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Nearly Impossible To Get Fired At The IRS For Tax Evasion

More than 99 percent of the thousands of IRS employees investigated for violating federal tax laws in the last five years avoided termination and continued enforcing other Americans’ tax collections, according to an analysis by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

The IRS fired only 74 of 9,176 workers investigated for tax noncompliance from October 2011 to September 2016. Another 280 were allowed to retire or resign as a result of those misconduct investigations, according to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) Inspector General (IG).

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Iran’s Hardliners Grow More Confident

With tensions between the United States and Iran mounting over Tehran’s test-firing of mid-range ballistic missiles, Iran’s hardliners appear emboldened. They talk now of having a chance of winning their country’s presidential election in May – or at least turning incumbent Hassan Rouhani into a lame-duck president, if he does manage to secure reelection.

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Hillary Clinton should absolutely not run for president in 2020. And Democrats should stop her if she tries

There’s a purposely provocative piece in Politico magazine this week that aims to make the case that Hillary Clinton is going to run for president for a third time in 2020. Citing the scaling back of the Clinton Global Initiative and her plans to write a seventh book as evidence, Matt Latimer concludes: “Yes, barring some calamity, Clinton is running. And this brave columnist will go one step further. Not only will Clinton run again, she has an excellent shot at getting the Democratic Party nomination again.”

Wrong. And not just wrong on Clinton running again. But wrong on the fact that if she runs she could or would have the inside track on the Democratic nomination.

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CIA files reveal how US used psychics to spy on Iran

The dozens of American diplomats taken hostage by revolutionary students who seized the U.S. embassy in Iran in 1979 may have had some secret company during their 15-month captivity: U.S. intelligence agencies had a squad of military-trained psychics using ESP to watch them, according to declassified documents in a newly available CIA database.

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Donald Trump should be arrested over Michael Flynn’s talks with Russia, Michael Moore says

Donald Trump should be arrested over his former national security adviser’s potentially illegal discussions with Russia, Michael Moore has said.

General Mike Flynn resigned late on Monday night after it was revealed he had held conversations with senior Russian diplomats before he was appointed to the administration and before Mr Trump took office. It is illegal for private citizens to conduct diplomatic conversations on behalf of the US.

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Four key Republicans could vote against Puzder for labor secretary

Andrew Puzder, the fast-food executive whom President Trump nominated to be labor secretary, emerged Monday as Democrats’ last, best hope of defeating one of Trump’s Cabinet choices as four key Republicans are on the fence about his nomination.

The unenthusiastic reception from the Republican lawmakers comes after weeks of intense criticism from Democrats and liberal groups over workplace violations at Puzder’s restaurants Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., sexually suggestive ads featuring bikini-clad models eating burgers, and his opposition to wage regulations. Puzder has also been accused of domestic abuse — an accusation that was later recanted — and has acknowledged hiring an undocumented worker for his home.

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Lawmakers call for more inquiries after national security adviser Michael Flynn’s resignation

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle reacted quickly after White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn announced his resignation late Monday, calling for more inquiries into Flynn’s dealings with Russia.

On his way to a Senate Armed Services Committee briefing, Sen. John McCain commented briefly on Flynn’s resignation, saying there are “lots of questions” the White House needs to answer about the episode.

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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange faces an uncertain future after Ecuador’s presidential election

The first rule of being a good houseguest is knowing not to overstay your welcome. But Julian Assange was never one for manners—or morals.

Since the Wikileaks founder was offered asylum by Ecuador president Rafael Correa in 2012, Assange has watched the world change dramatically from his tiny room at the country’s embassy in London. In no small part due to Wikileaks’ disruptive involvement in the US presidential election, Assange’s public image has suffered significantly during this tumultuous period, too.

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Sportscaster Sues ESPN for Wrongful Termination


Howard Breuer                                                                               FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
(213) 422-2738 Feb. 14, 2017

David M. Ring

Sportscaster Sues ESPN for Wrongful Termination
Doug Adler used the term “guerrilla” to describe Venus Williams during the Australian Open. Some thought he said “gorilla.” The network fired him when it should have defended him.

Los Angeles, Calif. – Doug Adler, the tennis analyst fired by ESPN last month after his description of Venus Williams’ “guerrilla” style of play during the Australian Open was misinterpreted by some critics, sued the network today for wrongful termination. (more…)

CNN rejects Trump’s accusation that it cut off Sanders: ‘False’

CNN early Sunday rejected President Trump’s accusation that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was cut off during an interview for using the term “fake news” to describe the network.

“@realDonaldTrump False. Transcript from @ErinBurnett intvu w @SenSanders. He was not cut off. Those are the facts,” CNN’s public relations team tweeted.

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