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Today Show anchors address Matt Lauer’s departure

Matt Lauer, a familiar face in morning news as the anchor of “Today” for two decades, was fired by NBC News on Wednesday after a female colleague made a detailed complaint accusing him of inappropriate sexual behavior during the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

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Fallon’s ratings dip as Colbert closes gap in key demographic

Ratings for NBC’s “The Tonight Show” are lagging behind the network’s competition on CBS as rival host Stephen Colbert has made crucial gains among key demographics, according to a New York Times report.

The Times reports that NBC host Jimmy Fallon was overtaken by Colbert in the ratings earlier this year and is now in danger of losing the crucial 18–49 demographic that advertisers covet the most.

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Like a queen – in India Ivanka embodies US glamour

Ivanka Trump came to India to talk about empowering female entrepreneurs. But for many in Hyderabad, a centuries-old southern city that has emerged as a technology hub, her trip has been a chance to savor the glamour of the American president’s family.

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Obamacare Set To Drive New Wave Of Hospital Bankruptcies

Back in 2008, one of the biggest arguments in favor of Obamacare was that the legislation would help alleviate bad debt at hospitals created by people who required emergency care but didn’t have health insurance or the financial means to cover their treatment. Of course, like most promises made about Obamacare, the exact opposite of the Left’s original theories has played out in reality as restructuring lawyers are now warning that the healthcare industry is about to experience a massive wave of hospital bankruptcies. Per Bloomberg:

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Is Bernie Sanders Really in the Lead for the 2020 Democratic Nomination?

Independent Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is in the lead for the Democratic nomination according to a new ranking by the Hill. Last week, Hill reporters interviewed Democratic insiders and reported that although no candidate is clearing the field, Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren and others were generating excitement among top Democrats. The toplines of recent polls seem to agree. Sanders led in New Hampshire as well as multiple national polls (Biden also led in a national poll and was second in the New Hampshire poll).

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“My Herky-Jerky Ride in General Motors’ Ultra-Cautious Self Driving Car”

NOTHING WILL MAKE you hate humans—capricious, volatile, unplanned, erratic humans—like sitting in the back of self-driving car. When I hitched a ride in one, a white and orange General Motors Cruise autonomous vehicle during a press event in San Francisco on Tuesday, every movement was a cause for alarm. Two walkers darted out in front of the car during my roughly 20-minute, 3-mile ride, blissfully ignorant that they were trusting their lives to a piece of software. Two cyclists made unexpected but sweeping turns. Human-operated vehicles whipped around corners and rolled through stop signs. Why couldn’t they be like this autonomous vehicle: extra cautious, considerate, aware?

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