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John K. wrote at 7:28 PM on Nov-14-2016:
Hi Larry, I lost many friends here in Los Angles during the election, they refuse to hear the truth and instead listen to liberal media. The few remaining friends I know who are Dem's watch the news and think it's terrible that Trump is president and should step down after they watch CNN and other liberal fake news. I keep trying to telling them it's fake but they don't believe me. The other day I found an ad on craigslist paying fifteen hundred dollars a week for Trump protestors. Without knowing me from Adam they offered me a job right on the spot to be a protester, no experience required, they would teach me chants, and even make the signs I would carry. This is I guess the democrat party idea of going high. If you turn on the fake news, MSNBC, CNN or other fake democratic TV you won't hear a word about it. I think we need to hear more about this and maybe you being the Sage One, you could perhaps give us some advice on what we can do to stop the fake press. Thanks, Johnny K.
MICHAEL K. wrote at 6:55 PM on Nov-09-2016:
Hi Larry,
I have listened to you for about a year and a half. I joined your sight today.
I was told to give you my strange story.
I am married to a wonderful Woman that happens to be a Victocrat. This came naturally to her, as, she is an Assistant Principal at an Elementary School here in Lancaster, Ohio. I am a General Contractor specializing in insurance restoration.
She and I are on POLAR opposites when it comes to government.
We decided to get her a hotel room for election night to keep from arguing over the outcome.
I talked to her on the phone this morning. She was not happy. I decided to cheer her up. I bought her flowers.
I picked out one dozen hybrid roses. They were red with yellow on the petal, as well. They had yellow flowers all around the roses. I had them delivered to her school. I addressed the card "Our Deepest Sympathy"! "Signed THE REPUBLICAN PARTY".
kevin k. wrote at 7:13 AM on Nov-08-2016:
First; Comey is just as corrupt as Lynch and the rest of the DOJ, they all are tied to the Clinton Foundation, including Comey's brother Peter, his law firm does all the tax work for the foundation and the Clinton's personal taxes, as reported by Breitbart back in Sept;

More Evidence;

2. More evidence that Comey is corrupt; The Foundation was being investigated in 2001, guess who gave Bill a free pass;

3. The first investigation was a complete sham, proof of this was exposed by Dr. Larry Kawa and Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, the FBI has all of Clinton's emails, INCLUDING the 33,000 she stated she deleted. The firm running Clinton's server, Platte River Networks, used a private firm to perform all the BACKUPS of the Clinton's servers since their inception, the firm is called DATTO Inc. Datto turned over their hardware back in Oct. of 2015 containing all of Clinton's servers backups, and according to FBI field agents sources the hardware is sitting in a room at the FBI UNTOUCHED per Comey's directive. Here is the link, and NO it's not Hillary's website it's Conservative activist Dr. Larry Kawa's site;

And why did Comey direct agents to destroy evidence, laptops of two of Clinton's aids? And why did Comey grant immunity to all of Clinton's aids and Platte River Network without receiving anything from them? And where did the two boxes of Clinton's emails disappear to after they closed the investigation? And now the FBI is stating they reviewed 650,000 emails in 8 days, do the math that equals reviewing 90,000 emails per day or 1 email per second. And as we know the first investigation time span was a year reviewing 50,000 emails.

