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News to Know

Trump went off-script with ‘many sides’ remark: report

President Trump reportedly ad-libbed part of his controversial statement Saturday in response to the violent clashes in Charlottesville, Va.

Two White House officials told ABC News the president went off script in his comments, in which he blamed “many sides” for the violence, as opposed to specifically singling out white nationalists and the far right.

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Chicago pastor wants Mayor Rahm Emanuel to remove George Washington statue

President Trump’s question to reporters on Tuesday about the possibility of tearing down historical monuments has been answered by a Chicago pastor: “It’s time.”
Bishop James E. Dukes of Chicago’s Liberation Christian Center made headlines in the Windy City on Wednesday for calling on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to rename Washington Park and remove a statue of the first U.S. president over his ties to slavery. Mr. Dukes told his Facebook flock that “it’s time” after Mr. Trump sparred with reporters over efforts to expunge Civil War-era monuments from existence.

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Klayman: Sessions Abdicates His Responsibility Regarding Charlottesville

I want to say this at the outset. As a young boy, Martin Luther King, Mohammed Ali, and the Temptations were my heroes. I am not a racist, and indeed I cherish among my many friends Alan Keyes, Larry Elder, and Armstrong Williams, all African-American conservatives and libertarians who, like me, believe that all of us — ironically in the words of our Founding Father and second American President Thomas Jefferson, who hailed from Charlottesville, Virginia, and his nearby estate at Monticello — are equal under God. And, as Jewish Christian, I have a personal stake in making sure that the Neo-Nazis and other white supremacists who perpetrated the heinous deadly car attack in Virginia this last weekend go severely punished, as attorney general Jeff Sessions correctly pledged.

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Larry Elder on Charlottesville: Duke STILL Matters–Who Knew?

Cable news made the former wizard of the KKK quite visible in Charlottesville, at what planners billed as the largest gathering of the “alt-right community.” The “Unite the Right” rally encouraged the like-minded to go to and demonstrate in Charlottesville, Virginia. Counter-protesters, of course, showed up, and many violent clashes ensued. When the dust settled, a woman had been killed and 19 injured when a suspect apparently intentionally drove his car into a crowd of people, although the matter remains under investigation. Two police officers died when their patrol helicopter crashed.

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Ex CBS reporter Attkisson Calls Out the FBI for Lying Again About Surveillance

You may recall reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s battle with CBS over what she called biased coverage. Attkisson, who often pursued stories on Obama administrations scandals like Fast and Furious and Benghazi, insisted that CBS had blocked her from airtime. She resigned in 2014 and wrote a book about her experience, “Stonewalled: One Reporter’s Fight for Truth in Obama’s Washington,” in which she described her alienation.

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Ohio city to remove Robert E. Lee monument

The city of Franklin, Ohio, is set to remove and relocate a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in the wake of violence over the weekend in Charlottesville, Va., at a white supremacist rally.

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Commentary: Racism in America is the symptom, identity politics is the disease

While the events on Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, represent a new height in the increasing racial tensions in America, the racism exhibited by people in this country is nothing new.

While I could easily point to our history of slavery, and the blatant racism seen during the civil rights era as perfect examples of America’s history with racism, it’s the recent past that fascinates me. It, unlike the racism this country has previously conquered, has a different flavor to it.

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Reverend-huckster Al Sharpton smells a Charlottesville profit

And now, following Saturday’s horrific events in Charlottesville, Va., Rev. Al Sharpton has popped up again. Writing in the Guardian, Sharpton promised to lead responsive action for the atrocity that has occurred. He is “mobilizing from the ground up and gathering in the nation’s capital on 28 August for a Ministers March for Justice.”

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