Dorner manhunt: Ex-girlfriend called him "emotionally disturbed"
Posted by L.A. Now on 02/08/2013 at 6:53 PM

Christopher Dorner's former girlfriend described the police officer-turned-fugitive as a "severely and emotionally disturbed person" in court documents filed after they broke up 2006.

Ariana Williams' claims are part of the documents in a restraining order that Dorner was seeking.

The former LAPD officer said in the restraining order request that Williams annoyed and harassed him by phone and in a letter. The restraining order was ultimately denied.

Williams, who wrote that she met Dorner at a sporting goods store, posted information about Dorner on, an online site sometimes referred to as a relationship "credit check" for women, court documents show.

On the site, the former girlfriend posted Dorner's LAPD badge number and detailed her 6-week dating experience with him, according to court documents.

"Anyway just be careful because this guy is a police officer and he will probably think that he can get away with anything," she wrote on the site.

"He is super paranoid always thinking somebody's out to get him." 

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