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News to Know

Never-before-seen Michael Brown footage sheds new light on case and suggests he did NOT rob the store before being shot dead by Ferguson police but was involved in a drug deal

A never-before-seen video sheds new light on the Michael Brown case and suggests he did not rob a convenience store as had previously been thought, but instead had been involved in a drug deal with the clerks.

Filmmaker Jason Pollock obtained a copy of the clip and shared it with the New York Times Saturday as part of a preview for his new documentary about the case, titled Stranger Fruit.

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Ex-CIA deputy director: Leak ‘has to be an inside job’

Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell believes the leak of CIA documents published this week by WikiLeaks “has to be an inside job.”

“This data is not shared outside CIA. It’s only inside CIA,” Morell said in an interview with “CBS This Morning” on Saturday.

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Proof: Hillary Clinton Ran the most DEPLORABLE Campaign Says Study

A new academic study analyzing the 2016 presidential election has determined that Hillary Clinton and her multitude of handlers ran a deplorably awful campaign that was probably the worst campaign for national office in the modern political era.

The study — entitled “Political Advertising in 2016: The Presidential Election as Outlier?” — suggests that the biggest reason Clinton lost was because she decided she did not need to advertise in several critically important states and that, when she did advertise, her ads failed to address substantive political issues.

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The Internet Blows Up Over GOP Rep’s Tweet About Immigration

Republican Iowa Rep. Steve King on Sunday tweeted a message in support of Dutch nationalist politician Geert Wilders that included a concern that the children of recent immigrants can’t “restore our civilization.”

That message drew massive backlash from liberals and even a few Republicans.

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Democrats question whether politics drove President Trump to remove U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara

Two days after the Trump administration asked dozens of U.S. attorneys to submit resignation letters, a top House Democrat on Sunday openly questioned whether the president was trying to suppress investigations into his own businesses.

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings of Maryland, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said politics may have led to the firing of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, a high-profile New York prosecutor.

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PATHETIC: University Removes Scale From Gym After ‘Triggering’ Students

Social Justice Warriors have placed their crosshairs on the ever-triggering scale, which makes perfect sense since scales inform us of objective facts and we all know how the Left feels about those.

Carleton University has made the decision to remove the weight scale from their campus gym after a student complained about being “triggered” by the device … which, presumably, she chose to step on. A sign where the scale once stood explains that the university’s choice to remove the scale is “in keeping with current fitness and social trends.”

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The Flowering Frauds of Feminism

The latest group of women to gather claimed last week they were celebrating “women’s day” while letting a man pay for the privilege. I can’t help but smile at the incredible hypocrisy.

Their sugar daddy, George Soros, pumped in over $200 million to make their self-absorbed display of nonsense possible for the whole world to witness.

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Could Trumpcare Sink Republicans in 2018?

Not much over the past couple of days has made the passage of the American Health Care Act seem more likely. One of the House bill’s chief Republican critics, Arkansas senator Tom Cotton, told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Sunday that the proposal “as it’s written today…cannot pass the Senate.”

Cotton was harsh not only on the bill’s prescription for Obamacare but on the political fallout for Republicans who support it. “I believe it would have adverse consequences for millions of Americans and it wouldn’t deliver on our promises to reduce the cost of health insurance for Americans,” he said.

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Top cop of Wall Street, Preet Bharara, fired after refusing Trump’s call to resign

Preet Bharara said Saturday he was fired “moments ago” after refusing to agree to the surprise Trump Justice Department demand that he and 45 other U.S. attorneys submit their resignations.

In a tweet, he reiterated that he did not resign his post as one of the nation’s top federal prosecutors.

The afternoon announcement came less than a day after the Justice Department asked 46 holdover U.S. attorneys from the Obama administration to submit their resignations.

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U.S. Attorneys Firing Isn’t Scandalous

n March 1993, Janet Reno began her tenure as President Bill Clinton’s attorney general by summarily firing United States attorneys for 93 of the 94 federal districts (one, Michael Chertoff, was retained in New Jersey, at the request of Democratic Senator Bill Bradley). That is more than twice as many as Trump attorney general Jeff Sessions fired on Friday.

Indeed, there were only 46 Obama-appointed U.S. attorneys left for Sessions to relieve because Obama appointees fully understood that this is the way things work. Many of them had already moved on, in the expectation that the president elected in November would replace them — an expectation that became a virtual certainty once it was clear that this change of administrations would be a change of parties, and visions.

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IRONY ALERT: Pelosi Says American People ‘Have A Right To Know’ What’s In Trumpcare Before It Passes

esday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) sent a letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in which she writes that the American people have a right know what’s in the GOP healthcare reform bill before it goes up for a vote.

The letter reads in part (emphasis added):

This week, the Committees on Energy & Commerce and Ways & Means will be marking up Republicans’ long-feared bill to dismantle affordable health care. The GOP legislation will have life or death consequences for tens of millions of families across America, and extraordinary impacts on state and federal budgets long into the future.

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Former Secret Service Agent Warns Trump ‘Not Secure’ in the White House

A former Secret Service agent who served in the security details of both Presidents Bush and Obama warned on Saturday that President Donald Trump “is not secure in the White House right now as it stands.”

Dan Bongino, who was also an instructor at the training academy of the Secret Service, was commenting on Friday night’s reported breach of the White House complex, at least the seventh such incident in recent years.

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President Trump: Pharmaceutical Price Controls Are a Bad Idea: Americans would save some money now, but at the long-run cost of sicker and shorter lives

At his first post-election press conference, Donald Trump declared that pharmaceutical companies are “getting away with murder” by pricing their drugs too high. “Pharma has a lot of lobbies, a lot of lobbyists, and a lot of power. And there’s very little bidding on drugs,” Trump said in January. “We’re the largest buyer of drugs in the world, and yet we don’t bid properly.” At a meeting with pharmaceutical company executives later in January, Trump stated, “The U.S. drug companies have produced extraordinary results for our country, but the pricing has been astronomical for our country.”

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Howard Dean, former DNC chairman, suggests Democratic Party no place for pro-life millennials

In a recent interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean suggested that pro-life Americans are unwelcome in the party because the younger voters that Democrats need to energize are concerned with “social justice,” reported Tuesday.

During a March 2 segment of the program, MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough held out former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear — who gave the official Democratic response to President Trump’s address to Congress — as a model centrist Democrat whom Republicans used to have trouble defeating in much of the country.

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