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Nelson D. wrote at 8:02 PM on Feb-27-2015:
I'm glad to see you're picking up sponsors, Sage. You & Mark Levin have the best shows on the air. I am highly impressed at how prepared you are everyday. Got to laugh when I hear you do the commercial with the Haydn Serenade playing in the background. Hope you can get Bill & Kathleen to sponsor you. Mike Diamond Plumbing might also be a good option. I generally listed to your show when Baby Harmon's in bed. Been kind of down lately. Thanks for your friendship.
Dottie L. wrote at 9:48 AM on Feb-25-2015:
Hi Larry, I heard your show yesterday and toward the end of your show you talked about Obama getting a TRO against the judge in Texas. You mentioned several times Obama's executive order on immigration. I'm confused. According to an article in WND and comments by Rush Limbaugh Obama never signed an executive order. The two he signed in Las Vegas at that school were a sham and had nothing to do with DACA. WHY don't the Republicans exploit this? Make him present a signed executive order, if one exists, and register it. It would be a great chance for Republicans, or anybody, to show Obama for the liar that he is and it just might alienate his Mexican base.
James B. wrote at 5:23 AM on Feb-25-2015:
Larry: In Chicago, Rahm Emanuel did not get 50 plus 1 percent of the vote and will face a run-off with Jesus (Chuy) Garcia in April. Rahm had the money and the president's support. Should be interesting come April. (Former Chicago resident).
Dan J. wrote at 1:18 PM on Feb-20-2015:
Is Obama under the impression that there are millions of Muslim hating Americans out there? Listening to him you would think so, otherwise why would he be so insistent on reminding us over and over that most Muslims are good people and that violent extremism is being carried out by a small minority of disgruntled and misguided radicals. Someone once said to me "I can't believe how clueless Obama is". I corrected him with this thought -Obama isn't clueless, he is an ultra left-wing academic ideologue. He isn't clueless, he's scary!
Mark W. wrote at 3:30 PM on Feb-18-2015:
Larry, your're a bit off with your facts on the Dodgers. They left Brooklyn because Robert Moses, the development Czar, would not use eminent domain to acquire a site that is now where the Barclay's arena is. O'Malley wanted to pay for the site and ballpark with private funds but needed the city's power of eminent domain to acquire the site. Moses wanted the team to move to Flushing Meadow which ultimately became Shea Stadium.

In Los Angeles, the Chavez Ravine site had already been condemned by the city for use as a public housing site, which had not gotten off the ground. Most residents had already accepted compensation and vacated. The Dodgers traded the Wrigley Field site at 42nd Pl and Avalon to city for Chavez Ravine land and road improvements. That part was the sweetheart deal.
Fabio B. wrote at 12:02 AM on Feb-17-2015:
Eldorados scream "Orance, Orance, Orance, Orance, Orance, Orance!!!!" as he dances and runs on the top of the train!
Fabio B. wrote at 11:57 PM on Feb-16-2015:
President Obama is a Political Genius! This move will define the first authorization as a war on Al Qaeda and not a War on Terror. How convenient for President Obama, he can now allow Liberals who will write the history to differentiate between the War on ISIS/ISIL and the war in which Al Qaeda was defeated and forced to go on the run. Then upon it's conclusion in 2011 the American troops returned home! How convenient President Obama! How convenient for your legacy!
Matthew S. wrote at 3:54 PM on Feb-11-2015:
Thank you for taking my call about Netanyahu & congress. Keep up the great work!
Edward F. wrote at 11:12 AM on Feb-11-2015:
Salutations from the Bay Area, Sage!

Great opinion piece in WSJ today by Jason Riley. "Still Right on the Black Family After All These Years."

Check it out.
Samuel P. wrote at 12:12 PM on Feb-09-2015:
All this talk about Pete Carroll and his superbowl call, I'm more concerned that he is a 911 truther. Google it.
Eddie M. wrote at 5:54 PM on Feb-04-2015:
Hi Larry, FYI Let your listeners know they can get the audio jack that plugs into the aux in from a smartphone's headphone jack from the 99 Cent store.
Stephen S. wrote at 6:01 AM on Feb-04-2015:
Great interview with Walter Williams !
Matthew S. wrote at 5:30 PM on Feb-03-2015:
I am LOVING the podcasts and being able to listen when I want. Perhaps, one way to increase the # of live callers, a Larry Elder App may be in order. Launch the app to easily listen to the Live show from your phone.
Samuel P. wrote at 9:44 AM on Jan-29-2015:
I bet the details of Bergdahl's charges will be released the weekend of the Superbowl because the media will be distracted.
Jim or James Smith wrote at 9:56 PM on Jan-28-2015:
Why does the New England Patriot's Logo's face look like John Kerry?
David R. wrote at 2:57 PM on Jan-26-2015:
Larry, Now you're just preaching to the choir. Buy your own station on get on the air
Michael B. wrote at 4:53 PM on Jan-24-2015:
Long time Elderado. One of the drawbacks of the new internet-only format is the loss of live interaction with actual realtime listeners. Most of us who listened -- and listen -- on podcasts are, of course, doing so after the show has taped. Larry is like a performer playing to an empty hall: he needs a live listener audience. I've always wondered (even before KABC) why Salem Radio Network didn't snatch Larry up. Always seemed like he would be a great addition to their talk radio roster.
Stephen S. wrote at 9:23 AM on Jan-23-2015:
Larry, can you do some more of those "man on the street" interviews, they are pretty funny, but of course next time you do the interviewing.
Nava S. wrote at 7:02 PM on Jan-21-2015:
Larry you need to send an email reminder before the show starts. I keep missing it and joining in only in the last hour. I LOVE the SHOW! Good luck!
Dan J. wrote at 12:29 PM on Jan-14-2015:
Larry - Great to see that you are still fighting the good fight despite the idiotic decisions of the bean counters at KABC. With the changes they are making it is obvious that KABC is no longer interested in substantive programming. With a few exceptions, KABC is now essentially just a radio version of TMZ. Keep doin' what you do my man!
Gilbert Z. wrote at 11:01 PM on Jan-13-2015:
is this you're new location now?
lori p. wrote at 6:18 PM on Jan-09-2015:
Thank God you're back! I just renewed and am officially an Elderado again. What a relief. My IQ goes down at least 10 points when I can't hear your show. I'm a university professor and it gets so lonely being in the lion's den of liberal insanity day after day. Your show is the only thing that helps me clear my head. Thanks for coming back. You may have saved a life.
michael p. wrote at 8:14 AM on Jan-09-2015:
hey Larry where are you, I'm Hispanic and addicted to your show. hope your well, and let us know how to hear you on the radio. I'm running out of audio highlights of your show.
Mark j. wrote at 6:44 PM on Dec-27-2014:
Robin S. wrote at 8:24 PM on Dec-24-2014:
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Larry Elder! I will continue to be a fan, and as I prepare to move out of California, your show being dropped by KABC is just one more thing that makes leaving easier.
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