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Gloria Allred Interview - September 29, 2014
Lawyer Re: Sent Letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and wanted a reply by today from the NFL...She held a press conference earlier today.
Dan Morain Interview - September 29, 2014
Editorial Page Editor for The Sacramento Bee Newspaper Re: Article, "Lurid Tale of Drugs, Death and Nepotism Further Stains Senate."
Eric Schiffer Interview - September 26, 2014
Chairman & CEO of Patriarch Equity & Re: human beings will have "digital twins" that will make decisions for us
Jim Dunn Interview - September 26, 2014
Owner/President & Chief Operating Officer of Airtel Plaza Hotel Re: LA City Council Votes for minimum wage hike to $15.37 at big hotels
Christopher Thornberg Interview - September 25, 2014
Beacon Economics produced one of the studies for the council, titled, "Los Angeles Hotel Living Wage Ordinance Questionnaire"
Helene Elliott Interview - September 18, 2014
Sports Columnist Re: NFL Vs. NHL issues of domestic abuse
Ian Skone-Rees Interview - September 18, 2014
President of the Saint Andrew's Society of L.A. Re: Scottish Independence Referendum
Royal Oakes Interview - September 18, 2014
ABC News Legal Analyst Re: Darren Wilson, Ferguson Missouri police office testifies in front of grand jury without his lawyer
Andy Field Interview - September 18, 2014
ABC News Correspondent, Washington Re: Senate to Vote on ISIS issue
Gary L. Toebben Interview - September 17, 2014
Pres. & CEO of the LA Area Chamber of Commerce
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