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Eric K. wrote at 5:53 AM on Aug-25-2016:
Larry - I watched with great interest the way Good Morning America covered the epipen price gouging story. They were quick to point out how Heather Bresch (CEO of Mylan) is price gouging but when it came to her father Sen. Joe Manchin, they never said what party he was affiliated with. I told my wife, "If they aren't saying it, then I guarantee you he's a democrat". Sure enough ... In an interview with Yahoo News Bresch blamed Obamacare for the price increase. Didn't hear about that one either did you?
Michael M. wrote at 5:44 AM on Aug-03-2016:
Larry - Victicrat is a term you use everyday on your show and victicrats of all stripes are a serious problem plaguing our society. I saw a video article today that should put every victicrat to shame (I've linked it at the bottom). I seldom resort to hyperbole,'ve got to see this video. It will blow you away! If it doesn't, I owe you a piece of cheesecake!
Philip A. wrote at 9:21 PM on Jul-28-2016:
I give credit to Gloria Steinem for the last half of the slogan. I'm sure you remember...
Philip A. wrote at 8:54 PM on Jul-28-2016:
Hey Larry, I've been listening to your shows on and off for 20 years at least. I had the opportunity to see you in person at the Beverly Hills Hotel for a luncheon sponsored by the Wednesday Morning Club and Lionel Chetwinn. Jill Stewart was also a speaker. Wow! What a crowd. I'm pretty sure I was the only person to have a 1987 Dodge Grand Caravan valet parked! You are still talking about the same problems now. Don't you get discouraged? I have a bumper sticker suggestion. Like you, I am sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton being the "First Woman President". This slogan sums it up. "America needs a Hilary Clinton president like a fish needs a bicycle". Any profits from the bumper sticker I will split 50-50. I don't know how you keep on doing it, but keep up the crusade.
Priscilla B. wrote at 2:25 PM on Jul-21-2016:
The convention stressed freedom - so the platform should also include in the pro life affirmation that we will not impose our standard on pro choice women and affirm that they have the right to make choices for their own body also. Larry, you're there so can you convince the platform writers this should be included.
Terry H. wrote at 3:42 PM on Jul-14-2016:
John D. wrote at 4:24 PM on Jul-13-2016:
I would love to hear you discuss something that I have not heard anywhere regarding a Trump presidency: In my opinion congress would have no problem reining-in Trump should he attempt to abuse his office using executive orders. This would not be the case with a Clinton presidency. With Trump congress would have no fear of being accused of racism (as with Obama) or of misogyny (as would be the case with Clinton). While being no fan of Trump, this is something to consider in terms of having any chance of once again seeing a respect for separation of powers and of functioning checks and balances. The mainstream media would cheer should congress stand in the way of a Trump presidential action that congress felt was inappropriate (regardless of the party that controlled the congress).
Thank you.
Dan J. wrote at 5:39 PM on Jul-12-2016:
Barak Obama says that the actions of a few members of the Black Lives Matter crew are not indicitaive of the group as a whole and should not diminish the message they are trying to deliver. First I have rarly seen a BLM rally where there were not at least some arrests for vandalism or violence so we're not just talking about a "few bad actors". Second, where was Obama when members of his party were attacking the Tea Party as a racist hate group for daring to demonstrate for lower taxes. Never mind that Tea Party rallies were peacful and organized. The double standard here is staggering!
Fernando G. wrote at 10:14 PM on Jul-11-2016:
Larry, I am livit with this Black Lives matter bs.

If black lives matter, then why these selfish bastards have abandoned their children?

Their abandonment contradicts the statement. Yes, I am talking about the black man that produces a child and fails to be a father to that child. How can these hypocrites stand on their high horse and claim that black lives matter?

They are full of it. Instead of marching on the streets demanding justice for something, that although tragic, it is not a major problem; they should be begging for forgiveness. They abandoned their responsibilities as fathers and the chickens have come home to rust.

The life of the child they failed to nourish and care for, does that life not matter?

Lou Farrakhan should organize another Million Man March in which every black man who has produced a child and failed to be a father should ask for forgiveness to the rest of society because we are now the ones paying the price for their lack of responsibility.

