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Dear Father, Dear Son
Two Lives...Eight Hours
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Author: Larry Elder
Publisher: WND Books
Published: Nov 13, 2012
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A man's relationship with his father -- every boy, every man lucky enough to have a father in his life has to figure that out.

My own father?

I thought I knew him -- even though he seldom talked about himself. And what I knew I hated -- really, really hated. Cold, ill-tempered, thin-skinned, my father always seemed on the brink of erupting. Scared to death of him, I kept telling myself to find the courage to "stand up to him." When I was fifteen, I did. We did not speak to each other for ten years.

And then we did -- for eight hours.

Dear Father, Dear Son takes a journey of American history through the eyes of a father -- from his dirt-poor Jim Crow Southern childhood, to the segregated Marine Corp. of World War II, to a janitor turned California businessman. Hard memories.

One man discovered a son he never really knew. And the son found a man, a friend, a father who had really been there all along.

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Customer Reviews 
  February 05, 2013
By: margaret p. (HUNTINGTN BCH, CA)
FANTASTIC BOOK!!!!!!!It made me cry,laugh and made me remember my own father seeing the similarities. Thank you,Larry.You just confirmed just how important Fathers are. True listener, Margaret Pappano
  December 18, 2012
It was a wonderful story. I couldn't put it down. I read the whole book in about five hours. I am amazed how Larry's father succeeded against such adversity. Where did he get such determination? He really worked hard and sacrificed for his family. It reminds me somewhat of my own father. He was from a large, poor family. He was the oldest son and left school in the eleventh grade to go to work to help the family financially. Later, when he was married, he went to trade school and became an auto mechanic. He also had a strong work ethic. I never remember my father taking a day off work, except for vacations. He was a very stoic man and was not outwardly affectionate. I believe he showed his love by making sure we had everything we needed. I think this book also shows how a person can overcome a "bad" childhood and succeed in life. Larry obviously overcame his difficult childhood. What motivated him? I would like to read a book about how Larry became a successful lawyer and talk show host.
  December 10, 2012
By: David R. (LAKE BALBOA, CA)
Great Book! If you are a fan of Larry you will love this book and the stories that are presented (I could not put the book down). Even if you are not a fan of Larry, this book will make you think about your relationships with your parents. Not a political book, just a wonderful story.
  December 07, 2012
By: santosh m. (HUNTINGTN BCH, CA)
in some ways this is a brief history of America's racial past. Larry's dad was a man of steel. he just didn't know as to how to reveal his tender interior. he had a very affectionate in his own way relationship with his wife. Larry's talk contrasting his dad and gov. Wallace was instructive as to how Larry inherited his dad's philosophy re. life. Larry is a liberated man not hanging onto the color of his skin rather than in a journey to solidify the content of his character. Morley Shaffer of course did not see it that way.
  December 05, 2012
By: Rick S. (VALENCIA, CA)
Great book. I read it in only a few sittings. It was very easy to read, and inspirational. My own dad died quite some time ago, but the book reminded me, that although my dad was far from perfect, he raised me, and in fact legally adopted blood father had vanished when I was one, never to be seen again. My dad wasn't touchy feely, he drank too much, and we had our share of misunderstandings. But we began to become closer as the years went by. It wasn't till near the end of his life, when, after telling him for the first time that I loved him, that he said he loved me, too. This book is a very important reminder to anyone who reads it of the importance of fathers in men's lives, and the importance of reaching out, and forgiving. For anyone wanting to give a Christmas gift to someone you love, give them this book.
  November 30, 2012
By: Antoinette C. (BUENA PARK, CA)
Long time listener. Really loved it ! It was a page turner. Was too short of a story, didn't want it to end. I wanted to know more about his Father's young life, what he went through. I got to see another side of Larry Elder as the peacemaker in his family. Got to know the man who helped shape Larry Elder. Looking forward to Larry's next book.
  November 30, 2012
I laughed and I cried throughout every page of this rich, delicious read. And then when it was over I cried even harder.
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