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alan k. wrote at 3:14 PM on Apr-09-2014: Reagan Recovery Was Double the Obama 'Recovery'
Troy F. wrote at 10:30 AM on Apr-03-2014:
Larry, I thought that you would like to know that one of the first things Bill Clinton did in March of 1993 was sign the ban on privately-owned guns on military bases. I was serving in Somalia when he was nice enough that for us. Even considering the convoluted rules of engagement we had over there...
Stephen S. wrote at 3:38 PM on Mar-29-2014:
Larry, I thought you might like this,... there`s even Elvis stuff. If I don`t load this right, what it is is Chuck Berry Johnny Carson interview Youtube ( about 5 min )
Eddie M. wrote at 3:17 PM on Mar-28-2014:
Thanks Larry. We missed hearing you say "You've just heard the word". Please continue doing that.
alan k. wrote at 1:11 PM on Mar-27-2014:
Dean B. wrote at 4:40 PM on Mar-14-2014:
The radar transponder acts to reflect radar signals with a comment attached that includes a code and altitude information. Once beyond ground based radar range of about 125 miles because of the curvature of the earth there is no radar and therefore no transponder.
Bennett R. wrote at 6:01 PM on Mar-12-2014:
With regards to todays topic, I actually was able to call/speak to you! Yeah!! I was trying to be brief, but I think the Malaysian Airlines incident was Terrorism. I think the flight originated in a country that has more lax security than other countries. The reported circumstances of two stolen passports being used to buy two tickets, with cash, on one way flights to Europe is highly suspicious. What were these two even doing in Malaysia? Doesn't make sense. I think that they boarded in a country outside of the normal flight route with a connecting flight in China in order to escape further scrutiny. Furthermore, I believe that the two males might not have even known that they might have had an explosive device with them, ala Lockerbie. It could've been placed in the laptops that they reportedly carried. If one of these detonated near the cockpit, there would have been little electronic transmission from the aircraft. If in fact it was Iranian in origin, I don't think the Iranians, who have a close working relationship with China, would take credit. Additionally, I don't think it would have been detonated over the ocean, leading me to believe that it might have exploded prematurely. The fact that the plane had been underway and at altitude would lessen the probability of structure failure(as well as the strong safety record of the aircraft). I would love to be wrong, but I pretty much think that the most probable cause still points to terrorism.
Bennett R. wrote at 5:23 PM on Mar-12-2014:
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Rochelle S. wrote at 6:24 PM on Mar-11-2014:
Larry, Yesterday (3/10) you talked about Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security being "Entitlement" programs. Medicaid is a welfare program. Recipients have paid nothing into to receive benefits. Like welfare. Or, food stamps. You just sign up. Medicar and Social Security are paid for (quite substantially) by the ultimate recipients (i.e. people of retirement age). They are receiving nothing for free. I paid over 17% of my gross income into these programs for many years as a self-employed person. As an employee, I paid half and my employer paid half. So it's irritating when people discuss these programs as though the recipients were greedy deadbeats. There are ways to make the program viable, including means testing and paying attention to fraud and abuse. One important point. When SOCIAL WAS FIRST INTRODUCED, all contributions were to be placed in the separate TRUST. Along came Lyndon Johnson and his GREAT SOCIETY PROGRAM. Lo and behold he decided to take ALL social security money and put it in the general fund. He spent the excess on his great society to eradicate poverty. You'll notice he didn't do that, he just created more poverty. If the monies had been kept in trust, with the excess invested, as intended, the Social Security program might be rolling in dough today.It is an outrage that people who helped other generations with payments are now made to feel like moochers and leeches. Please correct this perception. It's eating me up I'm so angry. Thank you. Rochelle Sollish P.S. if you like to see what I do go to No welfare for this old broad. I'll work and pay my own way until they put me in the drawer (yeah, no undergroud for me.)
HARRY S. wrote at 3:00 PM on Mar-03-2014:
The Democrat Party new talking point is the Republicans are the problem for Obamacare not working. Those Republicans, who voted in mass, 100% against ACA, aren't coming forward with a plan to fix it! Yet when the House Republicans came forward with actual 40 bills to suspend parts of the ACA, the Democrats, like Harry Reid blamed Republicans for wanting to "shut down the government". Only to subsequantly have President (I never lie) Obama suspend the mandate for businesses by two years. Now the Democrat Party say it is the Republicans, in the states who did not want Obamacare, fault. However, if you go to the states with Democratic controlled Governors and State Houses, the ACA is failing there too. How has Oregan's Website been working lately? We must be living in Alice In Wonderland. What is the old adage, "If you say the lie over and over, the pleads will eventually believe it." Just one question, where is the Democrat Party Plan to fix Obamacare? Oh ya, there is none. Why not? Because then the Democrats would have to get some Republican Support. But as Harry Reid keeps telling us, all those complaints by (the smelly tourist) are just all "lies". And Obama, well when has he really tried to work with the Republicans?
