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News to Know

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has a message for ‘the resistance’

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch made a brief video which Senate Democrats published on their Facebook page last Tuesday. In the video, Lynch says that American’s rights are being “trampled on” and recalls past marches in which people bled and died are a model for how to respond now.

Lynch doesn’t mention President Trump by name but it’s clear that’s who she has in mind. “I know that this is a time of great fear and uncertainty for so many people.

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Muslim arrested for child rape was in U.S. on a visa from Chuck Schumer

Tanveer Hussain was initially denied a visa to enter the United States and compete in the World Snowshoe Championships. After he publicly appealed for help to enter the country, however, Village Mayor Clyde Rabideau asked New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand for help. The senators contacted the embassy in India, who had denied the application because of a lack of ties to his home country. Hussain was allowed to reapply for a visa, and it was granted.

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“The Reality Is, Half Of Americans Can’t Afford To Write A $500 Check”

The CEO of Assurant appeared on Bloomberg TV to explain why demand for his services is likely to increase: the chief executive of the mobile phone insurer said he expects a surge in demand as carriers charge customers more to replace their devices. “If you think back five years ago, you as a consumer didn’t know how much that phone cost, you thought it was free or close to free,” Assurant’s Alan Colberg said Monday. “Now you’re paying $600, that’s a lot. So we’ve actually seen the attachment rate, or the number of people buying the product, going up a little bit in the last couple of years.”

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Americans Give Up Citizenship at Record Rates, No Tax Relief in Sight

When Donald Trump became President, many people thought the election would bring about long-awaited U.S. tax reform in the United States.

But not everyone.

According to federal government records, a record 5,409 Americans renounced their citizenships in the year 2016, including a whopping 2,364 in the final quarter of the year alone. That’s a more than 26% increase from the 4,279 who handed in their passports in 2015.

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Self-driving bus with no back-up driver nears California street

A pair of $250,000 autonomous buses began driving around an empty San Francisco Bay Area parking lot on Monday, preparing to move onto a local public road in California’s first pilot program for a self-driving vehicle without steering wheel or human operator.

California and other states are weighing the opportunities of becoming a hub of testing a technology that is seen as the future of transportation and the risks from giving up active control of a large, potentially dangerous vehicle.

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China to develop satellite-delivery rockets released from airplanes

China will develop a new generation of rockets launched from aircraft that can put satellites into space, according to Li Tongyu, the head of carrier rocket development at the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology.

Air-launched rockets can rapidly replace dysfunctional satellites or, in cases of disaster relief, quickly send up Earth observation satellites to assist in the effort, Li said.

Designers at the academy, which is the main developer of Chinese carrier rockets, have designed a model capable of sending a payload of about 100 kilograms into low Earth orbit and are ready to produce one if the government asks, he said.

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Dutch Populist Wilders Feels Trump Burn With Slide in Polls

Dutch populist Geert Wilders may have Donald Trump to blame for the slide in his popularity — at least in some part.

While Wilders’s anti-Islam, anti-European Union Freedom Party, known as PVV in Dutch, has been ahead of Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s Liberals for much of the campaign, recent polls show that lead evaporating. A poll published Sunday showed the Freedom Party would get 25 seats in the 150-seat parliament, down from 29 a week ago, narrowing its lead over the Liberals to one seat. The latest LISS Panel poll puts the Liberals ahead of the Freedom Party. Wilders had a lead of as many as 12 seats at the start of the year.

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Knowing surveillance system detects gun fire all across America

Are those lamps on your local streets detecting when guns are fired? American cities are being upgraded to pinpoint shooters and help police fight gun violence.

Like something out of the futuristic policing TV show “APB,” new tech can locate the exact position where a gun is fired and report it immediately to law.

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WikiLeaks publishes huge trove of CIA spying documents in ‘Vault 7’ release

The files are the most comprehensive release of US spying files ever made public, according to Julian Assange. In all, there are 8,761 documents that account for “the entire hacking capacity of the CIA”, Mr Assange claimed in a release, and the trove is just the first of a series of “Vault 7” leaks.

Already, the files include far more pages than the Snowden files that exposed the vast hacking power of the NSA and other agencies.

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Lawmakers call on U.S. Marines to investigate nude photo network

Senior U.S. lawmakers on Sunday condemned the suspected distribution of nude photographs of female Marines to military personnel and veterans via a social media network that promotes sexual violence, and called on the Marine Corps to fully investigate.

The Marine Corps Times, an independent newspaper focusing on issues involving the service, published an internal Marine Corps communications document with talking points about the issue, describing the social media network as a closed Facebook group with about 30,000 members. The network solicited nude photos of female service members, some of whom had their name, rank and duty station listed, the newspaper reported.

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Conservatives pan House Obamacare repeal bill as Welfare

A handful of House conservatives on Monday evening criticized GOP leadership’s newly released Obamacare replacement bill, foreshadowing trouble for the repeal effort even after leaders tried to assuage the far-right.

Some House Freedom Caucus members dismissed the bill as creating a new “entitlement program” by offering health care tax credits to low-income Americans. A Republican Study Committee memo sent to chiefs of staff, obtained by POLITICO, echoed those comments and blasted the bill’s continuation of the Medicaid expansion for three years.

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