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Why Isn’t Obama ‘Racist’ for Ignoring Black Africa?

Suppose President John McCain, as with President Barack Obama, justified military force in Libya to avert “a humanitarian crisis.” But then gave no thought of using the military to stop the human slaughter in places like the Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe and the Congo. How long would it take...

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My father passed away late last week. He was my hero.

My family is having a public viewing on this Thursday, Apr. 7, at Angelus Funeral Home, 3875 S. Crenshaw, from 5p to 7p. From Larry Elder’s book, “Showdown: Confronting Bias, Lies, and the Special Interests That Divide America” My own father, Randolph, was born in 1915, in...

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President Obama Apologizes to President Bush

President Barack H. Obama The White House Dear George, The Gulf oil spill opened my eyes. As with Hurricane Katrina, it happened suddenly. I barked out orders. I pounded my desk. But the oil kept flowing. Worse, the nation watched it all on television and said: “Why...

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Bush lied, people died?

I recently interviewed General Georges Sada, who served as the second-highest ranked general in the Iraqi Air Force. A two-star general, he wrote a recently published book called “Saddam’s Secrets: How an Iraqi General Defied and Survived Saddam Hussein.” Here are some sound...

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Anti-Iraq War Bush-Haters Squirm to Justify Libya

“The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation,” then-presidential candidate Barack Obama said in December 2007. What a difference a change of...

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Japanese Earthquake Looters — MIA

“Why no video of looters in Japan?” Japan’s prime minister calls the 9.0 earthquake and the following tsunami the greatest crisis in Japan since World War II. Ten thousand people are feared dead. Millions are without power, and millions sleep outdoors in cold weather. But we...

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Who’s Crazier — Charlie Sheen or the Left Wing?

Charlie Sheen, at least, has an excuse. He’s on a drug he calls “Charlie Sheen.” But what powerful hallucinogen inhaled by the left induces the mental fantasy that makes them believe: Spending nearly a trillion dollars in “stimulus” money “created or saved”...

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How Obama’s Alma Mater Treated an Iraq War Vet

“Racist!” shouted some Columbia University students at an Iraq War vet. Other students reportedly “hissed and booed.” Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who spoke at Columbia three years earlier, received better treatment from the audience. The subject of the students’...

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‘ObamaCare’ — The New ‘N’ Word?

“‘ObamaCare’…is a disparaging reference to the President of the United States. It is meant as a disparaging reference to the President of the United States. It is clearly in violation of the House rules against that,” said Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla....

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