Due to all the criminal evidence exposed on Weiner's laptop, and all those involved in the NYPD investigation, Comey was FORCED to reopen the Clinton investigation due to the severity of evidence found and all tied to the Clinton Foundation, evidence included; Sex Trafficking of minors, Money Laundering, Arms Sales to terrorist groups and foreign enemies, including ISIS and Boko Haram, who were taking off the terrorist watch list by none other than Hillary Clinton while she was SOS, Pay to play, Tax Evasion, and Classified Documents while Clinton was SOS. The big question is, how many of these CRIMINALS, from both parties involved in the Clinton Foundation will ever be held ACCOUNTABLE?? Or how much will ever be exposed to the public due to the corrupt MEDIA?? The politicization and corruption of the Democratic Party has now infected the top law enforcement office in the United States. The American people should be outraged beyond belief.
Dan J. wrote at 1:03 PM on Nov-07-2016:
So the justice department feels the need to warn Donald Trump that he may be engaging in voter intimidation when he warns voters to watch for irregularities at their polling places. Interesting that we didn't hear a word from the justice department prior to the 2012 election when members of the Black Panthers were openly engaging in voter intimidation. Just one more of many examples of the travesty that is the Obama Justice Department.
Jan B. wrote at 9:31 PM on Nov-01-2016:
Simple question - why do all these Washington D.C. hacks yell and scream about running out of social security? We never, ever hear anyone talking about running out of welfare, do we? OMG!!!!! As an aside, I tried to listen to last Friday's show, but something was wrong with the link. I'll check to see if it's been fixed! Keep on keepin' on! You ROCK!!!! goldeniii
Richard F. wrote at 12:18 PM on Oct-28-2016:
Hi Larry ~ I wish to bring up a matter that may be a little too delicate and touchy to discuss because you are now such a great, frequent guest on Hannity's show and I don't wish to see you be "uninvited" by Fox or Hannity. The subject is Megyn Kelly. NO TALK SHOW HOST OR MEDIA PERSON that I know of have exposed Megyn's utter hypocrisy about Trump's "Access Hollywood" remarks and her feigned shock and horror. I would like you and your Elderado faithful to go these two sites and see Megyn's interview in 2010 with Howard Stern and how she literally GIGGLED AND LAUGHED as he brought up crude, salacious sexual comments and she din't bat an eye, or look offended, or just get up and walk off the set like any real lady would have done. To me, Megyn is the ultimate hypocrite, as are all the rest of the media, who pretend Trump's remarks are so offensive. They have all heard this type of talk and more. They just lie about it. Larry, I know you believe in "telling the truth" just like you advised that mother yesterday about her daughter and her school, but please take the time to WATCH THE TAPED INTERVIEW WITH HOWARD STERN and see what a flaming hypocrite Kelly is. If you expose this on your show will you be invited on Hannity's show or not? Who knows, since he had made kissy kissy with her. If you can't/won't expose Kelly who can you get to do it? Here she wants $20 MILLION BUCKS/YEAR from Fox for new contract, and we all know she is still exhibiting that woman's time honored act of revenge against Trump for him blasting her after the first debate. SHE RICHLY DESERVED IT....and now I believe she is hellbent on burying Trump, while trying, at the same time, to look "fair and balanced"....what a joke. Here are the links, everyone go and see what I mean and you'll see Kelly is not who she portrays herself to be:
HARRY S. wrote at 11:10 AM on Oct-24-2016:
Did President Obama lie to the American people when he said he learned about Hilliary Clinton's private email through the news just like everyone else? The Press Secretary said of course he knew. He meant he did not know about the private server in the bathroom. One important fact for either statement from the White House to be true. Hilliary did not have a government email address! She refused to have one. So, the President did not have any other way to contact her by email. "other emails in the Podesta trove show Clinton aides' initial reaction to some of President Obama's first comments about Clinton using a personal email address for government business," "Suggest Philippe talk to [White House press officials]. They know POTUS and HRC emailed," per Fox News article.
Arthur S. wrote at 5:36 PM on Oct-20-2016:
Newly minted Elderado here. Many thanks to Dave Rubin for the introduction.
Jerome C. wrote at 5:59 AM on Oct-19-2016:
Hello, Larry. Several weeks ago a gentleman called in and began enumerating a litany of what most people call conspiracy theories. You were somewhat dismissive and asked, "who are THEY'. The THEY being the folks behind the conspiracies. Well, Larry, now you know who THEY are. After Wikileaks' DNC campaign revelations, the O'keefe videos, the collusion and coordination between the DOJ, FBI, White House and Clintons. Hillary backer Soros collapsing foreign governments per emails, his Open Society Foundation and Hillary's "dream" of an open boarder-less hemisphere are coincidences? Interesting. All the limits of plausibility have been erased. Maybe, just maybe, those folks at Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove aren't getting together just to have beer or two. Welcome to the REAL, Neo
Guillermo Q. wrote at 8:33 PM on Oct-10-2016:
Where can we watch the debate with Roland Martin in Inglewood?
Michael W. wrote at 4:13 PM on Sep-23-2016:
Larry! After discovering you on my drive home earlier this year, and finding out I agree with you on SO many issues, I became an Elderado so I could hear ALL the shows. HOWEVER, I think you, and other talk show hosts, have been unfairly critical to those of us who have been working hard to get where Ted Cruz got to today. I am #neverhillary, but the low character, lies, and shifting policies of Trump made me believe I could never vote for that either. I heard Rush quoted to say HRC was an auto weapon the the head, Trump more like Russian roulette (but you have to assume there are empty chambers, and I could not, so there was no difference). How do you choose which liar to believe? I had hoped the new Independent candidate would make a splash, but he has not. Not everyone, but some of us believe our choice to vote for a person with high morale character is more important than winning, That has to be Ok in our free country. And though I appreciated your perspective, and Thomas Sewells response your question made me think, it is Ted Cruz' integrity and perspective today that will likely move me to where you are. But don't bash a man who holds strong values. I'm not stupid (hey, I agree with much of what you say, I have to have some intelligence)I will hate to tell my kids I voted for Trump if it all turns out the same. But I'm finally getting
Karl G. wrote at 6:03 PM on Sep-14-2016:
A better version of the "unedited" video including Bill Clinton saying that the fainting spells happened "frequently" before he corrected himself. Note the at about 0.57 seconds into the video:
Karl G. wrote at 5:47 PM on Sep-14-2016:
I noticed that you are showing the CBS edited down version that aired. It should be noted that they edited out a "slip" by Bill Clinton where he first said the fainting happened "frequently". CBS said they edited out the 3 seconds that included the word "frequently" for time.

