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Lakers honor Dr. Jerry Buss
Posted by Dave McMenamin on 02/21/2013 at 7:21 PM

LOS ANGELES -- Kobe Bryant once told Dr. Jerry Buss that he wanted the Los Angeles Lakers owner to be announced at center court so Buss could receive the recognition from the fans he deserved.


Bryant helped deliver some of that recognition to Buss posthumously Wednesday, as the Lakers guard addressed the Staples Center crowd during a moving tribute to the legendary owner before L.A. played their longtime rival Boston Celtics.


"On Monday, we lost who we all know to be the greatest owner in sports," Bryant said. "Ever. He was a brilliant, incredible owner but he was an even better person with a great heart.


"His vision transcended the game and we are all, all spoiled by his vision and his drive to win year, after year, after year.


"Through our years here at Staples Center, the one thing that we always counted on was the great Dr. Jerry Buss overlooking his franchise from his box."


Bryant paused to point to Buss' luxury box that was empty, with a spotlight shining on the owner's seat in the middle of the box throughout the night.


Bryant then asked the crowd to recognize Buss with a moment of silence that lasted 20 seconds. The silent tribute was followed by audio from a Buss interview recorded Feb. 16, 2011.


"The real purpose of what I did was to try to have this city totally involved and identify with it and I wanted that when you think L.A., 'Oh, wait, that's where the Lakers play!' " Buss boomed over the public-address system. "Lakers. Lakers. That's what I wanted."

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