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Evelina S. wrote at 9:05 PM on Nov-15-2015:
Larry love the show. U r da best!! I am so curious to know the name of the song for one of your music bumps. It is a peppy piano riff that reminds me of the peanuts (Charlie Brown) theme song. Only way better. It puts a smile on my face and a pep in my step every time I hear it--just like your show! Thanks in advance. Evelina, LA
Timothy R. wrote at 10:11 PM on Oct-30-2015:
One bad student will spoil it for the bunch. 3 questions: 1. I want to know why Larry? Why does the media, Hollywood, academia, and the democrats, push the narrative of race? Black against white? Rich against the poor? Democratic policies make it worse, the media perpetuate problem, push the narrative?. 2. Why do those in the inner cities, and minorities continue to vote democrat? 3. Why do those such as yourself, who "think" differently, who are conservative, republican, articulate, educated and do not ever play victims, and share the same ideology; why are you demonized, made fun of? And called racist names? It's like I'm living in "bizarro world" (pardon my grammatical errors, I'm on my phone)
Timothy R. wrote at 3:57 PM on Oct-27-2015:
Republican candidates PLEASE TAKE MY ADVISE: Every interview you give to the media, assume that they are extremely liberal, and are attempting with every question to pin you down with your answers. To be taken out of context for negative headlines so the mass media can display it for the public to read or view. Dr. Ben Carson and the rest of the republicans, when asked about abortion, or overturning Roe V Wade. Simply reply, "if the majority of Americans voted into congress representatives that passed a bill to overturn Roe V Wade, I would sign it into law". If they push simply say,"there are many other issues I'd rather discuss with our with our LIMITED TIME. DEMOCRATS DON'T give interviews to FOX NEWS, the Blaze, LARRY ELDER! Or any conservative news organizations. Why should you?
Timothy R. wrote at 9:32 PM on Oct-26-2015:
Black lives do matter! And the democrats, and liberal, progressive policies have FAILED the inner cities, have FAILED the very people they apparently "promise" and "speak" for. The CONSERVATIVES, the REPUBLICANS and most of their ideology from their very existence have always been in favor for BLACKS, as well as every other minority. Republicans who are running should point this out. (Ben Carson) has with very little coverage in Harlem. Why are the republicans not speaking up, and pointing out THE LIES, and THE FAILURE OF DEMOCRATIC POLICIES?! Why do they fail? Because they are SUPPOSED TOO. To keep the poor, poor. To keep all races in their communities uneducated, They ALLOW Black on Black crime. They allow sanctuary cities. They are "fighting for" felons to be allowed to vote. They are "fighting for" those without valid photo identification to vote, they are allowing illegals to cross the border and flood our cities. They do not intend to change it. Because it KEEPS THEM IN POWER! HILARY ACCEPTS MORE MONEY FROM WALL STREET than ANY OTHER REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE COMBINED! Republicans are FAR FROM PERFECT, and have many problems, corruption, and failures. But they are the better choice. And the ONLY Alternative. Not only for the poor, the minorities, but for the SURVIVAL of our great country. God Bless America. "The last best hope for mankind"
Timothy R. wrote at 8:10 PM on Oct-23-2015:
During the Bush administration the left, the main stream media, and many prominent democrats ran with the false narrative headline "Bush lied People Died". After the Benghazi hearings we can state the FACT. "People died, Hillary lied" or "No matter what lie, no matter who dies, Obama and his administration LIES, and then LIE MORE, and then, LIE about LYING" My thoughts and prayers go out everyday, to the brave service men and women of our military. To our Police officers all of whom seem to be without a commander. Or at least a Commander who even cares. God Bless America
Timothy R. wrote at 6:07 PM on Oct-21-2015:
If I was a conservative running for office: Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, any of them, to give speeches in the south side of Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Even inner cities of Los Angeles, that are predominately Black. I would start off by saying, "these great American cities have been run by democrats for 30 or more years, have your lives improved? Explain to them that under the current president black unemployment has risen, There are more blacks in poverty than 7 years ago, and this president granted amnesty to at least 11 million illegal immigrants, who will now Compete for your jobs. The democrats say they are pro choice, yet you have no choice where to send your children to school. Your cities spend most on education yet perform the worst. These cities have the highest gun laws, yet highest crime rates especially black on black crime. Yet the democrats SAY NOTHING. Except blame republicans(?) OBAMA SAYS NOTHING. The reason is because it's the democrats who keep you down, keep you dependent, keep you angry, uneducated, unarmed, so the democrats can get your vote and stay in power. Republicans, since it's very creation was to free slaves, pass civil rights legislation, pass affirmative action, school vouchers, so you have choice for your children and a better education for your children. I would go on and on with every fact in history, and the republicans plan to build a wall to fix the problems of Americans before we take on the problems of others from other countries.
Robert H. wrote at 9:49 PM on Oct-06-2015:
Hi Larry, in your opinion, who would Russia, China and Iran would like to see as the next president of the United States?
Michael M. wrote at 11:22 AM on Sep-27-2015: Bill Clinton, victicrat.
Michael M. wrote at 11:55 AM on Sep-25-2015:
Hi Larry - In regard to the MUSLIM kid with the alarm clock (a.k.a timing mechanism for bomb), what better way to not only desensitize Americans (at least liberal Americans) and schools to bomb components, but to make them hesitate and fear reporting such devices. Perhaps those on the left forget that the Muslims use women and children in many cases to deliver bombs to their targets. Having these junior jihadis bring in a timer attached to something would elicit investigation, but having them bring in only the timer gives them a plausible excuse that it is really "just a clock". I can easily imagine scenarios where such timers along with appropriate primers are delivered by Muslim kids and attached to existing flammable or explosive materials or where intact bombs are similarly delivered. Once it becomes unacceptable to report and intervene in such activities - as Obama is doing - it will be easy for multiple kids to show up at multiple schools with multiple bombs (just as it was easy for multiple Muslims to show up on multiple airplanes with multiple box cutters.
