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Cindy G. wrote at 8:10 PM on Dec-16-2014:
Larry, KABC made a big mistake by no longer having you on the air! I am so disappointed. Please post on your website which radio channels you can be found on. I am hoping that you continue your radio show on another channel. It will miss listening to you while I am stuck in LA Traffic. You were the only thing that made it palatable.
David S. wrote at 8:21 AM on Dec-16-2014:
Larry I have been following you since your interviews with Chief Parks in the 1990s. You were my political awakening. Your use of common sense and facts have changed me as a person. I will continue to follow you no matter the format. If you run for any political office you have my vote, you are what this country needs!
Emile T. wrote at 5:06 PM on Dec-12-2014:
The reason I left the Democratic party was because they weren't listening to me. This was a decade ago. Liberals are so hypocritical and elitist. Today's program really nails the point home. I'm in political limbo (I'm a registered Independent). A great show.
Jefferson K. wrote at 11:53 AM on Dec-11-2014:
I just re joined as an Elderado before I learned that you were no longer on KABC. Sad to say as this will probably make it more difficult to get your views to the public at large. Still, I hope the internet podcast works well. Eventually all media including phones, radio, and television will be via the internet, as far as I can tell. Glen Beck seems to be making a go of it. Best of luck with the new format. I first heard of you from Denis Prager and have listened to you, and bought some of your books for as long as you have been in Los Angeles. I admire your courage and ability to withstand disagreement. Keep up the good work, and I will continue to remain an Elderado and hope you continue to broadcast and write columns and books. Your views are much needed these days.
peter l. wrote at 3:49 PM on Dec-10-2014:
Like so so many other enraged kabc listeners of your show, I took the big dip today and became an Eldorado. I need you in my life Larry. Can't let you go this time. Looking forward to learning from you since it was you who changed my worldview about 15 years ago.
Peter L
David A. wrote at 2:11 PM on Dec-10-2014:
Well I must say KABC will no longer have me as a listener. Keep up the good work. I will continue to listen online!! Dave
Curtis P. wrote at 11:00 AM on Dec-10-2014:
Great show. You always present your point of view with intelligence, passion, humor and support it with facts. It's validating when I agree. And even when I don't agree, it's challenging and thought provoking. The message about hard work is well taken. Hope to see Larry Elder back on the air soon. Curtis P
Olaf O. wrote at 5:39 PM on Dec-09-2014:
Larry - I just found out that you are not on KABC, I sent my note to management that you will be missed as they will miss me as a listner. I found out you are on my computer as I am listening to you now. I also signed up to be an Elderado member so that if I am on the road I can catch what I missed, because I value your comments. Continue giving us the truth. Ole O.
Richard C. wrote at 5:13 PM on Dec-08-2014:
Larry - when I first heard you, you were on in the morning. I think it was 1994 or 1995. I was hooked then and have been listening to you - and buying your books - ever since. KABC made a big mistake. I will continue listening to you on the Internet - as I am doing now. At least now, you are not interrupted by commercials.

Larry - Keep broadcasting. Your voice is important. You are a completely original thinking. You need to be heard.
Your great fan,
Richard J. Chrystie
cynthia c. wrote at 4:11 PM on Dec-08-2014:
Larry, I have been a faithful listener for close to 20 years! You are the Sage and I will listen to you anywhere!!! KABC only had me as a listener because they had you on their lineup. They made a mistake! Next chapter :)
HARRY S. wrote at 3:53 PM on Dec-08-2014:
Hi Larry, I love your show. I am sad that you are not on the Air. However, now I won't feel bad when you run for office. Sign me up to help. Harry RPV
Nick J. wrote at 3:41 PM on Dec-08-2014:
Cant believe your not going to be on radio ! I love your show my friends love your show, did some nut take over KABC ? I just want to say 790 KABC YOU SUCK ! I will listen on my computer.
Jeff E. wrote at 9:27 AM on Dec-08-2014:
Larry... I have been contemplating becoming an "ElDorado" for years. After realizing that Joe Crummy wasn't just your guest host, I got off my butt and signed up. You made me look forward to driving home in traffic every afternoon. Now I just need to figure out how to listen to your podcasts in my truck. I'm sure my kid can figure it out for me. Thanks for being there for us. Unfortunately for some people, the truth hurts.
