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Stephen S. wrote at 3:58 PM on Nov-23-2014:
Pg. 201, Thomas Sowell Reader, by Thomas Sowell " Law On Trial", deja vu for Ferguson Trial.
Jonathan B. wrote at 7:59 AM on Nov-19-2014:
On the Nov. 6, 2014 episode of the Larry Elder show, in the first hour, in resposnse to Andy Field commenting baout the meeting between Boehner and Obama, the Sage mentioned that Obama had said in early 2009 to the R's that the election was over and HE(Obama Won). Andy Field came right back at the 21:25 mark and said that Obama could not have said anything like that, and maybe it was Pelosi. Now only one day earlier Andy Field told the Sage's audience that he had been covering politics since the Reagan era. I guess that means that Andy Field MUST be a solid source of facts and knowledge, IMO. So it was in late Jan. 2009 right after Obama was sworn in, when discussing the $787B Stimulus plan, McCain was talking about waste in the Stimulus Bill and Obama said to McCain, "I won". this was reported by many news outlets and mostly by left leaning media because they liked that Obama was reminding the R's that "he won". Then at the Healthcare Summit, with Paul Ryan going through 2000 pages of data, McCain talked about all the special interests and unfairness in the proposed Obamacare bill and Obama told McCain, "The Election is over, stop the talking points." As the Sage said on the show soon after, there are plenty of news sites that reported on both the "I Won" statement, and there is plenty of video showing Obama telling McCain that the Election is over!" I hope that helps, 'nominal finance'
nominalfinance wrote at 4:36 PM on Nov-18-2014:
Jon B or Larry, which episode was Andy Field challenged by Larry on the "We won!" Obama remark? (I need to listen to that!) Larry, any chance you could replay it? like an encore?
Jonathan B. wrote at 5:31 PM on Nov-09-2014:
Bravo Larry for challenging and following up on Andy Field from ABC News about President Obama saying "We Won!" I remember exactly when it happened to Paul Ryan, and it was reported on by many news outlets, especially left leaning media because they loved the fact that President Obama said "WE Won!". Interesting how someone like Andy Field, who "has been in this business since Reagan" could say "I doubt Obama said that." Good for you to not let that 'misstatement' just linger out there. I love your show for many reasons, and one of them is that you challenge the constant double standard examples in the news and you also do not let your listeners forget about history and facts. Stay Strong Sage!
James A. wrote at 7:23 PM on Oct-20-2014:
Larry, why is it ok for the state to ask for id to buy a pack of smokes, but it is racist to ask for an id to vote? I was standing in line at a convenience store when the cashier asked the guy in front of me for id(the guy buying the smokes was probably 65 years old)... The world seems upside down right now...
HARRY S. wrote at 5:40 PM on Oct-17-2014:
Hi Larry, Here is Archie Bunkers view on Democrats:
kelli b. wrote at 11:45 PM on Oct-07-2014:
After listening to your conversation today with Alex stone about who is footing the bill for the Ebola patient in Dallas my curiosity got the best of me ... What I found was far beyond what I was expecting.
Nelson D. wrote at 11:41 AM on Sep-25-2014:
When it comes to anything having to do with cars, when have you ever known Leon to be wrong? Great show, close call. LIFE AIN'T KIND.
Scott A. wrote at 6:03 AM on Sep-16-2014:
The interview with Dr, M Zudhdi Jasser was excellent. His point of view is sane and appears to be accurate.
Minta M. wrote at 11:51 AM on Aug-30-2014:
Larry--today I heard a commercial for an online accredited education program for minor students called k12 dot com. I'm interested in what you and your researchers know or can learn about it.
Eddie M. wrote at 4:20 PM on Aug-19-2014:
I'd like to thank your mom and dad for having you. Your interview with Vin Scully today and the way you politely lectured the man called Robert yesterday shows what a class act you are. Only you could casually tell a racist hater that he needs to get over being a victim. One day I hope to meet you and I'll probably be too nervous to ask all the questions I have for you. Take care and keep up being the most consistent, reasonable, voice on radio.
alan k. wrote at 9:28 AM on Jul-29-2014:
How do you get to lead Hamas and BECOME A BILLIONAIRE??
D Jefferson H. wrote at 5:16 AM on Jul-25-2014:
Interesting, Mayor Valencia was aggravated that the "law" was not applied to the former mayor, but perfectly content that illegal aliens violate the law every day and are welcome in his town notwithstanding the burden on taxpayers. Hold their feet to the fire, Larry, we need you!
abby s. wrote at 1:25 PM on Jul-09-2014:
Hi, Larry! Some friends and I are planning to stage a protest in front of the federal bldg on Wilshire this Saturday to protest the border mess in particular and obama's policies in general. I would be grateful if you would notify your listeners and fellow Eldorados. It's going to take as many people as we can to get the government and liberal media to pay attention! If anyone would like additional information, they can email me at Thank you!
