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Michael M. wrote at 8:26 PM on Jun-23-2016:
The scrubbing and alteration of the Orlando 911 tapes (a.k.a "the evidence") by the DoJ is important not only from the standpoint of the Obama administration trying to downplay Islamic terror. The larger implication is that neither foreign nations dealing with US nor US citizens accused of crimes can trust that the US government won't alter facts when dealing with them. As we all know, the Left doesn't like dealing with facts (unless they can change them). Obama's DoJ altered Orlando 911 evidence. What other evidence will they alter to achieve their goals?
alan k. wrote at 7:41 AM on Jun-21-2016:
STEVE V. wrote at 7:23 PM on Jun-13-2016:
STEVE V. wrote at 7:15 PM on Jun-13-2016:
STEVE V. wrote at 2:59 PM on Jun-13-2016:
log me in dammm
Joe M. wrote at 11:33 AM on May-23-2016:
Hi Larry, Just thought that I'd let you know that you have at least one fan in the UK. Love your show, between you & Ben Shapiro I've really had a lot of unfair characterizations of Republicans dispelled. Keep up the good work. Joe Salem.
Dan J. wrote at 12:21 PM on May-16-2016:
Larry, Great interview with Peter Kirsanow. Could it be that the liberal Congressional Black Caucus has no real desire to improve the unemployment rate in the black community by opposing illegal immigration? After all if blacks (or any minority) start to believe they can make it without the help of the government why would they continue to vote for Democrats?
Hector H. wrote at 10:04 PM on May-07-2016:
You are an example of unbiased common sense way of thinking in this new mad world. Keep up your relentless and bold form of expression. My wife and I just signed up to be Elderados. joining you in saving our country.
HARRY S. wrote at 3:48 PM on Apr-28-2016:
Hi Larry, I saw you on Shawn, Conservative and for Trump, Hannity's show 2 days ago. I timed it. He gave you 2 one minute spots at the very end of his show. I believe he is afraid of you. You would be an excellent replacement for him. When will Bill O'Reilly invite you on? Bill does not like to be challenged either. Please try and get a TV talk show!
Stephen S. wrote at 11:02 AM on Apr-28-2016:
Charlotte T. wrote at 1:15 PM on Apr-26-2016:
What movie does the beginning-of-the-week quote come from? "I don't understand what's come over you. I really don't. Clumsy, thieving, deceitful. You can leave." I wish there were a place on Larry's website that would give the origins of these bits of old movies. I'm glad he mentioned the Cheyenne Social Club the other day. I'm getting it from Amazon next time I order.
John G. wrote at 2:03 PM on Apr-05-2016:
Sorry to nitpick... but that's PDT (Pacific Daylight Time), not PST (Pacific Standard Time) ("The Larry Elder Show streams live every weekday from 3-6PM PST")
Alexander S. wrote at 1:36 AM on Apr-05-2016:
Congrats on going national. It brings us some hope that reason is not completely lost.
HARRY S. wrote at 1:35 PM on Mar-31-2016:
Hi Larry, I have seen you be cut off on TV shows time and time again. How do you stand it? You try to get your point across by speaking fast. But then the Host is overwhelmed and they just are not fast enough to understand and cut you off each time. Good Luck on your own new show on April 4th. It will be a great birthday gift for me. Next, please get a TV talk show!
HARRY S. wrote at 8:59 AM on Mar-31-2016:
Did you see the article regarding, "Lesson in hate for high schooler who criticized Black lives matter"? A 17 year old wrote an article contra to the Black Lives Matter group and was forced to leave school, received police escort, and still is receiving threats.
Dan J. wrote at 1:21 PM on Mar-23-2016:
When did the office of the President of the United States become a travel agency? Someone please explain to me why it is necessary for the entire Obama clan (including his mother-in-law), to tag along along with POTUS to Cuba and Argentina at the taxpayers expense? Guess it's not surprising considering King Barak's only real interest in the job for the last 7 years has been the perks that come with it.
Andrew S. wrote at 6:57 PM on Mar-19-2016:
Great job rebutting Robert Zimmerman "Democrats double standard playing the race card" on Judge Jeanine!
Dan J. wrote at 1:22 PM on Mar-09-2016:
Regarding Obama's profanity laced tirade directed at the media, an appropriate quote I once heard came to mind it goes something like this; "profanity is the work of a feeble mind trying to express itself forcibly". Pretty ironic that Obama has suddenly decided that he is being mistreated by the same media that played a huge role in getting him elected in the first place!
John D. wrote at 6:52 PM on Feb-25-2016:
Larry, There is contradictory information on the website. It simultaneously states that the show time is 12-2 pm pst and 3-6pm pst. It also states that the show (for members) will be accessible by 5pm for downloading. I have not found this to be the case. Please address these issues. Thank you

STAFF NOTE: On days that Larry does a special live broadcast from 9pm to 11pm PST. This time frame falls outside of the normal show hours and in the event that there is a special live broadcast that is not done from 12noon to 2pm -regular live show hours, there will be a delay on the podcast till sometime the following day.
Leon W. wrote at 10:08 PM on Feb-22-2016:
I grew up in the Fifties in a poor household, my parents shunned "handouts" but even so there wasn't much. No SCHIP, no medicaid, medicare, no EMT Cards, etc., etc.. No one died in the streets, no trucks came around in the morning and picked up the bodies. I beleive there were fewer people living on the streets based on per 100k of population than today. What up?
HARRY S. wrote at 9:19 AM on Feb-19-2016:
Joy Behar said "Souris" yesterday. That is a Yiddish word meaning problems, pain and anguish.
Carlos M. wrote at 9:53 PM on Feb-12-2016:
Hey Larry, just finished reading your book "Stupid Black Men" such a factual read especially chapters like Stupid Black Leaders, Education and Black Muslims in America. Keep up the good work my patriot brethren. May God Bless. Have a great weekend : )
alan k. wrote at 6:57 AM on Feb-09-2016:
One of the biggest horsecrap articles ever written by a so-called " conservative "
Stephen S. wrote at 9:13 PM on Jan-27-2016:
Larry, I think Ricky Ricardo might tell Chrissy Mathews he's got some "Splainin" to do !
alan k. wrote at 8:01 AM on Jan-06-2016:
Many See I.R.S. Penalties as More Affordable Than Insurance
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