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News to Know

House Republicans continue health-care push, may leave changes to Senate

The aim has become very simple for House Republicans stumbling closer to passing a bill to revise the Affordable Care Act: just get it off their plates and over to the Senate.

In the messy effort to rally their often unruly party around a measure to replace big parts of President Barack Obama’s health-care law, House leaders have been forced to leave other objectives by the wayside and focus on one simple, political goal: pass a bill they can say repeals Obamacare — even if it has no hope of survival in the Senate — to shield their members in next year’s elections.

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No money for Trump’s wall, plus 6 other GOP issues missing from $1T spending bill

WASHINGTON — Congressional negotiators have come up with a $1.07 trillion plan to keep the government running through the end of September – but there’s a lot missing from the 1,665-page bill.

And much of it involves items that President Donald Trump promised during his campaign and the early days of his presidency.

Here’s a list of GOP-friendly issues missing from the spending bill.

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California groups rally against Trump immigration crackdown

LOS ANGELES — Thousands of people protested Monday in Los Angeles against President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown, and a handful of activists in San Francisco tried to block cars from entering and leaving the city’s main federal immigration control building.

Waving American flags and signs reading “love not hate,” the demonstrators used the May Day event usually aimed at promoting worker rights to rail against Trump’s plans to restrict immigration.

Honduran immigrant Selvin Marinez took the day off from his job waxing casino floors to protest, a U.S. flag draped over his shoulders.

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Thousands expected to hit the streets for May Day protests

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators are expected to take to the streets Monday in massive May Day events across the USA mostly protesting the policies of President Trump.

May Day — also known as International Worker’s Day — has spawned protests around the globe in past years highlighting workers’ rights. But on Monday, the impetus for the U.S. marches span from immigrants’ rights to LGBT awareness to police misconduct.

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Can you actually become a millionaire on an average salary?

Becoming a millionaire has long been part of the American dream, but saving $1 million is not just an idle fantasy for most Americans. Saving at least $1 million is a dream many feel must come true if they’re going to have a comfortable retirement.

In fact, of the Americans who have attempted to figure out how much they must save for retirement, 37% believe they need at least $1 million, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

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Could Steve Bannon be the next president of the Heritage Foundation? Rumors are flying

In what has become a chaotic few days for the Heritage Foundation, perhaps the most influential conservative policy center in America, rumors are now spreading that President Donald Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, could become the think tank’s next president.

On Friday, Politico reported former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) is being pushed out of the Heritage Foundation’s top role. According to Politico’s report, one board member told the publication DeMint’s skills in the Senate have not translated well to the think tank.

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Half of Prominent Jihadis Tied to “Non-Violent” Islamism, New Study Shows

Half of the prominent jihadists profiled in a new study by The Centre on Religion & Geopolitics had ties to supposedly non-violent Islamists prior to joining terrorist organizations.

The study’s authors – Mubaraz Ahmed, Milo Comerford, and Emman El-Badawy – explore pathways to militancy among 100 prominent figures within the wider Salafi-Jihadi movement. The individuals examined derive from the Middle East and Africa, across multiple generations. Some of the findings suggest that membership or ties to non-violent Islamist organizations can be associated with an individual’s trajectory towards violence and terrorism.

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In Rejecting Gay Bishop, Methodist Court Shows The Folly Of Relying On Scripture For Moral Guidance

The United Methodist’s Judicial Council, its highest court, has declared that the consecration of Bishop Karen Oliveto violated church law. Why? Not for lack of personal virtue or dedication to her calling. Bishop Oliveto is a married woman, and by all accounts, a passionate member of the clergy.

Trouble is, she married a woman. To anyone free of ancient prejudices, the injustice of condemning Oliveto is plain. How can love be wrong? How can love enfolded in commitment and fidelity be wrong? What possible harm can her marriage cause? Not even the claim of setting a “bad” example holds water. People do not choose their spouses on the example set by clergy.

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Congress reaches deal on government funding to avoid shutdown

Negotiators have reached a deal to fund the government through September, Congressional aides said, staving off the threat of a government shutdown through most of President Donald Trump’s first year in office.

The bill includes funding for the military by $15 billion, with $1.5 billion of that going to border security, but none of the border security money goes to funding the construction of a physical border wall or to hiring ICE agents.

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Democrats seek to nationalize DA campaign, and a billionaire obliges

Jeff Ashton describes it as “a hostile takeover of the criminal-justice system.”

Ashton, running for a second term as the state attorney for the Ninth Judicial District in Florida last year, was challenged in the Democratic primary by an opponent with little money or support.

“She was a nobody from nowhere,” Ashton said of Aramis Ayala.

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Cuba faces last May Day parade under Castro

The Cuban government’s traditional May Day parade Monday is the last to be overseen by President Raul Castro — and the first without his late brother and revolutionary predecessor Fidel.

The May 1 rally draws hundreds of thousands of Cubans into Havana’s Revolution Square in a sea of red, white and blue national flags and portraits of Fidel Castro.

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Man forced to surrender his ‘offensive’ Star Trek license plate

A Canadian man’s license plate can forget about living long and prospering.

After receiving multiple complaints, Manitoba resident Nick Troller was forced to hand over his license plate that read “ASIMIL8,” a reference to the Borg, a popular alien race from Star Trek.

The Borg are villainous cybernetic organisms who assimilate other societies into their own.

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Sebastian Gorka to leave White House

Sebastian Gorka, a controversial national security aide in the White House, is expected to leave his job, several administration officials confirm to CNN.

One senior administration official said Gorka is expected to find an opportunity outside the White House soon. Another said it’s possible he would take another job in the administration, but added it’s more likely he will leave altogether. That official said Gorka was simply generating too much controversy for the White House.

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Amid immigration setbacks, one Trump strategy seems to be working: Fear

many ways, President Trump’s attempts to implement his hard-line immigration policies have not gone very well in his first three months. His travel ban aimed at some Muslim-majority countries has been blocked by the courts, his U.S.-Mexico border wall has gone nowhere in Congress, and he has retreated, at least for now, on his vow to target illegal immigrants brought here as children.

But one strategy that seems to be working well is fear. The number of migrants, legal and illegal, crossing into the United States has dropped markedly since Trump took office, while recent declines in the number of deportations have been reversed.

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