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News to Know

Note To Ben Carson Bashers: When Obama Called Slaves ‘Immigrants,’ You Showered Him With Praise

Unbelievable! Slaves were “immigrants” who “found inspiration in all those who had come before them”?!?!

Oh, wait. That wasn’t Ben Carson.

Those remarks were made by another prominent African American — Barack Obama — who happened to be president at the time.

Surely Obama’s inept comparison raised hackles, too, right?

Well, not exactly. In fact, Obama’s remarks — which were contained in a written speech he read from a teleprompter at a naturalization ceremony on Dec. 15, 2015 — received widespread and fulsome praise.

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Trump Woos Lawmakers With Flattery and White House Bowling

Less than two months on the job, President Donald Trump is showing that when it comes to wooing members of Congress, he’s no Barack Obama.

Where Obama was usually reserved and met sparingly with lawmakers, Trump has launched a full-out charm offensive, much of it aimed at bolstering the beleaguered Republican Obamacare plan.

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Joe Piscopo Makes His Move in NJ Gov’s Race

Politicker NJ has learned that Comedian-Actor-Radio Host Joe Piscopo summoned Tony Perry to his residence in Hunterdon County last weekend. Perry is the Chief of Staff to State Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-Middletown). Piscopo, the morning drive time host on AM970, became highly associated with the Garden State via his Paulie Herman character (“I’m from Jersey”) and Frank Sinatra impressions on Saturday Night Live. He has been frequently mentioned as a possible candidate for governor this year, either as a Republican or Independent.

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Good news for Donald Trump: Your poll numbers are now better than Hillary Clinton’s

President Trump has had a trying first six weeks as president. But at least Americans don’t seem to have buyer’s remorse.

As Hillary Clinton makes her reemergence with a speech at the Kennedy Center in Washington on Wednesday night, a new poll shows her with her worst image numbers ever. The Suffolk University poll shows that just 35 percent of registered voters have a favorable opinion of Clinton, compared with 55 percent who have an unfavorable one.

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IRS has 7,000 unreleased documents related to conservative and Tea Party targeting

The IRS has told a federal court that they’ve recently identified almost 7,000 more documents that could contain information on how the agency targeted the tax-exempt applications of Tea Party organizations or other conservative political groups starting back in 2010, according to a court document.

But IRS in the document would not commit to a timeline for releasing the documents.

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Trump talks tough on Iran, but can he bring jailed Americans home?

For more than a year, 80-year-old Baquer Namazi has been imprisoned in Iran, held in solitary confinement with a worsening heart condition that has twice required hospitalization.

In another part of Tehran’s Evin Prison, Namazi’s son, Siamak, is also behind bars, sleeping on the floor because his jailers haven’t given him a bed, family members say.

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Immigration raids having chilling effect on small businesses

Immigration raids are starting to have an impact on small businesses in the West, with some merchants suggesting a climate of fear is keeping customers away.

“We’re seeing more cases of people reluctant to patronize the stores they were going to,” said Mark Arabo, owner of San Diego’s Lulu’s International Market and former president of the Neighborhood Market Association, a business group of about 2,000 small stores in California, Arizona and Nevada. “It’s fear for ICE and it’s fear for the government.”

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Trump Administration Taking the Fight to Al-Qaeda in Yemen

The Trump administration has escalated the long-standing U.S. counterterrorism campaign in Yemen, a failed state that has slipped into anarchy amidst a multi-sided war.

In recent days, the Pentagon has launched over 40 airstrikes against leaders and bases of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, regarded by U.S. intelligence officials as the most dangerous of al-Qaeda’s many franchises.

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California lawmakers want to repeal HIV criminalization laws

Exposing a person to HIV is treated more seriously under California law than infecting someone with any other communicable disease, a policy some lawmakers say is a relic of the decades-old AIDS scare that unfairly punishes HIV-positive people based on outdated science.

Several lawmakers are promoting a bill by state Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, that would make it a misdemeanor instead of a felony to intentionally expose someone to HIV, the virus that causes the immune system-weakening disease AIDS. The change would treat HIV like other communicable diseases under California law.

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Doctors, hospitals and insurers oppose Republican health plan

A constellation of influential groups representing the nation’s hospitals and physicians came out Wednesday against a House Republican proposal to overhaul the Affordable Care Act, marking the latest round of setbacks to the controversial plan.

Seven groups speaking on behalf of hospitals, health systems and medical colleges collectively added their “significant concerns” to the growing opposition, focusing on the prospect of sharply lower numbers of insured Americans if the GOP plan becomes law. Separately, the American Medical Association, a powerful lobbying group for physicians, rejected the bill for the same reason.

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The ‘Uber effect’ on the taxi industry

I spend a lot of time at Fox 5 covering startups. One of the biggest compliments you can pay a startup is to call it a disrupter, changing not just local business, but entire industries across the country and even around the world.

Former TLC Commissioner Matthew Daus says we haven’t had such a profound revolution since Henry Ford created the Model T. It’s become larger than life in many ways. That “It,” is the transformation of the taxi and black car business, thanks largely to Uber. In less than a decade, Uber seemingly has become larger than life.

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The Democrats’ Hillary Problem

Dear Democrats: You might not like what you’re about to hear, but here goes. You might need to get over the Clintons. I know, I know. Breakups are hard. Many of you were hung up on this lady — this mysteriously humorless, occasionally cackling robotic lady with through-the-roof unfavorable ratings and a decidedly unimpressive left-wing policy record — who you thought would somehow be a shoo-in for the presidency.

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