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News to Know

Judge blocks new Trump Travel Ban

Federal law gives the president broad authority over immigration. Jimmy Carter used it to deny some Iranians entry to the U.S. during the hostage crisis, Ronald Reagan to bar Cubans who didn’t already have relatives here and President Obama to keep out North Korean officials.

So why does President Donald Trump keep running into legal trouble with his efforts to freeze immigration by refugees and citizens of some predominantly Muslim nations?

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Meet the ‘RoboThespian’ – the robot playing a leading role alongside real actors in British theatre

Theatres around the country are preparing to welcome a somewhat different cast member to their stages – a humanoid robot.

‘Spillikin’ features a ‘RoboThespian’ who talks, displays facial expressions, blinks, moves its hands, turns its head, and has even been described as “affectionate”.

The play, starring Judy Norman, tells a story about a robot maker who builds a robot to keep his wife company after he dies.

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Ferguson Police: Officer who suffered broken nose during protests returns to work

The police officer who was injured during protests in Ferguson Sunday has returned to work.

The officer, 24, was assaulted as demonstrators gathered outside the Ferguson Market on West Florissant Avenue.

The St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office charged Alecia Rhone, 25, of St. Ann with third degree assault and resisting/interfering with an arrest, both felonies.

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Did Your Yoga Pants Cause Sea Pollution?

Comfortable clothes are emerging as a source of plastic that’s increasingly ending up in the oceans and potentially contaminating seafood, according to Gulf Coast researchers launching a two-year study of microscopic plastics in the waters from south Texas to the Florida Keys.

The project , led by the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, will rely partly on volunteers participating in coastal cleanup events. It also will expand a year’s worth of data collected around the state of Florida that predominantly found microfibers — shreds of plastic even smaller than microbeads flowing down bathroom sinks and shower drains.

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CEOs Are Upbeat About The Economy – This Is A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

A general truism about the economy is that major productivity improvements, major technological changes, even major employment growth, do not come from extant large companies. Those three things, that is the basics of the long term development of the economy, come from large firms dying and small firms growing. However, in the shorter term the business cycle, what we might call the macroeconomy, does indeed depend upon those large and already existing firms. And strange to say it but the CEOs of those large companies make one heck of a difference to what happens in that short term to that macroeconomy and the business cycle.

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American workers hit 10-year high for drug use: survey

More than 70% of U.S. employers are dealing with the direct impact of prescription drug misuse in their workplaces, according to a new survey of more than 500 companies with 50 or more employees released by the National Safety Council, a nonprofit and nongovernmental agency promoting safety in the workplace. The survey, billed as the first of its kind in the U.S., also found that although a similar percentage of employers agree that prescription drug misuse is a disease that requires treatment, 65% feel it is a justifiable reason to fire an employee.

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Cuban migrants in Mexico claim abuse by authorities

A group of Cuban migrants detained in the southern Mexico city of Tapachula have accused authorities of beating and mistreating them after they staged a hunger strike — some by sewing their lips together — to demand their release.

The Quadratín news agency reported that the Cubans filed a formal complaint against officials of the state of Chiapas’ Public Security Department and the National Migration Institute following the alleged incidents last week at the Siglo XXI immigrant detention center. According to several reports, the Cubans refused to return to their cells during a hunger strike to demand their release.

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Pro-Trump radio host Michael Savage claims he was attacked

A conservative radio host whom President Donald Trump has credited with being instrumental to his upset victory claims he was assaulted outside a California restaurant Tuesday night.

Michael Savage, the 74-year-old host of the nationally syndicated talk radio show Savage Nation, was dining solo at Servino Ristorante in Tiburon, with his toy poodle, Teddy, keeping him company, when another patron allegedly began taunting him by saying, ‘weener, weener.’

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Google’s DeepMind AI learns like a human to overcome ‘catastrophic forgetting’

Forgetfulness is a major flaw in artificial intelligence, but researchers have just had a breakthrough in getting ‘thinking’ computer systems to remember.

Taking inspiration from neuroscience-based theories, Google’s DeepMind researchers have developed an AI that learns like a human.

Deep neural networks, computer systems modelled on the human brain and nervous system, forget skills and knowledge they have learnt in the past when presented with a new task, known as ‘catastrophic forgetting’.

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Trump blasts court ruling blocking revised travel order

President Trump on Wednesday slammed a court ruling blocking his revised travel ban as “an unprecedented judicial overreach.”

Speaking at a rally in Nashville, Tenn., Trump called the ruling “terrible” and pledged to take the legal fight all the way to the nation’s highest court.

“We’re going to take our case as far as it needs to go, including all the way up to the Supreme Court,” Trump said.

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Report: Millions to forgo healthcare insurance once government stops penalizing them for it

A budget estimate of the House GOP’s health bill has found that millions of Americans insured through Obamacare’s exchanges would opt out of purchasing coverage once the federal government stops penalizing them for doing so.

The report from the Congressional Budget Office also predicts that the legislation would price millions of presently covered individuals out of the market as a result of low-cost, low-risk individuals forgoing insurance. Such people help suppress the premiums of typically older and sicker individuals, and moderate overall costs.

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GOP’s Obamacare replacement plan breaks Trump’s campaign vows

President Trump vowed to have health care coverage for everybody, to cut costs and to leave Medicaid alone during his historic romp to the White House, but the Republican health care plan he has endorsed would flout each of those promises.

The Congressional Budget Office says 24 million fewer people will hold insurance a decade from now under the Republican bill. More than half of those would be driven off Medicaid as a result of spending caps Republicans would impose. Meanwhile, rates would increase for older Americans.

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