Below is the unedited version, that one word makes a big difference:
Jerome C. wrote at 10:53 AM on Sep-14-2016:
Hi, Larry. I've heard you mention Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson several times during your broadcasts. You've neither dismissed him nor out-rightly endorsed him. Please take a look at this YouTube vid and tell me what you think. Kind of disturbing stuff here. Jerome C.
Michael B. wrote at 10:22 PM on Sep-13-2016:

Best explanation I've heard why blacks hate President Reagan...
Dan J. wrote at 1:26 PM on Sep-12-2016:
Regarding Hillary's foreign policy statement, it sounds like she will run things exactly the way her husband did - stick a wet finger in the air and check which way the wind is blowing. Bill didn't make a decision about anything in 8 years that he didn't poll test to death first.
Rich W. wrote at 6:37 PM on Sep-05-2016:
Hello Larry, With all the talk about the Clinton email scandal, I have yet to hear the possibility that the server was setup so that it could be hacked by outsiders. Perhaps her staff only put certain things on the server, for those who paid to play, through the Clinton Foundation. I'm sure that not all the secrets were available, just some. The deceit runs so ramped in their camp, isn't anything possible?........just a thought. Rich W.
Stephen S. wrote at 9:01 AM on Sep-03-2016:
World War 2 survivor about Socialism,...gun control,...etc
Brandon G. wrote at 6:22 PM on Sep-02-2016:
Hey Larry,
love the show. I was watching narcos season 2 this evening and it struck me that if we could start offering some type of reward money for the shootings inside our city's this could help cut down on the the crime. Or at least destroy the "no snitch communities" just a thought. Looking forward to a response on Monday.
Dan J. wrote at 12:32 PM on Aug-29-2016:
So Colin Kaepernick wants to sit on the bench during the National Anthem, that's fine, its a view of the field he should probably get used to. I wonder if being demoted to second string is a form of oppression in his mind?
Eric K. wrote at 5:53 AM on Aug-25-2016:
Larry - I watched with great interest the way Good Morning America covered the epipen price gouging story. They were quick to point out how Heather Bresch (CEO of Mylan) is price gouging but when it came to her father Sen. Joe Manchin, they never said what party he was affiliated with. I told my wife, "If they aren't saying it, then I guarantee you he's a democrat". Sure enough ... In an interview with Yahoo News Bresch blamed Obamacare for the price increase. Didn't hear about that one either did you?
Michael M. wrote at 5:44 AM on Aug-03-2016:
Larry - Victicrat is a term you use everyday on your show and victicrats of all stripes are a serious problem plaguing our society. I saw a video article today that should put every victicrat to shame (I've linked it at the bottom). I seldom resort to hyperbole,'ve got to see this video. It will blow you away! If it doesn't, I owe you a piece of cheesecake!
Philip A. wrote at 9:21 PM on Jul-28-2016:
I give credit to Gloria Steinem for the last half of the slogan. I'm sure you remember...
Philip A. wrote at 8:54 PM on Jul-28-2016:
Hey Larry, I've been listening to your shows on and off for 20 years at least. I had the opportunity to see you in person at the Beverly Hills Hotel for a luncheon sponsored by the Wednesday Morning Club and Lionel Chetwinn. Jill Stewart was also a speaker. Wow! What a crowd. I'm pretty sure I was the only person to have a 1987 Dodge Grand Caravan valet parked! You are still talking about the same problems now. Don't you get discouraged? I have a bumper sticker suggestion. Like you, I am sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton being the "First Woman President". This slogan sums it up. "America needs a Hilary Clinton president like a fish needs a bicycle". Any profits from the bumper sticker I will split 50-50. I don't know how you keep on doing it, but keep up the crusade.
Priscilla B. wrote at 2:25 PM on Jul-21-2016:
The convention stressed freedom - so the platform should also include in the pro life affirmation that we will not impose our standard on pro choice women and affirm that they have the right to make choices for their own body also. Larry, you're there so can you convince the platform writers this should be included.
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