Daniel N. wrote at 11:41 PM on Feb-23-2014:
Mr. Elder (SAGE) you call it > CNN to pull plug on Piers Morgan show
Dick D. wrote at 5:00 PM on Feb-18-2014:
Minimum wage increases cause inflation. Period! There are some that will debate whether or not the poor will come out ahead (if they don't lose their job) in the short or long term. BUT when there is inflation, seniors and others on a fixed income ALWAYS lose!!! The phony "living wage" hype does not come close to offsetting the severe harm this will cause Seniors. Why isn't AARP marching on the White House to stop this huge, inflationary, increase in the minimum wage?!?!?!
Rick B. wrote at 5:57 PM on Feb-16-2014:
Sportsmanship moment in the Olympics, check out THIS moment in a college softball game ....
HARRY S. wrote at 11:31 AM on Feb-14-2014:
While the Republicans winning the Senate back by attaining 51 votes, won't end filibusters, they then do gain Chairperson-ship of all Committees and majorities on all committees that have Subpoena powers and most importantly, with the House Majority, it only takes 51 votes to Impeach the President. Is there a President in office who has exceeded his authority and failed to faithfully execute the laws of the United States? You decide.
Rick B. wrote at 10:14 PM on Feb-12-2014:
Larry, I just saw your father's youngest brother, his name is Elbert Guillory, a state senator from Louisiana, either that or your father is living inside this guy,
Rick B. wrote at 9:27 PM on Feb-05-2014:
Check out Trey Gowdy's odd (excellent) press conference;
Jaime l. wrote at 5:27 PM on Jan-31-2014:
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Mark L. wrote at 4:03 AM on Jan-31-2014:
Hi Larry - read this thought of the day and had to share because it gave light into the behavior of so many of the left in congress.

I don't trust a man who uses the word evil eighteen times in ten minutes. If you're half evil, nothing soothes you more than to think the person you are opposed to is totally evil. -Norman Mailer, author (1923-2007)
Stephen S. wrote at 8:59 PM on Jan-29-2014:
1/29/68, Hill 471 Khe Sanh Viet Nam, Michael Thomas Mahoney, Green Beret, volunteered for rescue mission, they were ambushed & heavily outnumbered by NVA, Tommy & others fought back valiantly, Tommy was last seen he had fashioned a crutch for his wounded leg, he never gave up, its reported the enemy captured & tortured him. When what was supposedly his remains were returned of Tommy my wife`s cousin (my wife was only 8 yrs old ),she said that was the only time she ever saw her Dad cry. R.I.P. Tommy & all the other Heroes.
Richard F. wrote at 2:12 PM on Jan-18-2014:
I'm not sure where else to write this since I'm a new Eldorado, but I've started a fan site on Facebook to promote getting Larry on Fox News more either as a contributor or getting his own show. In briefly speaking with Larry, I learned that he has had a desire for a long time to be a part of the Fox News family, however Fox President Roger Ailes hasn't seen the light yet. I'm hoping this website might assist in that endeavor. Here is the web address: I would encourage all Eldorados to go to the page and "Like" it or share comments as to why you believe Larry Elder would be a breath of fresh air on the Fox Channel, and share it with all your Facebook friends and fellow Eldorados. Is this thing on?
Rick B. wrote at 10:06 PM on Jan-16-2014:
Eric Garcetti (EG) visits a LAUSD warehouse to see the manager (M); EG: According to my data you must have 16 African Americans working in the warehouse. M: Let me call my warehouse supervisor .... Lou, how many blacks do we have working there ..... no, don't count the Cuban guy .... Bilal? The Jamaican ? Where was he born ? No, no, only the African AMERICANS ... nineteen ?? Hmmmm .... ok, fire 3 of them .... M: Is that satisfactory, Mr. Garcetti ?
Michael F. wrote at 3:41 AM on Dec-14-2013:
Larry, I was listening to you and Leo making such a big deal about the officer putting on his gloves and saying "I'm going to 'f' you up." I'd bet money that will be explained away. Officers are trained to use harsh language to gain compliance instead of resorting to violence right away. If I am a cop and I pull out my baton and say, "get on the ground or I'll 'f' you up," and he complies, mission accomplished. The specific intent is compliance, not a beat down.
HARRY S. wrote at 3:20 PM on Nov-18-2013:
Larry just now you said Nancy P. and the Bush Administration. You meant Oboma Before that you said Insurance gave more to Democrats. You meant Republicans The back office needs to listen to you.
Wesley P. wrote at 5:57 PM on Nov-12-2013:
That was no "small cabal" that got together to impeach Clinton - it was the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Just ask Hillary and the Mainscreamers.
Greg M. wrote at 5:39 PM on Oct-29-2013:
Why are Dems so worried about low income people being able to get a "voter ID" but have no problem expecting them to be able to have Internet access to sign up for Obama Care?
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