Ken Y. wrote at 6:56 PM on Dec-05-2014:
Larry, Love you brother. I have been a fan since mid to early 90's. You never cease to amaze me at what a professional you are. You use to be pre-empted by Baseball ( hated it ) then Hockey ( hated it ). Please tell me you don't intend to carry Soccer now on the Elder Statement!! LOL From the first time I heard you say "Graduate from high school, get a job. Work hard and get a better job..." you have been my hero. Thanks for being REAL!! Ken PS: You need a spel chaker 4 you comnt section. ( LOL )
Claudia C. wrote at 10:46 PM on Dec-04-2014:
Yay! I'm glad am an El Dorado. I love to listen to you and Rush while at work or weekends when I'm doing house chores. On my drive home I will now listen to Christmas music instead. MERRY CHRISTMAS! God Bless you. I've listened and followed you for over ten years.
nominalfinance wrote at 4:12 PM on Nov-24-2014:
thanks Jon B; that was classic! Journalism majors are such flunkies
Stephen S. wrote at 3:58 PM on Nov-23-2014:
Pg. 201, Thomas Sowell Reader, by Thomas Sowell " Law On Trial", deja vu for Ferguson Trial.
Jonathan B. wrote at 7:59 AM on Nov-19-2014:
On the Nov. 6, 2014 episode of the Larry Elder show, in the first hour, in resposnse to Andy Field commenting baout the meeting between Boehner and Obama, the Sage mentioned that Obama had said in early 2009 to the R's that the election was over and HE(Obama Won). Andy Field came right back at the 21:25 mark and said that Obama could not have said anything like that, and maybe it was Pelosi. Now only one day earlier Andy Field told the Sage's audience that he had been covering politics since the Reagan era. I guess that means that Andy Field MUST be a solid source of facts and knowledge, IMO. So it was in late Jan. 2009 right after Obama was sworn in, when discussing the $787B Stimulus plan, McCain was talking about waste in the Stimulus Bill and Obama said to McCain, "I won". this was reported by many news outlets and mostly by left leaning media because they liked that Obama was reminding the R's that "he won". Then at the Healthcare Summit, with Paul Ryan going through 2000 pages of data, McCain talked about all the special interests and unfairness in the proposed Obamacare bill and Obama told McCain, "The Election is over, stop the talking points." As the Sage said on the show soon after, there are plenty of news sites that reported on both the "I Won" statement, and there is plenty of video showing Obama telling McCain that the Election is over!" I hope that helps, 'nominal finance'
nominalfinance wrote at 4:36 PM on Nov-18-2014:
Jon B or Larry, which episode was Andy Field challenged by Larry on the "We won!" Obama remark? (I need to listen to that!) Larry, any chance you could replay it? like an encore?
Jonathan B. wrote at 5:31 PM on Nov-09-2014:
Bravo Larry for challenging and following up on Andy Field from ABC News about President Obama saying "We Won!" I remember exactly when it happened to Paul Ryan, and it was reported on by many news outlets, especially left leaning media because they loved the fact that President Obama said "WE Won!". Interesting how someone like Andy Field, who "has been in this business since Reagan" could say "I doubt Obama said that." Good for you to not let that 'misstatement' just linger out there. I love your show for many reasons, and one of them is that you challenge the constant double standard examples in the news and you also do not let your listeners forget about history and facts. Stay Strong Sage!
James A. wrote at 7:23 PM on Oct-20-2014:
Larry, why is it ok for the state to ask for id to buy a pack of smokes, but it is racist to ask for an id to vote? I was standing in line at a convenience store when the cashier asked the guy in front of me for id(the guy buying the smokes was probably 65 years old)... The world seems upside down right now...
HARRY S. wrote at 5:40 PM on Oct-17-2014:
Hi Larry, Here is Archie Bunkers view on Democrats:
kelli b. wrote at 11:45 PM on Oct-07-2014:
After listening to your conversation today with Alex stone about who is footing the bill for the Ebola patient in Dallas my curiosity got the best of me ... What I found was far beyond what I was expecting.
Nelson D. wrote at 11:41 AM on Sep-25-2014:
When it comes to anything having to do with cars, when have you ever known Leon to be wrong? Great show, close call. LIFE AIN'T KIND.
Scott A. wrote at 6:03 AM on Sep-16-2014:
The interview with Dr, M Zudhdi Jasser was excellent. His point of view is sane and appears to be accurate.
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