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Jenny Beth Martin Interview - October 15, 2014
President & Co-Founder of Tea Party Patriots Re: Documentary, "Border States Of America"
Dr. Benjamin Carson Interview - October 15, 2014
Md Re: Book signing at the Nixon Library on Sunday 10/19 at 10am - also one vote - get a million people to pledge to make their voice heard
Dr. Marcy Zwelling Interview - October 15, 2014
Concierge Medicine Practitioner Re: 2nd Health Worker in Dallas who treated Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan is diagnosed with disease
Dr. Jeffrey Bennet Interview - October 14, 2014
Author & Astrophysicist Re: UFO's the search for microbial life and extraterrestrial intelligence
Dr. Carol Lieberman Interview - October 14, 2014
Psychiatrist who studies mental health epidemiology re: ebola breach
Lowell Galloway Interview - October 14, 2014
Professor of economics at Ohio University Re: Raising the minimum wage, would it help or hurt L.A.?
Dr. Marcy Zwelling Interview - October 13, 2014
Concierge Medicine Practioner Re: Dallas nurse who treated Ebola patient is diagnosed with disease
Alex Stone Interview - October 13, 2014
ABC News Correspondent Re: nurses across the country claim their hospitals are not ready to handle Ebola
Aija Mayrock Interview - October 10, 2014
Author, Actress, Activist Re: Book" The Survival Guide to Bullying"
Royal Oakes Interview - October 10, 2014
ABC Legal Analyst Re: Stephen Collins and allow ability of secretly taped confession by estranged wife?
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