk about his book and how it topped the charts on Amazon. There’s a catch… The book is blank…Get it?
Hour 3 Trump plans to make cuts to certain agencies in an attempt to balance the budget. Larry shows that it is the norm for Democrats to kick and scream over such defunding.
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Wed, Mar 15, 2017

Hour 1 Rachel Maddow makes a mockery of herself over the Trump tax returns. It turns out; Trump actually paid more in taxes than Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders.
Hour 2 Republican Congressman Steve King is now on the chopping block as an accused racist. What did he do and who will be condemned as racist next?
Hour 3 Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is calling for the investigation and arrest of Snoop Dogg. He joins Larry to explain why.
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Tue, Mar 14, 2017

Hour 1 Three sources emerge, suggesting that Trump’s phone calls were transcribed. Larry examines the credibility of these new pieces of intelligence.
Hour 2 Two passionate Trump supporters, Diamond and Silk, join Larry to share their take on Trump’s first 50 days.
Hour 3 Larry covers police brutality, Michael Brown, and the Left’s obsession with criminal justice reform.
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Mon, Mar 13, 2017

Hour 1 Once upon a time, our friend Nancy Pelosi advocated the passing of a Healthcare bill regardless of “what was in it”. Now, it seems her views have evolved. Larry tries to comprehend why…
Hour 2 Are blacks in the U.S. targeted by the Police? Larry challenges a caller on this subject, providing a powerful discussion.
Hour 3 Some perceive Snoop Dogg’s latest attack on Trump as a threat. Larry, once again, analyzes Snoop’s credibility.
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Fri, Mar 10, 2017

Hour 1 Larry exposes Al Gore’s hoax of man-made climate change. Did Gore rely on manufactured evidence?
Hour 2 William D. Cohan joins Larry to share his expertise. His newest book, Why Wall Street Matters, gives a sobering look at the institution that often finds itself demonized.
Hour 3 Larry and his brother Kirk recap the week’s events with their signature game of Phone-A-Bro.
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Thu, Mar 9, 2017

Hour 1 Since the election, Trump’s favorability rating is rising. Contrary to the unreasonable outrage, it seems that many Americans are recognizing that Trump is in fact doing a good job!
Hour 2 Larry claims that small businesses are now thriving due to President Trump. These small business owners call in to the show, verifying Larry’s position.
Hour 3 Larry devotes additional time to the courageous small business owners. Is it just a coincidence that entrepreneurs all across the country, in different zip codes, serving different demographics, are suddenly optimistic?
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Wed, Mar 8, 2017

Hour 1 Samuel L. Jackson, Keith Ellison, and Whoopi Goldberg all criticize Ben Carson for his comments on immigration. Of course, none of these characters sounded the same outcry against President Obama’s identical remarks.
Hour 2 The Republicans in Congress remain divided over their new Healthcare plan. Paul Ryan and Mike Lee voice their diverse opinions regarding the power of the Federal Government. Is there anything Conservative about adding another entitlement? Larry answers.
Hour 3 Larry takes calls spanning several topics including race, Healthcare, and Social Security.
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Tue, Mar 7, 2017

Hour 1 Samuel L. Jackson attacks Ben Carson for his comments about slavery and immigration. Did Jackson attack Obama for making the same assertion? Larry explores the raging hypocrisy.
Hour 2 The Republicans roll out their new Healthcare plan. Larry reminds us that a reduction in government regulation and a return to the free market is the only way to save the Healthcare Industry.
Hour 3 When debating the economic price of regulating Healthcare, Larry consults the genius of Milton Friedman. What does he have to say on the matter?
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Mon, Mar 6, 2017

Hour 1 Larry talks about the assertion that President Trump has made about wire tapping Trump Tower.
Hour 2 Discussion with a guest about some California fire fighters making $400,000 per year.
Hour 3 Free trade from the prospective of Milton Freidman vs Donald Trump
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Fri, Mar 3, 2017

Hour 1 Larry covers the drama surrounding Jeff Sessions. Did the Left hold the Obama administration to the same measuring stick? Larry provides evidence.
Hour 2 Colin Kaepernick no longer sees any reason to protest. Does this coincide with the fact that he is now looking for a job? Larry hints that this may be more than just coincidence…
Hour 3 Kirk Elder joins Larry to provide a comical recap of the week’s events.
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