David A. wrote at 2:48 PM on Jul-08-2014:
Hey Larry, just wanted to tell you about another interesting debate I had at the gym yesterday. It involves the usual character that I've spoken about in the past. This person reached a new low in his victicrat based mentality. He made a statement saying that "soldiers & police officers were cowards". Usually I laugh off his ignorance but this time I felt compelled to respond. I asked him why he would say something that offensive? To which he had no logical answer. I said that I've had several family members who fought bravely in WW2 & Viet Nam. My uncle John Mack Jr. fought in North Africa in WW2 and my Uncle Pete Austin did two tours of combat duty with the101st Airborne in Viet Nam. My uncle Pete volunteered for his 2nd tour so his brother wouldn't have to go and fight as the military could not send two siblings at once into combat. I said to him, I find your foul statement to be very offensive and I'd appreciate it if you would refrain from saying it again. The whole "debate" then spiraled down to him saying to me that "I come off as being white". I asked, could you please elaborate? He said "it's the way you talk". I asked, how is it the way I talk? He said "it's just the way you talk". I asked, is it my use of proper grammar that rubs you the wrong way? I then said, I've dealt with guys like you many times in the past and what I find is that you are not comfortable with me being black but having a different point of view other than yours. When you run out of any intelligent response it always gets down to "you think your white". I told him, I can assure you I'm quite comfortable being black but, I think you are not comfortable with my comfort level of being black and having an opinion that is opposite yours. This person just kept responding like a petulant child just wanting to be right when he's clearly wrong. He accused me also of listening to you and Rush Limbaugh and watching FOX news. To which I said yes I most certainly do listen to Larry Elder, I don't watch FOX news simply because I don't have cable, and I don't listen to Rush because I'm usually busy in the morning. The level of conjecture and dogma that come's out of the mouths of some of these folks is astonishing!! Glad you are out there with facts and a intelligent point of view. Thank you!! Dave
nominalfinance wrote at 4:10 PM on Jun-20-2014:
You're way worse than a degenerate gambler when you're willing to risk UNLIMITED resources for a speculative, undefined benefit. Let's risk unlimited lives and money gambling whether a hellhole will democratize itself. Real great strategy. Real economic winner.
LJ C. wrote at 3:34 PM on Jun-13-2014:
Larry, I would argue the WMD issue in Iraq but there was a noteworthy terror (al qaeda) training camp in Salman Pak in Iraq.
LJ C. wrote at 3:26 PM on Jun-13-2014:
Larry, Shoebat just releasing info that the benghazi film maker was an agent of Holder's DOJ
Mike C. wrote at 4:49 PM on Jun-12-2014:
Larry, with all the hoopla about the attack on Benghazi. We seemed to have forgotten about the poor video maker who allegedly was the cause of the protest. WHY? What did he do wrong or against the law when he made the video...can you explain, can anybody explain or should I just yell out "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE???" Mike from Cerritos
Matthew A. wrote at 9:56 AM on Jun-06-2014:
Taliban threat to kill Bergdahl. Realize that if Bergdahl is killed or dies, Obama loses the "justification" to release the terrorists. Obama didn't act quickly to save Bergdahl; he acted precipitously (and illegally) so Bergdahl was still alive when he freed the Taliban leaders.
Matthew A. wrote at 8:54 AM on Jun-06-2014:
Taliban release. The real story is Obama's determination to release five Taliban terrorists. He had to know this would energize extremists, endanger Americans everywhere and deflate any global influence we have left. Obama also knew Bergdahl was a deserter and probably a traitor. So why was Obama compelled to release killers determined to kill us? Certainly not to get Bergdahl back, although that's the lie being told. Obama is either arrogant and ignorant or intentionally subversive. Ending a war (that will never end) is his stated goal, which includes releasing all Gitmo prisoners. He would rather keep his pledge to close Guantanamo than keep America and the world safe.
Dick D. wrote at 5:33 PM on Jun-03-2014:
The difference between Pfc/Sgt Bowe Bergdahl and Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi - The Taliban demanded the return of five high level leaders before they would release Bergdahl. Mexico, on the other hand, is demanding that we not return 12 million Mexicans before they will release Tahmooressi.
Stephen S. wrote at 7:57 AM on May-31-2014:
Larry, Title of Sterling`s new book : " The 3rd;..4th;....5th Billion Was The Easiest " ( play on T. Boone Pickens : " The First Billion Is The Hardest "
Coach J. wrote at 4:08 PM on May-20-2014:
How does Eric Holder rectify the fact that an overwhelming majority of public school teachers and administrators are liberal with his claim that minorities are expelled at a much higher rate than whites and therefore this is evidence of "institutional racism". Is he saying that his liberal teacher / administrator pals are racist? Maybe it's just the few conservative teachers or administrators (like me) that are expelling all of these kids. Eric Holder is clueless!
Stephen S. wrote at 11:04 AM on May-18-2014:
Sandy Koufax : "Show me a guy who can`t pitch inside and I`ll show you a Loser.".... Larry knows how to pitch inside, that`s another reason I vote for Larry for President of the World when the "SHTF" !! or Allen West or Sarah Palin; Mark Levin; Charles Payne; Mike Lee or the like ( Walter Williams & Thomas Sowell would probably decline.) I hope an EMP or other catastrophe never happens, but its possible, and then the "Preppers" & like won`t seem so crazy in hindsight.
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