Now that I think about it, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Jesse Williams should be at the front of the march because they have perpetuated this lie and they have failed to focused on one of the real issue that affects the Black community: the absence of fathers. You said it, Black Fathers Matter. Keep up the good work Larry. This Mexican got your back. ¡Viva Larry!
Michael M. wrote at 7:43 PM on Jul-08-2016:
I have a question for the Sage of South Central. It deals with the issue that many blacks have stated that blacks are mistreated by cops presumably because of racism. First, let me lay out several assumptions (some of these may actually be facts - I'm hoping your staff can verify or deny). Looking back at cases where blacks have alleged mistreatment (and were primarily talking about black deaths at the hands of cops) during the last several years, it seems that in many cases, the cops involved were black. I'm pretty sure that's a fact. Now, the black cops may have been prejudiced - that is they may have had a preconceived notion based on their experience that a young black male was more likely to resist arrest or attack them than an old white guy - but that's different than racism, which means you actually hate someone because of the color of their skin. When Jesse Jackson said he was more scared to encounter young man at night if they were black than if they were white, that was well informed prejudice, not racism. So that brings me to consider that the reason cops - black and white - may have an itchy trigger finger when they encounter young black males has nothing to do with racism, but rather experience or knowledge that the young black male is a greater threat to their life than someone who isn't a young black male. Do the facts bear this out? PS - This is where your research staff comes in handy! If we look at assaults on cops and/or shootings of cops during traffic stops, etc. are the cops being assaulted/shot more often by white guys or by black guys? My first thesis is that, just like Jesse Jackson, when a cop encounters a back male, the cop is more fearful than when he stops a white guy and therefore has a lower threshold for taking what he perceives to be protective life saving measures. My second thesis is that young black males (think back to your own experience when you were stopped) have been taught by race baiters like Al Sharpton, etc. that they are being stopped simply for being black (maybe they are because young black males commit a disproportionate share of crimes) and that this is a form of disrespect, racial attack, etc., i.e. that they are victims of systemic racism and that they should stand up to the oppressor. Newsflash: I'm white and if a man with a gun stops me and that man has the power to arrest me, my response is to smile and say, "Yes Sir, No Sir, Thank You Sir." It is the thug "attitude" and acting out that has created a situation where cops sense more danger when stopping blacks. If you think it's cool to act like a thug, don't be surprised when you're treated like a thug! OK, enjoy the cheesecake.
Michael M. wrote at 11:29 AM on Jul-04-2016:
Hello Larry! Is Jesse Williams a light skinned black guy or a dark skinned white guy? The question only matters if someone is a racist at heart and obviously it matters a great deal to Mr. Williams. That was the purpose of his rant - to establish his "blackness." Heck, this guy is whiter than he is black and he knows it. The problem is that he's truly bothered by it. On another note, did you choke on your cheesecake when you read about KD being traded to GSW? I'm not saying they're a shoe in - LeBron James showed his heart in the Finals and this will rub off on his teammates - but it ought to make a rematch interesting. PS - If I burn/destroy all my tax records for 2015, can I tell the IRS they can't prosecute me or do I need to change my name to Clinton? Regards!
HARRY S. wrote at 10:55 AM on Jun-30-2016:
Hi Larry, The biggest story regarding the Benghazi lack of response was it took 22 hours before any part of our military forces could stand up. How long does it take a nuclear missile take to reach the USA? How many European countries could Russia drive all the way through in 22 hours? Say goodbye to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania Romania, and half of Poland. On 911 2012 our airplanes were all taken apart and unflyable. Also, why didn't anyone in the US Military think of calling our Ally Israel. They could have repainted their F18 jets with USA and been there in 1 hour fly time. And now when the two navy rafts were taken prisoner by Iran, our soldiers don't even know how to surrender? The way we are going, they better learn fast. Dah Harry
Michael M. wrote at 8:26 PM on Jun-23-2016:
The scrubbing and alteration of the Orlando 911 tapes (a.k.a "the evidence") by the DoJ is important not only from the standpoint of the Obama administration trying to downplay Islamic terror. The larger implication is that neither foreign nations dealing with US nor US citizens accused of crimes can trust that the US government won't alter facts when dealing with them. As we all know, the Left doesn't like dealing with facts (unless they can change them). Obama's DoJ altered Orlando 911 evidence. What other evidence will they alter to achieve their goals?
alan k. wrote at 7:41 AM on Jun-21-2016:
STEVE V. wrote at 7:23 PM on Jun-13-2016:
STEVE V. wrote at 7:15 PM on Jun-13-2016:
STEVE V. wrote at 2:59 PM on Jun-13-2016:
log me in dammm
Joe M. wrote at 11:33 AM on May-23-2016:
Hi Larry, Just thought that I'd let you know that you have at least one fan in the UK. Love your show, between you & Ben Shapiro I've really had a lot of unfair characterizations of Republicans dispelled. Keep up the good work. Joe Salem.
Dan J. wrote at 12:21 PM on May-16-2016:
Larry, Great interview with Peter Kirsanow. Could it be that the liberal Congressional Black Caucus has no real desire to improve the unemployment rate in the black community by opposing illegal immigration? After all if blacks (or any minority) start to believe they can make it without the help of the government why would they continue to vote for Democrats?
Hector H. wrote at 10:04 PM on May-07-2016:
You are an example of unbiased common sense way of thinking in this new mad world. Keep up your relentless and bold form of expression. My wife and I just signed up to be Elderados. joining you in saving our country.
HARRY S. wrote at 3:48 PM on Apr-28-2016:
Hi Larry, I saw you on Shawn, Conservative and for Trump, Hannity's show 2 days ago. I timed it. He gave you 2 one minute spots at the very end of his show. I believe he is afraid of you. You would be an excellent replacement for him. When will Bill O'Reilly invite you on? Bill does not like to be challenged either. Please try and get a TV talk show!
Stephen S. wrote at 11:02 AM on Apr-28-2016:
Charlotte T. wrote at 1:15 PM on Apr-26-2016:
What movie does the beginning-of-the-week quote come from? "I don't understand what's come over you. I really don't. Clumsy, thieving, deceitful. You can leave." I wish there were a place on Larry's website that would give the origins of these bits of old movies. I'm glad he mentioned the Cheyenne Social Club the other day. I'm getting it from Amazon next time I order.
John G. wrote at 2:03 PM on Apr-05-2016:
Sorry to nitpick... but that's PDT (Pacific Daylight Time), not PST (Pacific Standard Time) ("The Larry Elder Show streams live every weekday from 3-6PM PST")
Alexander S. wrote at 1:36 AM on Apr-05-2016:
Congrats on going national. It brings us some hope that reason is not completely lost.
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