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Here’s Why Trump Tap Dances on Taxes

Donald Trump has reason to be reluctant to release his tax returns. In a New York Times piece about Ben Rhodes, President Obama’s deputy national security adviser, Rhodes cynically explains that today’s journalism consists of young people whom he flat-out describes as ignorant. “The average...

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Trump Can Win

For the umpteenth time, Donald Trump is no conservative. He is an economic populist. When asked to name the top three functions of government, he said national security, health care and education. Two of the three named “duties” one does not find in Article I, Section 8 of the United States...

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ESPN Fires Curt Schilling — What About Liberal Offenders?

ESPN fired baseball analyst and former All-Star Curt Schilling for mocking the debate about the North Carolina public facilities law. On his Facebook page, Schilling posted a meme (a graphic) with the picture of an aged and overweight man dressed in just enough women’s clothing to prevent...

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JAYBerns: Rebels Without a Clue

JAYBerns: jobless, angry, young Bernie Sanders supporters. Those aged 18 to 24 have seen their incomes decline under President Barack Obama. Worse, they were one of his most reliable voting blocs. Yet Hillary Clinton, the Democrats’ likely 2016 presidential candidate, says, “I don’t think...

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36 Reasons to Stop Me Before I Tweet Again

1) “Political correctness” is just a fancy term for not telling the truth. 2) Obama says he wants “mandatory” voting, as it is in Australia. Voter ID is “unduly burdensome” — but forcing people to vote is not?! 3) Obama says with “mandatory” voting, “You start getting 70-80...

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What Left-Wing Abortion Extremism?

Donald Trump, when asked, “Do you believe in punishment for abortion?” said, “There has to be some form of punishment.” “For the woman?” asked MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. “Yeah,” said Trump. Hours later, Trump walked it back, and said: “The doctor or any other person performing this...

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Why the Anger? Obamanomics Has Failed

President Barack Obama, when asked to name an accomplishment for which he is most proud, said, “I’m proud of saving the American economy.” Breathtaking. Let’s examine the facts, using only government, left wing — or, at least, non-conservative — statistics, sources or analyses. In 2012,...

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Trump vs. Democrats: Who Are the Real ‘Racial Arsonists’?

In a recent interview with Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, CNN’s Jake Tapper said, “I would just ask, as a fellow American, if you could consider whether or not dialing down the temperature — trying to bring down the temperature — might be a healthier thing both for your...

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