HARRY S. wrote at 3:38 PM on Sep-19-2015:
Hi Larry, What would your political speech be if you were running for President? Would you say, I will lower our taxes. I will reduce regulations. I will stand for school vouchers for minorities. I will enact Health Savings accounts for more classes of tax payers. I promise you more jobs produced by the private sector. I promise to decrease the deficit. I promise to secure the border. I promise to make Social Security sound for the elderly. I will reduce bureaucracy and eliminate duplication in government. I will increase our standing army and reduce the table sitting button pushers at the Pentagon. We know what you believe, but unless you are out in the ether media preaching to the middle 11%, nothing will be won. Harry
Lawanna J. wrote at 2:04 PM on Sep-08-2015:
I'm not surprised that Donald Trump has polled better than expected numbers among Latinos. Those who are native born and/or entered the country legally and followed through to becoming citizens feel the same way Trump does. I have assisted my daughter in-law to become a citizen and see how much time and money it takes to beome legal. I have no sympathy for those who don't try to make an effort to do the riight, thing, especially when they have earned enough to do it ten times over. LJ in the OC
Diane G. wrote at 1:49 PM on Aug-31-2015:
Hi Larry, I was just listening to a Hilary answer a question regarding her husband going to North Korea to get two people released. Don't living past presidents have Secret Service protection for the rest of there lives? Seems to me that Hilary is reaching and not honest. Diane Geraud
David R. wrote at 10:08 PM on Jul-25-2015: I cannot believe this guy's comments. We must be living in the world's worst place.
Timothy R. wrote at 2:10 PM on Jul-21-2015:
"DEAR FATHER DEAR SON" the movie? (Kick starter anyone?) Tim R. Los Angeles
Timothy R. wrote at 2:05 PM on Jul-21-2015:
Dear Larry, Please elaborate on the "The Axis Of Indoctrination" the facts, stats, you fully explain, but what is THEIR END GAME? Their MAJOR GOAL? How Have they somehow become the "elite?" The powerful? And magically painted the "conservatives" as evil, racist, sexist, elite? Thank you for your podcast. The ONLY ONE I subscribe to, and the only one that I can ARM myself with facts, stats, Logic and reason . I'd follow you to either "gates" I read 10 things 12 years ago and can't wait to read dear father dear son" ordered it. Every time I hear you summarize your father's story it brings tears to my eyes. His life was lived not only for his family. But countless families. For years to come. For any person, any color, creed, preference, party, and/or gender. I thank you. Your family. Your father. Your voice. Love all of you. (No love for Kirk though) Timothy
alan k. wrote at 12:24 PM on Jul-06-2015:
Jamiel Shaw The Left is very quiet about this black life that matters and was taken by an Illegal Alien. More ammo for Donald Trump.
HARRY S. wrote at 11:28 AM on Jun-29-2015:
From Friday the 26ths regarding donations and charities, I now understand why the Democrats want all these government programs like the ACA. They are just stingy. Just look at VP Binden's pathetically small amount of donations on his tax returns.
HARRY S. wrote at 11:25 AM on Jun-29-2015:
The reason Johnathon Gruber comments were not presented to the Supreme Court was it was not part of the trial record. Do you believe the Justices heard those videos of Johnathon Gruber stating the States were being squeezed to set up the Exchanges?
alan k. wrote at 9:17 AM on Jun-25-2015:
Those states that set up Health Exchanges must feel like suckers now.
Dan J. wrote at 4:39 PM on May-21-2015:
Wait a minute, did I just hear Mr. Emmanuel list (among other things) "a reduction in infection rates" as a positive result of Obama Care? So now the Obama administration is doubling down on the "you didn't build that business" philosophy to include sterile procedures in hospitals. Wow, I feel so much better knowing that Obama's guys are gonna protect me from getting a staph infection the next time I need surgery!
Matthew S. wrote at 2:37 PM on May-15-2015:
Terrific interview by Larry Elder, interviewing the Consul General of Israel, David Siegel. You don't see these poignant questions asked by the mainstream media:
HARRY S. wrote at 9:08 AM on May-14-2015:
ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos never disclosed to his network -- or viewers -- $50,000 in contributions he made to the Clinton Foundation in recent years, even as he waded into covering Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign and foundation controversies.
Jim or James Smith wrote at 5:26 PM on May-09-2015:
What I WANT TO KNOW IS: Would the LAPD Officer shooting in Venice, Ca. even have shown up on the news if the Suspect was WHITE? They showed the Officer on the news at the scene walking around on crutches going over his story to investigators. The Officer was Black, so this might not turn into a racial accusations. I think that the level of newsworthiness is going to be determined by the color of the Suspect and not the color of the Officers fairly soon.
Paul E. wrote at 5:22 PM on May-04-2015:
Congratulations to you Larry Elder! You are one of my biggest influences and I thank you for relentless pursuit of what's right!
Dan J. wrote at 1:02 PM on Apr-28-2015:
Sage - Congrats on getting your star on the walk of fame. Not only is it great that your body of work has been recognized, but it must give you real pleasure to know that there are lots of Hollywood liberals out there whose heads are about to explode!
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