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News to Know

Alan Dershowitz: Today is a ‘very dangerous day for lawyer-client relations’

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz warned Monday that special counsel Robert Mueller’s decision to raid President Trump’s personal lawyer’s office is an assault on the privileged lawyer-client relationship.

Dershowitz said on Fox News that he believes the decision to raid Michael Cohen’s office would be a sign that Mueller is trying to turn Cohen against Trump.

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The GOP tax plan means short-term gains for the economy, but federal debt is primed to explode, CBO analysis says

The Congressional Budget Office forecast that the new tax law will generate an average of 0.7 percent growth over the decade and create 1.1 million jobs.
However, larger budget deficits would crowd out private investment in later years, dampening economic growth.
As a result, the CBO estimated the cumulative deficit over the next decade will be $1.6 trillion larger than previously projected. By 2028, the national debt would total 96 percent of GDP.

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Trump furious after FBI seizes documents from his lawyer

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal agents on Monday raided the office of President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, seizing records on topics including a $130,000 payment made to porn actress Stormy Daniels.

A furious Trump, who in the last month has escalated his attacks on Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, said from the White House that it was a “disgrace” that the FBI “broke into” his lawyer’s office. He called Mueller’s investigation “an attack on our country,” prompting new speculation that he might seek the removal of the Justice Department’s special counsel.

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Iran Threatens to Restart Nuke Enrichment Program in Matter of Days

Iranian leaders are threatening to restart the country’s contested nuclear enrichment program in just a matter of days as the Trump administration and European allies scramble to address a range of flaws in the landmark nuclear accord ahead of a May deadline that could see the United States walk away from the accord, according to regional reports and administration insiders.

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Former Cosby Show actress launches topless protest at Bill Cosby’s sexual assault retrial as she charges at disgraced actor with the word ‘rapist’ and names of his alleged victims written on her body

Bill Cosby was accosted by a topless woman while arriving in court on Monday morning.

The woman, who has been identified as Nicolle Rochelle of Little Neck, New Jersey, jumped over a barricade and ran at the disgraced actor while he was making his way from his car into the courthouse.

Rochelle, 38, appeared on The Cosby Show as a child, appearing in four episodes of the popular sitcom as Danielle, a friend of Rudy Huxtable (played by Keshia Knight Pulliam).

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Zuckerberg to face angry lawmakers as Facebook firestorm rages

Amid a raft of inquiries of data breaches and hacking, the social media giant’s CEO will be grilled by US lawmakers seeking new regulations for his sprawling platform

WASHINGTON (AFP) — Amid a firestorm over Facebook’s data privacy scandal, Mark Zuckerberg appears before US lawmakers this week with mounting pressure for new regulations for social media platforms.

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BOTS HAVE BECOME a great scourge of the internet. Recently, they’ve flooded government comment systems with fake activism, distorted the national discourse on guns, and launched malicious attacks against the Justice Department. And a new study suggests they’re behind the majority of links shared on Twitter, too.

A Pew Research report released Monday finds that a whole two-thirds of links to popular sites shared on Twitter come from automated accounts. But these aren’t just those malicious Russian bots posing as the uncannily angry and active boy next door. They also include legitimate accounts belonging to organizations that schedule tweets through some kind of automated service. What’s more, the study finds, the majority of these accounts are not as politically polarized as headlines might make them out to be, nor do they primarily link to hyper-partisan websites. In fact, some of the websites receiving the largest share of links from bots are mainstream business outlets. Oh, and porn.

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Porn star Nikki Benz is suing porn studio Brazzers for a sexual assault she claims to have suffered at the hands of a director.

Benz first went public with the allegation in 2016, claiming Tony T. had choked her and stomped her head while shooting a XXX scene. In a new lawsuit, Nikki adds much more graphic detail about the alleged violence … claiming she was hit so hard in the face, head and breasts she ended up bleeding.

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CBS execs are freaking out over looming Charlie Rose exposé

CBS has been using NDAs to try to suppress potential sources for an upcoming exposé about Charlie Rose’s sexual misconduct. And top network execs who worked on Rose’s shows are panicking that they’ll be accused of turning a blind eye to his sexual misconduct.

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Kremlin aide: Russia’s centuries-long romance with West over

President Vladimir Putin’s adviser says Russia has abandoned the hope of integrating into the West and is bracing for a new era of “geopolitical loneliness.”.

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia has abandoned its centuries-long aspirations of integrating into the West and is bracing for a new era of “geopolitical loneliness,” a top adviser to President Vladimir Putin warned in a magazine article released Monday.

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News is entertainment and entertainment is news

The United Nations described it as a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing,” the military offensive that led to the exodus of Rohingya Muslims in the Myanmar province of Rakhine. Almost a half-million men, women and children have fled persecution or death in the region over the past year, crossing the border to Bangladesh, or climbing into small boats for the trip to Thailand and Malaysia. One refugee called the slaughter in Rakhine “house-to-house killing.”

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