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Nick Schifrin Interview - July 31, 2014
Jerusalem Correspondent for Al Jazeera America Re: Israel/Gaza Flashpoint - death toll mounting
Royal Oakes Interview - July 30, 2014
ABC News Legal Analyst Re: McDonald's ruling could open door for unions
Dr. Marcy Zwelling Interview - July 30, 2014
Concierge Medicine Practitinoer Re: Ebola Virus
Jim Roope Interview - July 30, 2014
KABC News Reporter Re: water trunkline break on Sunset Boulevard
Lawrence Kudlow Interview - July 30, 2014
Economoist & Founder & CEO of Kudlow & Co. Re: What if Obama defended American business"
Gary Kleck Interview - July 29, 2014
National Authority on violence & gun control laws Re: How often do Americans use firearms every year to defend themselves
Jim Roope Interview - July 28, 2014
KABC News Reporter Topic: Donald & Shelly Sterling Trial Re: Did Shelly act appropriately and with full authority of a family trust when she negotiated the proposed $2b sale of the Clippers.
Arash Markazi Interview - July 28, 2014
Columnist for Re: Sports Update
McKay Thomas Interview - July 24, 2014
CEO of First Opinion - Matches users with personal doctors & Andrea Johnson = delivered baby with First Opinion App
Enrique Valencia Interview - July 24, 2014
City of Bell Mayor Nestor Enrique Valencia Re: Former Mayor sentenced to home confinement and not the 4 years in prison and city of Bell letter of support to open a shelter to house 150 immigrant children who have crossed the border
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