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Dinesh D'Souza Interview - July 22, 2014
Best selling author & filmmaker re: film, "America - Imagine the World without Her"
Michael Cannon Interview - July 22, 2014
Director of Health Policy Studies, the Cato Institute
Re: Challenged what the administration is doing with Obamacare and subsidies (congress vs. state exchanges)
Gloria Allred Interview - July 22, 2014
Attorney Re: rape & sexual assault survivors who sued the University of Connecticut and convicted rapist, Alvin Ray quarles going to mental hospital rather than go to trial
Peter Morici Interview - July 22, 2014
Professor & Macroeconomist at the Robert H. Smith School of Business Re: "Malaysia Flight 17 & The Decline of the West"
James Woods Interview - July 22, 2014
Memories of recently deceased actor
William Mccullough Interview - July 18, 2014
President & Co-Founder of Samson Hair Restoration Re: hair transplants or hairpieces - Ben Affleck and other celebrities
Nick Schifrin Interview - July 18, 2014
Jerusalem Correspondent for Al Jazeera Re: Israel and Hamas
Phyllis Schlafly Interview - July 18, 2014
Constitutional Lawyer Re: Border Crisis
Ted Hayes Interview - July 17, 2014
Homeless Activist & Chair Of "Choose Black America" Re: Myor Garcetti convenes with non-profits to shelter undocumented children in Los Angeles
Peter Kirsanow Interview - July 17, 2014
Partner & Attorney Benesch Labor & employment practice group Re: Immigration and Amnesty and the harm it causes to skilled African Americans
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